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Summer Celebration Fruit Tart

Hello summer people! It’s celebration time! I’m here to deliver the party favours …a seriously tasty treat and a whole lotta food porn. Ready?

summertart summertart5

This tart is everything you want from a summer recipe: quick to make, foolproof, delicious, and uses all the delights of the season. Since I am well aware that you would rather be spending your time at the beach or on the dock and not in the kitchen, making this treat will only take up about half an hour of your day, and the rest you can enjoy nibbling and relaxing!

I couldn’t quite settle on which meal this recipe would best be suited for, so I’ll let you decide on that one. It’s a perfectly respectable breakfast (you’re welcome), but would also make a lovely brunch side, afternoon iced tea accompaniment, or after dinner dessert. Because you can make the crust ahead of time, it can also be taken to a picnic or barbeque and assembled before serving.

The crust is vegan and gluten-free, made with toasted sunflower seeds and buckwheat flour, with a touch of lemon for zing. It is a good, all-around pastry base that can also be pressed into a tart form if you’d like a more tidy-looking dessert. I like the un-fussiness and rusticity of just rolling out the dough (and because I’m lazy). With its tattered edges and uneven shape, it looks like we all should in summer: loose, wild, and free!


For a big time saver, I’ve opted to use yogurt for the topping instead of making a cashew cream. If you would prefer a non-dairy option, try the cashew cream recipe from this post.  It would be smashing on this tart!

The fruit is also your call, just use whatever is in season around you. We are finally enjoying the annual berry explosion here in Denmark, the one I wait for the entire year, and this recipe is truly a celebration of the juicy abundance, sumptuous colours, and bright flavours all around. Toss on a combination of favourites, or go for a solo fruit that you really want to highlight. This tart can carry itself well into the autumn as well, using plums, pears and figs as well.


As for garnishes, although they aren’t totally necessary, this tart is really delicious with the addition of a few extras. I tossed on a small handful of fresh herbs; peppermint and lemon balm, because I happened to have them on hand, but what a difference they made! Verbena would be so delicious too, or spearmint, bergamot, or even chocolate mint. And because I am obsessed with bee products, I couldn’t resist sprinkling the tart with pollen and topping each slice with a good chunk of honeycomb. Nothing is bad with honeycomb on top. Ever.

With that, I leave you with the recipe, and sun-drenched love wishes to all of you out there romping around and being wild little bunnies.
Big hugs and fruit tarts, Sarah B


82 thoughts on “Summer Celebration Fruit Tart”

  • This. The food porn photography plus all the nutritional goodness is why you’ve been one of my favourite food bloggers for years now. Thank you for all your amazing recipes Sarah!

  • Wow what a delicious looking tarte. Yummy. But why do you recommend goats or sheep yogurt? In my opinion while having health concerns consuming too much cow´s milk we still should think about what the options mean to the environment and the animal. In my homeland Germany the goat´s milk production is a cruel business. Around 160.000 male kids are killed and go to waste because there is no further use for them. In addition a dairy goat only can be used for milk production until her ninth year of age – then she gets killed and wasted as well. So I prefer using cow´s dairy products becaus the little calfs at least go to the butcher and their meat is used and not wasted.

  • So I have a whole bunch of home grown strawberries and raspberries sitting in my fridge begging to be turned into something tasty, and I thought, ‘Where better to turn than Sarah’s blog for a great recipe? Maybe I’ll can just search ‘berries’ in her recipes and find something’. But darned if this isn’t sitting there waiting for me right at the top of the page when I click in! Great work, as always, and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • I made this for my in-laws last week for dessert (after an elaborate dinner). I used a pie dish and made your cashew ginger cream as a filling and it was really, really perfect. They have an aversion to food that is even the slight bit alternative or vegan, and they SO loved it (as they told me a million times hah) – they were practically licking the plate clean!

    Sarah, thanks a million for helping my convince my family that good food has no bounds! I owe you XOXO

  • wow this looks AMAZING!!! you are making me so jealous that its summer time for you. I can’t wait to give this a go once we start getting our summer fruit, might be a while though

  • Your pictures are too great. I’m not sure if we can eat this kind of beautiful, colorful and delicious tart for breakfast. I’m speechless with your post for all the things. It is a little bit complex for me to follow the recipe but I will do it closely to the instruction. Hope it will work well.

  • Such a gorgeous post! Definitely made my morning seeing this simple tart! Would be delicious with a little shaving of dark chocolate on top too. Just curious, what type of camera and lens do you use? I’m sure you get this a lot as your photos are some of the best I’ve seen! 🙂

    xx Marie

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  • oh, and one question. assuming you are milling your own buckwheat flour? if so, do you toast it first? or just grind it raw? xo

  • SUPER YUMMY!!! made this for a picnic lunch today and was a gorgeous and delicious hit. Inspiring too as i’m now dreaming of somehow working chocolate into that crust for a rendition with vegan carmel and bananas. Thank you Sarah B!

    • Mary,

      I could not agree more that copying someone’s work is very unfortunate. But I don’t think that is the case here. While the timing is coincidental, fruit pizza, as the other post is calling it, indeed is no new idea. Nor is a fruit tart. The idea, like that for so many recipes spans generations over possibly hundreds of years.

      Cooking is about re-inventing, and making recipes your own. Similarly, blogging about it is a way to share that personal creative expression, as different ideas will appeal to different people. While Sarah’s recipe does appeal more to my personal tastes and food values, the fruit pizza could have more appeal to someone else’s. No matter what, I think food is something that should unite people, and having multiple options for similar themed recipes is part of the beauty of cooking.

      As a fellow blogger I would be deeply offended to read that someone suggested this about any of my posts, as that definitely would not be the intention. We all take inspiration from what is around us, and hopefully provide credit where it is due (if the result is very similar to the inspiring source) but judging by this other post I would not say that’s the case. So please, to be fair, give this other blogger the benefit of the doubt and don’t assume that they “shamelessly copied”. The equal argument could be made that you could find any previously posted summer fruit or berry tart recipe on any of the thousands (millions?!) of food blogs out there and suggest Sarah copied that, which I definitely do NOT think was the case. Instead, it was her own spin on what a fruit tart means to her.

      Sarah, beautiful post. Thank you for sharing what you do and inspiring others to cook and eat well.

  • Love how you left the crust flat like that of a pizza! So good to see new recipes being posted on here:-) Enjoy the summer and the berries xx

  • This is just so gorgeous. It totally reminds me of the classy version of the fruit pizzas we had at family gatherings in my youth… ha!

  • This looks so awesome. I am excited to make the crust. I’m gluten free and it’s perfect for me. I love buckwheat. Thank you!!

  • Sarah – this looks so delicious. I love your photos. This recipe is perfect for me as it’s gluten free. Thank you and keep them coming!!!

  • Wow Sarah B, this is just the most beautiful presentation. I can’t wait for the berry season here in New Zealand, to try making this lovely tart. In the meantime I am going to be making that crust with other fillings. It is just what I have been looking for! I bought your book when it first came out and I just love it. It has re-enthused me around cooking and around being vegetarian, so I thank you so much.! I have made the nut butters and they are divine. Thanks again, Sarah and just know you are soooo talented and generous .

  • Exquisite! We are in the middle of winter here in New Zealand and this just makes my heart sing. Summer can’t come fast enough. x

  • That tart looks heavenly, I’ll have it anytime of the day, lol! I love the rustic look (parchment and all) and the bursting colors of the berries – almost too beautiful to eat. But then again, I’m not passing up on this one!

  • Your new cookbook arrived last weekend and I have been having such a party! I already made the granola and the Life Changing Loaf Of Bread (I know I am behind the pack on that one). They were both GREAT. And now I have this recipe to try. Your recipes make me a better cook. I learn how to use new ingredients every time that I follow your recipes and then I have the confidence to experiment with them in my own recipes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made such a great contribution to me and my family.

  • I love berry season! This is the time of year when my strawberry harvest overlaps my raspberry harvest, the perfect time for an easy tart. I think coconut cream would be a delicious replacement for a non-dairy version. Hurray for berries!

  • This looks amazing. I love the simplicity of the crust and the filling. Perfect for the gorgeous fruit on top. Thank you so much.

  • I just found your blog and I am in heaven! You recipes look amazing! I am gluten free and appreciate any and all gluten free recipes especially if they look this great! Drooling at my computer…

  • Love those fruit photos! So beautiful. We’re enjoying blackberry season in the Pacific Northwest right now. Blackberries are literally growing everywhere and I’m in heaven. This tart looks like a perfect way to use them. Much love from Seattle.

  • What a beautiful crust. I’m always on the lookout for a really good, clean, flour and nut-free AND easy tart base, but I’m sure this one hits the mark. This is the perfect summer treat.

  • Thank you for this gorgeous recipe! I live in Port Hadlock, Washington and it is berry season here as well. This will be beautiful to share with friends and neighbors. And I love the easy print icon for the recipe! Thank you for that.

  • This looks amazing! I love the idea of eating this for breakfast- such a fancy way to start the day! Gorgeous recipe.
    xx Lane

  • This looks absolutely dreamy. I’ve never tried of lemon balm or verbena, so now I’m incredibly intrigued. I love the way this tart looks like you foraged for the berries and maybe found a beehive where you collected the honey from. It looks so bountiful, fresh, and organic the way you put it together! I cannot wait to make this gorgeous tart!

  • I was looking for an easy, unfussy dessert to serve this weekend and you came to the rescue! I like the rustic look of the crust (and yes, I’m also lazy) and the whole things looks almost too beautiful to eat.

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