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Emma’s Tahini, Orange + Coconut Muesli

Tahini Orange Coconut Muesli

I can’t recall the exact day that I stumbled into Emma Galloway’s world, but I do remember being completely and utterly awe-struck, inspired, and grateful. Her blog, My Darling Lemon Thyme has been on my highly edited list of sites that I actually read, and her delicious, innovative recipes have been making regular appearances in my kitchen ever since.

Joy of joys, Emma released a cookbook, and just like the blog, it is a true gem. Flipping through this book is kind of like shopping in a store where everything fits you perfectly, is the exact colour you want, and strikes the perfect balance between need and want. For instance, I need a recipe for gluten-free sourdough bread, and, I want another recipe for granola. She takes familiar ingredients and genius-ly transforms them into something unique and special that makes you ask: why didn’t I think of that?! Sweet Potato and Kale Latkes, Mung Bean Pancakes, Buckwheat Tabouli – the list goes on. Emma uses exclusively plant-based, gluten-free, whole food ingredients, and taste comes first! I want to tuck into every single one of her meals and treats.


Although it was nearly impossible to choose just one to share here, the recipe I settled on was Tahini, Orange + Coconut Toasted Muesli, as it sounded like the best and most exciting new way of enjoying granola, and the perfect way to bid farewell to those last winter oranges in the market. The idea of adding tahini to granola was totally brilliant (thanks again, Emma), along with the flavours of toasted coconut and oranges. Yum. After baking, the additions of dried fruit are really special and deliver bright, juicy hits throughout the toasty nuts, seeds and grains. It’s incredibly balanced and tasty, and makes a stupendous topping for yogurt, porridge – even as snack eaten right out of the jar. A bag of this on a recent trip halfway across the world proved to be a real lifesaver!


The next time I make this recipe, I am going to try it with rolled oats instead of the quinoa flakes. Although it was a nice change to use a different grain, I find the texture of quinoa flakes a little too light and powdery – I prefer the heft and crunch that oats give to granola. I’ve even wondered about using buckwheat groats, which I love in cereal. I will keep you guys posted when I try something new!

Tahini Orange Coconut Muesli



Thank you, Emma, for sharing your gifts with the world. We love granola, and we love you.

xo, Sarah B

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I’m also really excited to share some (hopefully) helpful information for you in the new Resources section here on the blog. Since I get many, many emails with similar questions about the practicalities of running My New Roots, I have decided to write a few pieces on the inner workings of this food blog – and where I don’t have the answer I have asked my team to kindly chip in… you know, about hosting and coding and technical stuff that makes my brain hurt 😉

Have a look and let me know if there is anything else, you’d like a writeup about!

xo, Sarah B.

59 thoughts on “Emma’s Tahini, Orange + Coconut Muesli”

  • Thank you for this gorgeous recipe. I have enjoying it a couple weeks now for breakfast. I like the taste and the texture. The orange flavor is not my thing. But i don’t really notice it in this recipe as it brands perfectly with the other ingredients. Yet I am a little concerned about the actual healthiness of such a treat so full of dried fruit and nuts that I can barely see the cereals in it, even so I didn’t put as as much as you suggest. Full of fat and sugar for sure. I wouldn’t recommend it on a daily basis but it would be fabulous for a holiday gift. It is so expensive too. What do you think. Aren’t a a few slices of homemade sourdough bread with butter more healthy than this muesli ? Thanks for your insights. Cheers
    Estelle from France

  • Hi, I made this using all rolled oats. It smelled amazing! I haven’t eaten it yet (tomorrow!) but I’ll offer a tip: 25 minutes at 350F was way too long for me. I stirred it after 10 minutes and the edges were getting brown. I took it out after 15 minutes and had a few minor burnt bits. I think 325 would have Worked better! But maybe it was because I halved the recipe. Anyway, love the combo of ingredients.

  • Hi Sarah,
    I created a granola almost identical to this a few weeks ago –I thought I was a genius for adding tahini to my granola, obviously someone had beet me to it–but it pleased me as it confirmed that I was doing something right 😉 I used a mixture of mostly rolled oats and buckwheat groats ( and yes I would say that the oats do make it more hefty). I would normally have used coconut oil but was out so I heated olive oil with some coconut mana (butter) and added tahini and honey which made a beautifully creamy buttery base to coat all the dry ingredients as it ends up toasting up wonderfully as it binds everything together into beautiful granola-y clusters. I also added cinnamon, ginger and cardamon for spice and used walnuts instead of almonds and none of the dried fruit aside from adding medjool dates but essentially everything else was the same, and it was indeed some of the best granola I ever made –and thought I invented 🙁 until now. Anyhow, I’m glad something this good should be shared as I myself don’t have a platform for such things. I also discovered over the winter (and has probably already been done as well) that heating equal parts tahini and honey and drizzling it over teff or amaranth porridge is also quite amazing and added another variation for sweetness that would usually appear as a a nut butter or maple syrup. To me it tasted like adding melted halva to my porridge which is a favourite childhood treat of mine so it took an already existing comfort food up a notch. I highly recommend it.
    Also wanted to add that I absolutely adore your book. I bought it last year as I was embarking on a two-week spring cleanse just to kick start better eating habits. I love eating food and hated to cut out dairy and bread and such and found your way of creating meals so wonderful and nurturing that I didn’t miss any of those other foods at all and discovered new and inspiring ways to prepare vegetables. I especially appreciate how you focused on breaking it down seasonally –as I myself have always liked to focus on the seasons, each month in particular for all it has to offer –I even created a whole series of paintings about it.
    So it’s great to have a breakdown of a way that I could apply that awareness of the seasons/months to the way I enjoy food.
    I don’t buy many cookbooks because I find they just sit on the shelf unused but yours I have turned to many times –from the recipes, the photographs, to the way you write–are all wonderful and inspiring. I never write in these comments sections of blogs (probably also because I tend to ramble) but I just felt compelled to share my appreciation for what you do and say thanks.

  • I can’t express that how much I like your blog. That’s really good resource for incredible ideas of recipes. GBU

  • Just wondering – how much does this recipe make? In cups? It looks like it yields a lot, and I don’t want to end up with more granola that I can eat! (However tasty it may be :D)
    Thank you for another amazing post Sarah! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Big ups to Emma Galloway and my darling lemon thyme! Go Kiwi – makes me a proud New Zealander. Thank you Sarah for sharing this amazing woman and her wonderfulness; I found your blog (hurrah) years ago now through her website.
    Big thank you to Emma and yourself, you are Sheroes!

    • Sheroes! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Katie. I am proud to share this virtual space with Emma, she’s an amazing woman.
      All love from CPH,

      Sarah B

  • Hearty grains, rustic look – and the fibre, splash of orange colour, all resting on yummy yoghurt! Your images are making me want to go to sleep, and then quickly wakeup again, so that I can have this breakfast. They remind me of sunrise! Of course its healthy too. Working in an events promotion startup, where food related events make up a sizeable percentage of our portfolio and where I am often introduced to new foods, I must say this is one creative breakfast.
    Candice @

  • really love your blog especially your photography not often both are as good as they are on this site.
    i would be interested to know what camera you used ?.


    • Hi Mike – if you go to the RESOURCES page on this site you will see all info about Sarah’s cameras & photography. Cheers Lizz

  • This sounds delicious! I love recipes for breakfast foods that you can cook in bulk, and then are so easy to use in a sleepy state in the morning with no effort – but that are super healthy and nutritious! I love the orange/coconut combo coming up to summer – sounds fruity and exotic!

  • Thanks for sharing great recipe blog. It is very informative and brilliant. I have tried this last sunday. The sound of this recipe was great. Keep sharing some more recipes with us. Again thanks.

  • ThankYou-this is Delicious! the tahini is a brilliant addition (i Love tahini in anything…) i used mostly oats, and some quinoa flakes, plus puffed quinoa, which is awesome! for the tart red fruit i used barberry instead of cranberry. they are so delicious (plus many health benefits) and i can buy at my local Iranian grocery, along w tahini, cashews and almonds. also followed your lead with maple syrup-Yum..! Sarah, you are consistently amazing, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • This sounds wonderful, although I’m not certain about putting tahini into granola. I do like tahini, so I might try this. It would be a nice change from my current favorite granola.

  • This looks amazing and the dishware looks so beautyful. Would you mind sharing where to find such nice plates?

  • I have recently made a granola and decided on a whim to add in some sprouted buckwheat and can I say, it was delicious!! They are the perfect underlying crunch to an oats-based granola:)

  • I have been loving this book too! But what I really want to say is that I always put buckwheat groats in my granola and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • You had me at tahini! I’ve been meaning to check out Emma’s book for a good while now–thanks for the reminder that her recipes are always special!

  • Thanks to you, I’ve subscribed to Emma’s blog as well! I am so excited to look at her recipes 🙂 Such a beautiful-looking recipe that is perfect for breakfast or just to munch on its own!

  • I would like to know the name of the jars with the orange rubber bands that you use for storage and also a source for purchase.

    Thank you

    • Hi Íngrid,

      They are made by a company called Weck. And if you’re into canning, they are the best! And they are cheapest bought directly from the company, online.

      Sarah B

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