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Farewell to Copenhagen Carrot Cake


Boil the kettle and make a cup of tea folks, this is going to be a big one!

First of all, I have to begin this post by saying THANK YOU. My New Roots is officially 10 years old and I couldn’t have done it without your support, enthusiasm, and full-on LOVE for this little blog. And especially after the last couple of posts when I really opened up about my recent struggles, I felt so supported, and saw that so many of you did as well. It reminded me of the strong community that this has become, and the power of people when they come together with a common goal of true wellness.

If you had told me an entire decade ago that my deeply passionate, unabashedly nerdy, and nearly ignored internet musings would end up turning into a full-on career, brand, cookbooks, online classes, app, poster shop and retreat company I never, ever would have believed you. But reading my first post again, it’s just as relevant today as ever, eerily almost as if I had written it last week. I guess I had a strong vision in mind and just kept trucking, kept trusting, that it would resonate with someone. But here we are, a third of my life later, and it’s not just someone, but so many of you. And all of my dreams continue to be born and manifest because of you. That offhanded suggestion from an old boyfriend who thought I could use an outlet for all that “health talk” I kept spewing, was really onto something. Thanks, dude.


Secondly…and this is really big news…I am moving back to Canada! Yes, after nine years of delicious life in Copenhagen, my old roots are pulling me home and I am so very ready. This whole thing has been in the works for a few months now, but I didn’t really feel like putting it out there until it was real. Well lemme tell ya, when putting my family’s life in 50 boxes and shoving them into a shipping container, shiz got real, real fast. What a crazy feeling it is, and totally overwhelming with all the emotions that relocating your entire life is. So, if things have been (and continue to be) quiet around here, it’s because I’ve been sorting through all the details that an international move entails. I send my gratitude for your patience.

The next chapter of my life will be completely different from the last, that is for sure. To change things up dramatically, my family and I will be living out of the city in fact, near-ish to Toronto, where I am originally from. I knew that I would end up living in the country at some point, but not so soon! It was more a “when I retire” kind of thing. But funny what happens when you have kids and they need s-p-a-c-e, your priorities seem to shift to accommodate the little ones. Plus, I feel the need to be on the ground again (I’ve been living in a fourth-floor apartment for nine years now!), so we bought a house to get closer to earth in every sense, plant a garden, lay in the grass – our own grass – and enjoy the quiet and safety of a little community. I’m really excited for everything that is to come, and feeling so grateful for the divine unfolding.


But will I miss Copenhagen? Obvi. This city, and my home here, is where I have spent my entire adult life. The walls of my beloved kitchen that my husband and I built ourselves, have held space for two cookbooks, online classes, countless dinner parties, bleary-eyed breakfasts, and even the birth of our son for crying out loud! And although My New Roots began in Toronto, it flourished here and truly became something on Danish ground. The Scandinavian culture has had a profound influence on me, my aesthetic, and how I see the world now. Having Europe at my doorstep with all its history, architecture, fine arts, culture, and attitude has been an enormous privilege and deeply inspiring. And can we talk about the light? Oh the light! How my camera and I will miss the very special way the sun slants here. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Anyway, I promise to keep you all posted as we leave one fabulous country for the next. I won’t have a working kitchen for some months, but I’ll stay as active as I can on Instagram so you can keep up with my kitchen renovations…I know you’ll want to see all that house porn. Tee hee.


Okay, now for the main event. I MADE A CARROT CAKE. Successfully. It is delicious. I feel like I have finally achieved one of my biggest culinary goals ever, and it’s so appropriate that we celebrate ten years of this blog with a recipe that has challenged me for nearly as long. If you remember back to when I used to post giant layer cakes for my birthday, I ran into trouble in 2013, when I attempted three different versions, which all failed, and ended up making nut butter sandwiches instead. Since then, the headcount has continued to rise, yet some ridiculously stubborn part of me won’t give up.

In the past I’ve almost always used spelt flour for baking, and if any of you have tried one of my famous layer cakes, you’ll know this has worked well. I was after the same crumb that you can achieve with wholegrain spelt, but wanted the cake to be gluten-free, so I started by using an all-purpose gluten-free flour. It was a total disaster. The cake turned out gummy and inedible, and the frosting, which I tried to make with cooked quinoa (don’t ask) was just weird. The next route I tried was with almond flour, since I’ve been eating a more low-grain diet for the past few months and I wanted the cake to reflect that. Before testing it out, I assumed that almond flour would make things really dense and heavy, but lo and behold it creates a crumb that is so fluffy, and really gives this feeling of deep satisfaction. I’m obsessed. The only thing that I don’t like about almond flour is the high price, and the fact that almonds are a very water-intensive crop to grow. But, this is a cake after all, therefore a special treat, therefore not something you have all the time.

The initial carrot cake experiments with almond flour were good, but borderline too rich. Plus, since I’d ditched the quinoa frosting idea and knew I’d be taking the cashew road, I felt like a nut frosting on top of a nut cake was just, well, too nutty. To reconcile my relationship with coconut flour, I cut the dry ingredients with a tad to see what would happen. Not only was the cake just as good, but the texture was better and I liked the flavor the coconut flour provided. We are friends again.


The Cashew Coconut frosting for this cake is what Canadians would affectionately call a “twofer”. Bahahaha! (I really do amuse myself). For everyone else out there, in long form, this refers to a “two-for-one” deal. You can make this recipe once, but have the frosting come out two ways depending on its temperature. Pretty groovy, eh? If you use the frosting right after making it, it will be loose and glossy, almost glaze-like. If you prefer a traditional-style frosting that is thicker and stiffer, all you need to do is put the mixture in the fridge overnight to achieve this consistency. I chose to go with the room temperature version since I hadn’t really worked with it like that before. It provided a more even layer, but it’s also a little harder to control. Either way it’s delicious, so don’t worry about making the wrong choice…there isn’t one! The flavour is major: I’m talking soooo cream cheese-like that even I was confused.

If you’re not feeling the chunky carrot cake vibes, please look away now, because the cake of my dreams is loaded with pineapple, walnuts, and bursting with warm spice and citrus zest. I went to town! Instead of using questionably-edible canned pineapple, I used the dried, unsweetened version from the health food store. This stuff ain’t cheap, but again, cake splurge. If you can’t find pineapple like this, dates, raisins, dried figs or apricots would also be good, but I’d skip the soaking step. Instead of walnuts you could use pecans, macadamias, or even pumpkin seeds.

Altogether this carrot cake is moist, decadent, and satisfying with so many layers of flavour and texture that just won’t quit. I’ve learned a lot in the past decade, and this cake is an expression of that. It’s something to be proud of, and something to share. Thanks for sticking by me while I worked out the kinks…now it’s time to celebrate all the things!


Who knows what the future holds – the world seems so crazy these days – but I do know that I still have steam in me to keep going with this heart project, if you’re all still up for reading and cooking from it. Words cannot describe my gratitude for you, allowing me to pursue my biggest dreams and expose my shadowy bits as well. I hope you know how much I love you. I truly do. Here’s to another ten years…

xo, Sarah B

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151 thoughts on “Farewell to Copenhagen Carrot Cake”

  • Ooops again. I forgot to mention in my previous 2 comments that I used “ground” chia seeds for my chia eggs.

  • Ooops! I forgot to mention in my previous comment about making a successful vegan version of this cake–that it was a 1/2 size cake!

  • I made a vegan version of this heavenly cake and it worked! I used 3 “chia eggs” (1 T chia seeds + 3 T water + 1/4 t baking powder). I used figs and pecans because that is what my co-op in Belfast Maine had left on New Year’s Eve 2020. Next time I will try 2 “chia eggs” and less maple syrup because it was a bit too moist and too sweet. Thank you for all of the amazing recipes!

    • Hi Michelle! You could most likely make this swap but I cannot confirm as I haven’t tried, not sure what it would do to the texture and moisture without having tried it. Let me know if you do!

  • I baked a half-size version for my husband’s birthday and it was simply divine. Thanks for sharing this complexly flavored recipe. This cake is both pretty and delicious.

    • Elliott, I’ve been scanning the comments for this, too, and it looks like Ciel (just a few posts below yours) succeeded with an egg replacement. Apparently flax and chia eggs failed. I wish us both luck.

    • I made a vegan version and it worked well! For a 1/2 sized cake I used 3 “chia eggs” (1 T ground chia seeds + 3 T water + 1/4 t baking powder for each egg). Next time I will try 2 “chia eggs” and less maple syrup for a 1/2 sized cake because it could stand to be a bit less moist and sweet.

  • Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for your amazing blog!

    I had a few questions, I just baked the cake to celebrate my 24th birthday since it’s the perfect combination: levying free and carrot cake my favorite. I don’t know if it’s the coconut oil or the almond flour, but the mix was very dense and dry. It didn’t really rise. It smells great and I’m sure tastes great (will try it tomorrow) but I was surprised that it didn’t rise at all and the dryness of the mix. Any idea why this happened?

    Thanks <3

  • Hi Sarah!!!
    OMG, thiscake is amazing!!! I have never tried a carrot cake before, my favourite flavor is corn. This one is really worthy to try xD I also love the way you decorate it, however I prefer put some carrot pieces for decoration as well 😉

    By the way, Congrats ten-year-old of My New Root. You are doing a very fabulous job!!!

    • Hello Natalie!

      Thank you so much – I’m thrilled that you like it 🙂 And you can decorate it any way you like!
      And thanks for reading MNR…it’s been a wonderful journey because of readers like YOU!

      xo, Sarah B

  • Has anyone made this recipe in grams not cups? It didn’t work for me at all. It can out stodgy as a batter like there wasn’t enough liquid verses dry. I used 5 eggs.

    • I made it with grams and the batter came out pretty thick. Partly because I used flour from the freezer and it thickened up the coconut oil, but I do think there can be a lot of variation in cup measurements for almond flour. Hope that helps!

  • Hello my dear! I’ve been wanting to bake this cake for ages and I finally found the moment to do it! Your farewell cake turned into my holiday cake. Of course I didn’t plan to make this, it just happened, and I didn’t have all of the ingredients and had to make some substitutions and adjustments. I always think the sign if a good baking recipe is how well it responds to alterations, and this one was a champ! I had parsnips not carrots, egg replacer from Bob’s Red Mill (first time using it- that unit measurement was key!) and I added molasses to the maple syrup because I used port soaked raisins instead of pineapple. So deeply delightfully winter! I also used vegan cream cheese as I didn’t have cashews for the frosting. Thank you thank you for such a gorgeous and inspiring recipe! And thank you always for sharing your internal and external journey.

  • Orange carrots are the traditional standard, but you can try planting white, yellow, crimson, or even purple carrots, too. More important than color, though, is choosing the right root size and shape to suit your soil. Carrot size and shape varies by type, and there are five major categories. Ball-type, Chantenay and Danvers carrots have blocky shapes that can handle heavy or shallow soil, while slender Nantes and Imperator carrots need deep, loose soil. All types are available in early and late cultivars; many are disease-and crack-resistant. Some catalogs don’t describe how to plant carrots by type but will point out which cultivars do better in the heavy or poor soil.

  • Congratulations on the move and the 10 years!!!
    And WAUW these pictures are amazing. I totally get the 10 years it’s like art! I’ve recently started following your blog and I’m in awe with your photography skills it looks amazing. Great job!!

  • I made this last week, but despite your warning to use almond flour not meal I couldn’t justify the expense. 20 bucks for a tiny bag of almond flour and 11$ for coconut flour what!?? So I bought whole raw almonds (5$) and desiccated coconut (2$) and ground it up in my magic bullet with the flat blade. It turned out great! Even my husband, a staunch carrot cake hater loved it!

  • I wonder if it is possible to substitute the maple syrup for stevia/xylitol? I try to reduce the amount of sugar when I can (although this is still a lot less than traditional cakes), and perhaps replace it with another egg or water? What do you think?

    It look amazing!

  • 10 years is a great time. Congratulations on the anniversaries. Thank you for sharing the recipe of the beautiful carrot cake! I look forward to seeing more recipe from you in Canada!

  • I’m looking g forward to trying this recipe as soon as I’ve replenished my maple syrup supply (thanks, Costco). Only comment, Sarah – is it really necessary to use the words “questionably edible” to describe canned pineapple?

  • Congratulations on your big move back to Canada. I’m sorry to hear you won’t have a kitchen for a bit– that would drive me nuts! Looking forward to your next adventures.

    • Hey Olivia,

      Thank you! And it IS kind of driving me nuts, but we’re in a comfy rental and I’m surviving 😉 Phew! I know it will make the finished kitchen soooo worth it.

      xo, Sarah B

  • When I saw this recipe posted exactly when I had been thinking about a grain free cake for my son’s first birthday, I knew I had to make it. It is PERFECT! I made my owl maple ginger cream cheese icing instead of the cashew icing.

    I had an issue with the coconut flour. I had a full cup of it and it was only 80 grams. The recipe says 2/3 cup/100 grams so when I had a heaping cup I started to worry! I added what I had and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to add anymore.

    The cake is so perfectly moist with so many chunks of goodness. It really is perfect! The leftovers were the first thing I went for when I woke up this morning and I ate them with a fork directly off the cake stand.

    Thank you so much, Sarah! Welcome back to Canada!

    • Thank you so much Jesse! And glad you had it for breakfast too…I *may* have done the same 😉

      I’m very happy that the recipe worked out for you, despite the inconsistencies with the coconut flour. That is why I like using grams so much more than cups now – it it simply more precise! But I’m a Canadian through and through and we still use cups here, so I’ll always post both 🙂

      Happy Birthday to your son and congratulations to you! Keeping your kids healthy and happy deserves a huge pat on the back. My son just turned four and I feel very accomplished indeed 😉

      Much love,
      Sarah B

  • I’ve been following along with you on your blog, and I’m not even fully sure how I came across it, but sure glad I did. Your gorgeous photos, even more, gorgeous recipes, and musings on life really resonate with me… Thanks a lot !!

    • Thank you Meenakshi! That means so much to hear. Thanks for your support and I hope you find some inspiration here…

      xo, Sarah B

  • Sara, you are one of my favorite cooking people! I love and adore your bright healthy soul. Congratulations on your big move!!! Very happy and exited for you.
    Just made this cake and it’s beyond delicious!!! I have to say- next time I will double frosting recipe. I couldn’t stop myself and ended up having kinda off naked cake lol. So amazing. Thank you for wonderful recipes and inspiration!!!

    • Hey Kasia!

      I couldn’t help by laugh when I read your comment…I guess you need more frosting next time 😉 But glad you enjoyed it that much!

      Thank you for your sweet comment – it made my day <3

      xo, Sarah B

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Sorry for the very late reply – we’ve just had a very big move and there is a lot going on in my life. I appreciate your patience! I think I answered your question below… 🙂

      xo, Sarah B

  • I can’t wait to give this a crack! I am an absolute sucker for a good carrot cake and these photos make me drool. All the best with your move and holy guacamole…10yrs! I have absolutely loved both your books (even got 2 copies of naturally nourished as wedding gifts, so some lucky buggar is gonna get one for Christmas!), and life changing loaf is a weekly staple in our house. I tried it with almond and fig, and then macadamia and cranberry (holy tasteballs!)…each loaf barely lasted a day!!! Anyway, keep up the amazing work. Much love all the way from New Zealand xx

    • Hello Mahuru!

      Your comment made me smile 🙂 Haha…some lucky buggar indeed 😉
      Thank you for the ongoing support, it means more than you know. Really hoping to make down there one of these days – keep a loaf on hand for me, would ya?

      Much love straight back,
      Sarah B

  • Making this right now! Thanks (again) for another delicious, amazing and healthy recipe.
    Cheers to your journey!

  • The cake is absolutely delicious. My only substitution was dried figs for the pineapple, as per Sarah’s notes, as I could not find unsweetened dried pineapple. We could not resist tasting the cake on its own, and it needs no adornment. That said, I am looking forward to lavishing the remainder with cashew cream frosting.

    A final note: I am not a fan of coconut flour in baking because of the weird texture, but it works brilliantly in this recipe. Bravo!

    • Hey Linda!

      Gee thanks! So glad you loved the cake even without the frosting! Me too actually – I think it’s moist and tasty on its own 🙂 And happy you tried the figs as well…yum!

      Thanks for the feedback!
      xo, Sarah B

  • Hi Sarah, I was lucky enough to find your site 3 years ago – sorry I missed the 7 before that. I never post, but your openness over what you have been going through has encouraged me. It is a mirror of some of the ups and downs I have experienced. I am living outside of Toronto now in the country (home is California on the West Coast). Canada has been wonderful for my family and I, welcome back! I look so forward to having you local. I have also developed an amazing support system here over the past 10 years. I would be happy to share some suggestions if you are interested. My number one recommendation is Dr. Kristy Prouse in Oakville, Institute for Hormonal Health. She and her staff are amazing. Best of luck with the moving! Jen (debi)

    • Hey Jen!

      Wow – great recommendation, thank you! It’s a bit out of the way for me to get to Oakville but I will totally check it out anyway! Still dealing with all kinds of weirdness…but I’m happy to continue sharing if it resonates with my readers <3

      And thanks for the welcome back! It's been a tough transition, but most things are falling into place now. Deep breaths!

      Much love, Sarah B

  • Hi Sarah!
    I am wondering about the almond flour instead of almond meal. I asked my organic health food store and it seems they don’t know the difference…

    Would you have some advice??

    • Hi Julia,

      Almond meal is totally different from almond flour, since almond flour doesn’t contain the skin of the nut and is lighter and fluffier. Almond meal may work, but I haven’t tested it and I can’t guarantee the results! Hope that helps,

      Sarah B

  • Well welcome home, Sarah + fam! Maybe that means more local travelling within our lovely country 🙂 If you’ve got the cash and time, come to Edmonton and see The Alder Room – it’s is exquisite, like an episode out of Chef’s Table but with local prairie food!
    It’s on my bucket list.

    Take care Sarah,


    • Hey Heather!

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! I admit I’ve NEVER been out to Alberta before. The shame! But now I have a very good reason 😉

      Big love,
      Sarah B

  • This seems amazing, and the cake is beautifully decorated, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it as beautiful, but I hope it gets at least as delicious hahah

    • Hey Diana!

      I promise it is SO simple! I just frosted it then stuck a bunch of fruit and nuts on top – literally. I hope you try it…even if it’s a mess it will still be delicious! 😉

      xo, Sarah B

  • Wowza! This cake looks absolutely delectable, carrot cake is one of my favorites! My birthday is coming up and I’m thinking this is what I want!!! Wishing you a safe move and one that is as smooth as possible, good luck back in Canada, and lots of love 🙂

  • What a beautifully written post. 🙂 I just moved back to the U.S. a few months ago after living in Copenhagen for 2 years and understand what a special place Copenhagen is. And I agree with you about the light in Denmark! It is quite special and makes for wonderful food photos! Best wishes for you on this next chapter in life! And this cake looks delicious as well as the frosting! Thank you for all that you do!

  • I am melting only by looking at this cake. It made me wanna jump out of work and go get ingredients to make it. haha. I will give it a try in the weekend for sure. I just found your blog and I love all the recipes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Eeee Sarah! This is TOO exciting! We are going to live on the same continent?! Magical things are happening friend. I cannot wait to see all that this move has in store for you, living in the country and all! Girl, what a dream. WHAT a dream. I’ve loved following you in Denmark all of these years, and I’m sure it will be tough to leave too. But at least you had a beautiful chapter of your life there, and are now ready to open another one elsewhere. AH. Life is so exciting. Hugs up the wazoo!

  • I can totally relate to your story. I am Canadian and my partner and i had been living in Holland for 7 years. I never took my time there for granted and i tried to absorb every bit of culture and experience possible. It’s funny though, because deep down i always knew that i would return home. 6 years ago we moved back and it was a realy roller coaster ride, but i wouldn’t change it for the world. Canada is without a doubt one of the most precious places on earth and i can say with all my heart that i am a very proud Canadian and this will always be my home, no matter where the wind takes me. All the very best to you and your family Sarah! I wish you many blessings.

  • Hi Sarah! Ive been looking for a cake i can make my son for his first birthday that isnt horribly loaded with refined sugar and flour, and then you posted this! How would you do cupcakes, if you dont mind? What did you give your son for his first birthday?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      If you’re doing cupcakes, just reduce the baking time to around 20 minutes 🙂 Make sure they pass the toothpick test!

      And congratulations on your son’s birthday! We didn’t our son anything that special since he had no idea what was going on 😉 But this past month he turned four and requested a “strawberry cake” (still need to teach him about seasonality, lol) and I made this cake recipe without the carrots, made a chia jam instead and made a layer cake with the jam in the centre. It was SO GOOD!

      Hope your cupcakes turn out great!
      xo, Sarah B

  • This cake looks amazing!! Will it be good if I make it the day before the party?
    Thanks for all the inspiration Sarah!!

    • Hey Katrin,
      Yes! No problem at all, just don’t frost it until right before the guests arrive 🙂

      Big love,
      Sarah B

  • Welcome HOME! My friends and I are anxiously awaiting possible classes (yes, we will scream like you are a Backstreet Boy… we’ll try to contain it)! I’m sure you’ll miss Europe, but I hope you find Canada has developed for the better. Much love from Hamilton (try the food here, it rocks)

    • Hey Emily!

      Haha…COOL! Scream all you like – I’ll probably be able to hear you better now 😉 Classes are in the works! Can’t to meet you and your friends. Thank you for the warm welcome!

      xo, Sarah B

  • Never been too big on cakes, but the carrot cake was definitely an exception for me when I was younger. I really love this specific design as well with the simplistic icing on top. Really cool to read that you’re returning back to Canada, make sure to get a coat, it’s getting chilly again.

  • Hello,

    How would I go about adapting this to a loaf..? I don’t have a round tin and I would also just prefer to have the frosting just on the top ho would I adjust the baking time..?

    • Hello Miwa!

      If you’re just doing a loaf, half the recipe for sure (use 3 eggs) and adjust the baking time slightly – it will likely be longer since the loaf pan is deeper, but just keep testing it with a toothpick until you’ve got it 🙂

      Hope that helps!
      xo Sarah B

  • Hello Sarah….I have been following you for years and ❤️ your recipes! I lived in Copenhagen for the first seven years of my life and absolutely love to go back to commune with family. Welcome back to Canada and since I live in southwestern Ontario I am excited that there may be a future opportunity to attend a workshop or two….lovely as the Portugal offer is the costs are prohibitive….however I am easily within driving distance of Toronto!
    All the best to you as you return home and establish yourself here.

    • Hello Jeanette!

      I can tell by your last name that you must be a Dane! And yes, I’m back in your neck of the woods so to speak and I’ll confirm that classes are in the works. Hope to meet you at a cutting board someday soon 🙂 Thank you for the warm welcome!

      All love,
      Sarah B

  • Eeee Sarah! This is TOO exciting! We are going to live on the same continent?! Magical things are happening friend. I cannot wait to see all that this move has in store for you, living in the country and all! Girl, what a dream. WHAT a dream. I’ve loved following you in Denmark all of these years, and I’m sure it will be tough to leave too. But at least you had a beautiful chapter of your life there, and are now ready to open another one elsewhere. AH. Life is so exciting. Hugs up the wazoo!

  • I am weeping with joy! I am so happy to hear your news about going home! AND I have waited for a gluten free dairy free carrot cake and here it is! It was always my childhood favorite and I have longed for it since being gluten free – about 12 years now. There is one that a bakery nearby makes but theres no frosting so its just not the same. Thank you for all of the fabulous recipes. I wish you and your family every joy that a house and home bring and cheers to rolling in your own grass! happy days to come and we all look forward to seeing the results in more delicious recipes. Thank you for your work. xoxo

  • Thanks so much for all the fabulous recipes you’ve shared. Starting reading your blog about 9 years ago and it has made such a positive impact on the way I cook now.

  • I have to admit – I’m excited for the possibility of retreats on this side of the world. Congrats on the move – and good luck! It will all turn out amazingly well with a little bit of time.

  • Wow congratulations on this beautiful cake, 10 years of inspiring food and a beautiful new adventure your way! Wishing you all the very best. xo

  • Congrats on the move back, so exciting to have actual land! And this cake! Carrot is my favorite so I’ll definitely be interested in trying a grain free version. This one looks so rich and delicious!

  • Congratulations on 10 years of blogging. Just found your site through bloglovin and its because of the carrot cake (which is my absolute favorite) that you have managed to make gluten free low carb. It doesnt matter looks and sounds delicious. I wish you all the best with your move. I will watch out for all the juicy kitchen reno.

  • Can’t wait to try this carrot cake! How very exciting for you and your family to be moving back to Canada. As an expat for many years now, I can really appreciate how that might feel for you- and especially to be moving back with your son who wouldn’t have lived there yet. Congrats!

  • Great blog! Hi, from Cyprus (Mediterranean)
    This is the first time reading your blog, apart from the luxurious carrot cake, integrity and character shine through your writing :
    Wishing you well on your travel back home,
    I look forward to hearing a lot more about you, and your recipes…??? Καλή Τύχη (good luck)

  • In the words of the immortal Geddy Lee, “Take off, to the Great White North. Take off…it’s a beauty way to go”
    All the best on your journey!

  • hi!
    congrats on your new/old move!
    can’t wait to see photos of work space and new recipes!

    question on this carrot cake:
    i just can’t seem to succeed with coconut flour 🙁
    it always comes out with a dry texture like sawdust. i am worried about using it here-am i missing something with this flour?
    i’ve tried cooking pancakes as well as cakes, it just is so obvious with that grainy sawdusty thing that i’ve chucked the flour most of the time.
    i keep in it the fridge or freezer, depending, to keep it from going rancid. is that an issue?

    • Hey tuffy!

      I’ve had the same experience, which is why I talked about how “we’re not friends” in the post! Haha…but I promise that with this ratio, the cake comes out incredibly moist and rich. No dry sawdust here 😉 Hope you try and make it! Keep your flour in the freezer, as it won’t be as moist.

      xo, Sarah B

  • Congrats Sarah, happy you’ll be closer since I live upstate NY. I met you twice in NY in Feb, 2017? career spiring workshop and book signing w/ Jessice Mundane?? I relate 100% w/ your hormone struggles. Born without ovaries I never had periods(bliss?) but @ 53 I have bones of a 90 year old and a heart….maybe not so bad because of my vegan diet. I love you no matter what but wish you gave the egg production some thought. Even if you love the chickens, don’t kill them after they stop producing, you must know that you can’t get egg laying chickens(w/ beautiful colored eggs) without supporting the killing of all male chicks (ground alive and suffocated in plastic bags) in that industry. I recollect our meeting as a very rewarding experience at the time and that will never change regardless of your feelings in that matter. Just wanted to be honest w/ someone I think I’d like to think as a friend, regardless of dietary choices, like family. Much Love and Peace from upstate NY, Hudson Valley, Raquel

  • Congratulations on moving back to Canada. I have just moved from Canada (my second home) back to Australia, so I know the feeling of “leaving home to come home” All the best with your move and getting your veggie garden started 🙂

  • Welcome home Sarah! I can’t wait to see what you get up to, and especially those kitchen porn pics, and then the even more hard core food porn that is created in the aforementioned kitchen. Oh baby! I don’t know how many years I’ve been following along with you on your blog, and I’m not even completely sure how I came across it, but sure glad I did. Your gorgeous photos, even more gorgeous recipes, and musings on life really resonate with me, and I always look forward to your new posts. I’ve been mighty busy lately and time’s gotten away from me, so it looks like I have some catching up to do as I’ve missed the last few posts. Oh, and carrot cake. I humbly bow to your greatness, carrot cake was my very favourite decadent delight prior to changing up how I eat. Thank you, and welcome back!

  • Congrats Sarah! Your posts have been such a big inspiration to me over the years, and I’m proud of all that you’ve accomplished and shared. Hope the move goes as smooth as possible, and thank you for sharing this gorgeous cake~! I’m a sucker for a good carrot cake, and will be making this for my sweeties bday in a few weeks. Much love, Sara

  • Congratulations on the cake and on the move! I totally get the need for space – we’re in a second floor apartment in Toronto and are looking in the suburbs for a little spot of grass for our two little girls to run and play and a little garden for me to dig in the soil. Hope the move is smooth and steady!

  • Yes! So glad to learn you are returning to Canada! Please be sure to make your way to Nova Scotia sometime! Promise?!

  • Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! I’ve moved across the United States a couple of times, to a completely different area each time, but I can’t imagine an international move. You are adventurous. I wish I had a reason to make your carrot cake, and that eating it wouldn’t do me in (as in too many calories). It sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m definitely saving the recipe, because I might need it…

    • Hi Anna,

      I tried that actually and it didn’t work, BUT…I haven’t tried with a commercial egg replacer like Ener-g. I think that might do the trick! Good luck and let me know if you try!

      xo, Sarah B

  • Congratulations on 10 years! The carrot cake looks divine and I can’t wait to make it. I’m really enjoying your new direction in food as this is also what my body feels best on, so all these new recipes are truly resonating with me. I look forward to hearing about your new life and new cooking adventures in Canada. All the best for the big move.

  • Thank you for so generously sharing your triumph with us – I love the chunk … And for all the inspiration over the years – you are my food goddess for sure! All the best on your onward journey, and look forward to more on the other side …

  • Thank you for so generously sharing your triumph. And for all the inspiration you’ve given over the years. You are my goddess! Best of luck with your onward journey.

  • Now you’ve done it…CARROT CAKE is my true love & I haven’t had a good one since turning plant based. I figure I can switch out “fleggs or chia eggs” for the real thing so I am VERY happy! I wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure and will continue to treasure each post you bestow on us! Thank you!

  • Sarah, Congratulations on an exciting and new adventure for you and your family. I’ve been happily reading your blog and trying your fabulous recipes for the last six years and I wanted to say a big thank you for following your passion and sharing it with the world. Good luck with the move! Once you get your kitchen up and running I’d love a fun fall recipe for healthy popcorn balls, I used to love them as a kid but haven’t had them in years since I’ve never thought of anything other than marshmallows that would stick them together. (I’m definitely the type of person that follows a recipe, never creates one, lol!) I can imagine you would come up with something fabulous that has bits of dried fruit and chopped nuts in it!

  • What a beautiful blog. Good luck, keep the love and inspiration flowing. Live your dreams, love your family and the rest naturally follows. From one Sarah to another xoxoxoo

  • Sarah, Very best wishes to you and your family in the huge adventure ahead! Sooo glad you’ll be ‘taking us along’ so to speak, sharing some of the the house reno and all of the wonders ahead, along with the usual delightfulness. Thanks for a wonderful 10 years, and looking forward to many more!

  • Congrats on the new move, Sarah! My little one is almost 3 years and it is SO true that sometimes things need to change to do what’s best for them. That’s great you will be closer to family and have more space…and grass, lol. I know what you mean with littles! And this carrot cake looks awesome btw! Can’t wait to try 🙂

  • Copenhagen will be smaller without you. My heart always secretly skip a beat when I see you on the streets of Amager.

    • Oh wow! You should have said something!!! 😀 That is too sweet, thank you. I will miss CPH and Amager so very much. But I’ll be back to visit, and hopefully next time you’ll introduce yourself, okay?!

      Much love,
      Sarah B

  • Love your blog and all your posts! Good luck with your move back to Canada!
    I am going to try this in a bunt pan? Thoughts? I’ll let you know.
    I loved the idea of Canadian retreats!!

  • Welcome back to Canada Sarah! ??
    Wishing you all the love and good energy that you have shared with all of “us” who follow your blog. I met you in Vancouver at a Whole Foods book signing and loved how your positive energy shines even more in person. thanks again for your fabulous recipes. They truly have inspired my meat loving boyfriend to completely change his approach to food! Now we both enjoy and benefit from the foods we love- My New Roots all the way! Best wishes in creating your new home.

  • Oh Sarah – congratulations on everything! You have been my biggest food inspiration, have always loved your words and your recipes are truly the ONLY ones that you can just count on to be good – not one failure so far! And yes yes, I feel a bit sad that Copenhagen will be without you in the future, I so hoped to join one of your dinners. Actually I met you at Teufel Bash last year, but I god so starstruck that I couldn’t even say hi! I regret that now. Much love and good luck with laying in the (YOUR) Canadian grass 😀

  • What a beautiful blog post, it has been so wonderful seeing your blog grow over the years and I am a proud owner of both cookbooks. Wishing you all the love for this new and exciting chapter. And I will definitely be making this cake for my birthday on Friday ?

  • wow – great news
    can’t wait to read new posts from canada
    wish you all my very best for your return
    lg birgit
    the cake looks so delicious

  • Greetings from the UK all the very best for the next chapter in your life. Thank you for the fabulous recipes! Look forward to more to come… take care XOXO

  • Welcome home. I took the same journey as you, and can remember packing our lives up in Stockholm to fit into a half shipping container… I had lived there five years, married my Swedish love, had a life there, but home was calling. It hasn’t been easy (especially for my husband), but life is a that journey and you never know what is around the corner if you always choose the best road, the road less travelled. Lycka till!

  • Welcome (back) to Canada!!!
    I’ve really enjoyed tour posts and recipes and am looking forward to maybe you doing things here?
    I was going to go to your book presentation in Toronto and then I gave birth the day before!
    Anyhow, welcome back!

  • Welcome back to Canada! My husband and I just moved from a city in British Columbia to the Country in British Columbia, and we couldn’t be happier. All the best in your move. Thank you for the beautiful cake recipe!

  • Beautiful blog, beautiful cake, and beautiful words! I have no doubt you will be celebrating the MNR 20th birthday down the line. It’s my hands down favorite site, and I am always checking to see if there is anew post up! You hosted a brunch in Portland this Spring, and it was the most inspiring and delicious weekend brunch of my life. I can’t wait to see what you do next. All the best luck for your new home in Canada…gardens, grass, back porches…it will be a dream life 🙂

  • My birthday present to myself for the past few years has been to spend all day baking myself a “project cake,” and I think I just found the one for this December! Welcome back to North America, neighbor! Would love to meet you if you’re ever visiting Maine.

  • Wow! This is such great news! I’ve never been happier to see someone flourish and succeed as much as you. I first discovered your blog from an e-newsletter that came from one of my favourite downtown restaurants – Camros Organic Eatery. I always save reading your blog posts for when I have time, so I can take in every word you write. And every single recipe I’ve tried has always been a winner. Welcome back, soon, to Ontario!

  • This is so exciting, Sarah! I can’t wait to see where MNR goes once you’re in Toronto!! You (and this blog) have been such a huge inspiration to me, not only in my own work, but in the way I see food and its purpose of nourishment. I’m so happy for you and will definitely be following along to see the kitchen renovation!! 😀

  • Happy 10 years 🙂 Although you will be missed in Copenhagen, you will continue to shine no matter where you are – that is a certainty my dear! I am happy to have attended two of your events here and hopefully one day can attend your retreat. I am proud of your courageousness and I admire all of your plant-based creations. They are replicated in my kitchen and around the world more than you know. Much love to you and yours in this new chapter!

  • congrats!!!! Im from argentina. You wil be a bit near now, maybe I can start dreaming of attending some of your future retreats. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your magic!

  • Happy 10 years, Goddess! <3 Thank you for being such beautiful inspiration to live healthy and happy! Carrot cake looks delicious.
    Kisses from Cracow, Poland,
    Joanna and Tom from Beauty Rebel.

  • Congratulations on 10 yeas and good luck with the move. Now that you are moving to North America I hope you will consider organizing retreats in Canada or the US!!

  • So happy for you, Sarah! Joining Canada in extending my open arms to you on this happy return 😉 And hiiiiii chunky carrot cake vibes. So feel you on that. This looks perfect in every way. xo

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