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A Winter Weekend Cleanse

Simple 3-Day Cleanse // My New Roots

Happy 2015, dear friends!

I wasn’t sure about doing a detox post this year simply because it seemed predictable, but over the past couple weeks, my body told my brain to stop thinking so much and just do what I feel. Smart body.

There are many reasons people feel the need to press the reset button this time of year. Overindulgence, chronic stress, feelings of fatigue or sluggishness are the usual suspects, but there are also positive grounds for clearing out the cobwebs such as wanting to gain more energy and increase vitality, achieve higher levels of clarity, and realign with our internal guidance systems. I know the telltale signs for myself, and they usually involve a slight disinterest in eating (sounds crazy, I know), along with the desire to examine my food-body-mind relationship. Since I am often cooking everyday for a living, I can sometimes lose sight of the total magic that food is. If I slice open a head of red cabbage and fail to swoon, or that pomegranate doesn’t bring me to my knees in awe, I know it’s time to take a break, simplify, and make space for those feelings again.

But how can we make this really easy? I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from my past cleanses and detox programs for Oprah magazine and Whole Living magazine, (all of which are still online here, here and here), but one thing that people mention is how much food there is! Taking that into consideration, I thought I would design a super-simple plan this year with only two recipes and you can make the decision how long you want to go for.

One smoothie. One soup. Both are alkalizing, filling yet detoxifying, mega green but super tasty. In fact, I’ll wager that you’ll love both of these recipes so much that you’ll be enjoying them long after the cleanse is over! The Ginger-Mint Pear Smoothie is luscious, sweet-and-spicy with cooling mint and creamy avocado. The Cilantro Spinach Sweet Potato Soup is like eating a crazy-delicious hug.

Simple 3-Day Cleanse // My New Roots

Detoxifying Habits

It’s true that certain foods and herbs can aid in the detoxification process, but what else can we do to boost our cleansing process on a daily basis?

Exercise: Moving our bodies is essential for balance and overall health because it creates the conditions to breathe deeply, stretch, circulate the blood and lymph, and sweat. The more we move, the more efficient our body becomes at circulating and flushing out toxins. Gentle, low-intensity exercise such as yoga, stretching, or walking is best during a juice fast or reduced-calorie diet (such as this weekend cleanse), while high-impact exercise is recommended at least 3 times a week once you are back to eating a regular, healthy diet.

Dry skin brushing: Dry skin brushing helps stimulate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for ridding the body of toxins. Skin brushing improves the surface circulation on the skin and keeps the pores of the skin open, encouraging your body’s discharge of metabolic wastes, and resulting in an improved ability to combat bacteria, plus helping your skin to look and feel healthier and more resilient! Skin brushing also strengthens the immune system and helps aid the digestion system, both of which are greatly involved in the detoxification process.

Take a sauna: Although it is a major eliminative organ, most people’s skin is very inactive. Sweat is a most important elimination route for toxins. Repeated use of the sauna can help slowly restore skin elimination. Viruses, toxin-burdened cells, and tumours are weaker than normal cells and tolerate heat poorly. The heating of the tissues, which takes place in a sauna helps the body heal from infections and disease more quickly. I make it a habit to go to the sauna once a week for a deep, cleansing sweat. It feels amazing and does a body good!

Simple 3-Day Cleanse // My New Roots

Below is a sample plan for the Winter Weekend Cleanse. You can do the program for just one day, but I would recommend at least two to really feel the benefits. You can also go longer if you like, and include one or more of the recipes from my previous programs to compliment the new one, just so those taste buds of yours stay excited! Drink as much water as you feel like / need, but consume at least 1½ liters throughout the day. Always begin the day with warm water with lemon, as this will assist in flushing your digestive system, preparing your tummy for food by increasing stomach acid, and alkalizing your entire system. Herbal teas are acceptable, but choose ones that are particularly detoxifying. Burdock, cleavers, chickweed, yarrow, nettle and plantain are some of my favourites. I also have a wonderful Detox Tea Blend recipe here.

You can eat your smoothie for breakfast and afternoon snack, but it also fills in for a lunch if that is all you feel like. You can make up the entire batch for a day (the recipe makes about 3 cups / 700ml) if you know you’ll be on the go and sip on it when you need a pick-me-up. Or you can divide the ingredients in half and make it fresh if you’ll be near a blender.

Since we are in the colder months of the year here, I’d encourage you not to use frozen fruit, as it’s important to keep warm when the weather is not! I like to enjoy this smoothie at room temperature, and I promise it’s just as delicious as its cold counterpart.

The soup can be eaten for lunch and dinner or as a snack too. I really like it blended, but feel free to keep it chunky too!

Simple 3-Day Cleanse // My New Roots

Winter Weekend Cleanse Plan

Upon rising: warm water with lemon

Breakfast: Ginger-Mint Pear Smoothie

Throughout the day: water! Aim for 1½ – 2½ liters a day (about 6-10 cups), depending on your activity level

Lunch: Cilantro Spinach Sweet Potato Soup

Snack: Ginger-Mint Pear Smoothie

Dinner: Cilantro Spinach Sweet Potato Soup

Repeat on the following day, for as many days as you like.

Things to Avoid: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, computer time, television, stressful situations.

Things to Embrace: sleep and rest, time outdoors, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, sauna, dry skin brushing.


I hope you all find your own reasons for trying out this simple cleanse, and that it proves to be as helpful as it is delicious! Remember to take things slow, set realistic goals for yourself and be celebrate each small victory! I truly wish you all the best for 2015 – this year is going to be the cleanest, greenest yet.

Love and light,
Sarah B

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Check out my interview with the gorgeous McKel over at Nutrition Stripped!

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  • Man oh man these recipes are great! The smoothie is so nutritious and flavorful. The soup is wonderful. I used my immersion blender so mine turned out less green colored and you can see the flecks of spinach and cilantro. I usually halve a recipe that I’m trying for the first time – I wish I had doubled it!

  • Extremely helpful article. Thanks for sharing!
    Great article, and thanks for taking the time to publish it; really opened my eyes for some new perspectives that I hadn’t thought of before.

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  • Dearest Sarah
    I am very interested in dry skin brushing, but I am having some trouble in finding the right brush. Is it possible you could confide to me which one you use or recommend a good quality brand, a website or a store in Copenhagen? I would really love to give one to my mother. She has had breast cancer and is trying to avoid lymphoedema in her arm. I thought this could be a helpful practice for her. Hope to hear from you.
    All the best,
    Freja from Copenhagen

    • Hi I use one I bought in a high street chemist chain in the UK – so I’d imagine they’re widely available. It’s a long handed bristle brush like you’d use in the bath to exfoliate your back. I find that works well and I don’t use too much pressure so it’s not too harsh. I hope that helps. Charlotte x

  • A really good recipe. I’m usually doing the same in spring before a little diet for summer. And it works pretty well!. But your recipe is much better than mine, and I’m gonna use it,
    Thanks a lot

  • HI there, thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I am allergic to avocado. I understand the smoothie will be less satisfying without it – what would you suggest as a replacement? A spoonful of coconut oil? Many thanks 🙂

  • Incredible. So simple to make and truly flavorful. I can’t wait to try the smoothie in the morning. I used an immersion blender and so I had small flakes of cilantro and spinach, but it was great as I liked the pops of flavor I would get from the small cilantro pieces. Yum!

  • The soup recipe is insanely yummy!!!! Its soooo good! I actually am not a huge fan of cilantro but it was perfect in this soup. I havent tried the smoothie yet but I will be making it soon and I am excited!

  • Oh my goodness! this soup so so, oh so delicious. You are absolutely right Sarah .Its like a nice, big, warm hug . Thank you so much for this recipe .

  • Hello,

    I just came across this post and would love to try it this weekend. Can you possibly advise of the serving size for both? I noticed a few other people asked, but I did not see a response.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Great idea, I love cleanses. This one would be super easy to do as well which I love. The smoothie recipe sounds delicious as well…yum 🙂

  • Hi. Can you use olive oil for the soup instead of coconut oil? That would save me a trip to the store!

  • I don’t usually like blended soups, because they don’t fill me up at all. This soup was so good, though! The sweet potato added the perfect amount of sweetness to compliment the savory. I loved the taste of cilantro, so that was a refreshing and fun addition to round the recipe out. I bought all the ingredients for the smoothie, and I’ll be making it tomorrow. All the reviews tell me it’s going to be great, and I’m really excited for the positive benefits these recipes will bring!

    • Usually I am put off by the ‘cleanse’ word in winter, but after living life to the extreme, I have decided to give it a go. I thought I would make the soup a day in advance to be prepped and ready, but, despite it’s unappealing green/orange tinge, the family gobbled it all up. So delicious! I was also forced to share a day’s worth of pear/mint smoothy… leaving me short. Anyhoo, even if you are unsuccessful in achieving your detox goals, at least you will unwittingly boost the immunity and health of your family.

  • Can I just say how AWESOME your blog is??? I am only 16 but I am getting so inspired by your recipes. Today I am starting the cleanse, I would like to do it for at least 5 days.

  • can’t get enough of this soup, utterly delicious! and…cilantro in soup! WOW! who knew?!? love the smoothie as well, especially the addition of the ginger, mint and avocado. i’ve pretty much had some version of it everyday since i read this post 3 weeks ago. thanks! and, well done you on your book! looking forward to getting a copy 🙂

  • These recipes look great, but the whole “cleansing” idea frustrates me. It reminds me of growing up Catholic and imbedding all your choices with guilt, which you then have to undo in some grand gesture. I think it is important to make an extra effort to seek out nutrition rich options in the wintertime, but I think it is funny that so many countries eat veggies (and other antioxidant rich foods) on the daily and don’t have to label it as a detox to do so. Maybe detox is a way to get people acclimated specific foods so that they add it to everyday meals?

  • Holy onions! I’m halfway through my first day of this much needed cleanse…and that soup is soooo onion-y! Am I the only one? Maybe it’s my slight aversion to cilantro, or the way the cilantro and onions play up one another…this won’t be easy, but I need to make it through at least two days, if not the full 3.

    I do appreciate a cleanse that involves solid food but only two recipes. I was looking a different cleanse each meal was so involved…I don’t have time for that! So thank you for this simple cleanse, and hopefully I’ll learn to like the soup!

  • Remember when the cleanse is over you will need to prepare yourself for a new way of living. I have never been good at cooking but a friend told me about a great site called Smart Kitchen. I have been able to take lessons on here how to cook and eat well. They did offer a free trial when I signed up 3 weeks ago hopefully you will get there in time to get the free trial also. Here is the site Happy cleansing

  • I am on the detox today, wanted to lose sth and cleans before my holidays. The smothie is fantastic – I just added kale and parsley instead of spinach but still tastes delicious. The soup is so much warming me up – onions, garlic, cayenne pepper everything together makes me almost burning inside, also added fennel into the soup. I have a small headache now (I have it very rarely in fact) – it shows quick cleansing effect..
    Sarah, I love your blog and tried a couple of recipies and will follow it. It’s great inspiration especially when I want to be a nutritionist. Thank you!

  • hi Sarah!
    there are the very few recipes I tried from your blog, and both turned out to be amazing! my toddler son liked the smoothie, and the soup will be his dinner tonight (and maybe tomorrow too 😉 ) i loved the unique smell of cooking onions in coconut oil, very addictive!
    i also enjoy your photos, have you trained yourself or attended a course? would you recommend any books?
    thanks for these embracing recipes!

  • Hi Sarah… I was wondering what you thought was best to do with leftover smoothies? Whenever I make them there’s enough for two. I hear you’re supposed to drink them right away or freeze them. So I’ve been drinking half and freezing the rest….only to take it out of the freezer that same night and let it thaw in the fridge for tomorrow morning. So basically I consume it in two consecutive days. Just not sure if should bother freezing it if I’m drinking it the following day. Thank you for any advice!

  • This was amazing. I am one of those people that hates cilantro, but I miraculously loved this soup (and I am trying to convert my taste buds – successfully so far!).

    Thank you for being so amazing! I cannot wait for your cookbook!

  • Both smoothie and soup are yummy! So easy to make, too. I used parsley instead of cilantro and added less of it, and it tasted great. I eat as much as I like, as I don’t believe yoy could overdose such a healthy meal. Thank you for inspiration.

  • I found your recipe for Life Changing Loaf of Bread a while ago and just today finally had all the ingredients and the courage to make it. I love it. I LOVE YOU!
    My body just does not like wheat flour, however, I love and adore bread and bread-like products. This is the answer to my prayers; the taste the texture and the FLAVOR all excellent. I’ve tried the gluten free, paleo crap that costs $10 for a small loaf. Horrible, inedible, garbage. Now that I can make this and so easily I feel you have given me my life back. Now, I can go on to lose the weight I’ve gained due to depression after depression after depression. I’m so glad I have found you so I could properly thank you!
    And, I’m so happy I’ve found your blogg here. I definitely want to get “My New Roots” in my email!
    Blessings to you always,

  • Just started this cleanse today and can’t deal with how good both recipes are! The addition of lemon juice in the soup is pretty much genius – a flavor game changer. Thank you for sharing these!

  • Sarah, I miss your “New Year” detoxes in “Whole Living” magazine–thankfully I still have the paper copy of them!…and this soup is a great addition to a detox routine. It didn’t take long at all to make, and the taste is wonderful (and this is from someone who is not crazy about pureed soups). I only had about 3/4 c. cilantro at most, so I substituted parsley for the remaining 2 cups, and it was still excellent–I could taste the cilantro but it was not overpowering, so for someone who doesn’t like cilantro, it might be interesting to try the recipe with only parsley and spinach. Thanks again for a great recipe! Happy New Year!

  • I have made many of your recipes, all of which were delicious, but this soup was over the top yumminess. The flavors held up for three days refrigerated and if I could have gotten my head into the pot and licked up every last morsel, I would have done so. I followed the recipe pretty closely, adding only a bit more lemon juice. I used the oriental sweet potatoes which are deep red on the outside with white flesh inside, scrubbing them but leaving the skin on. I also blended only about 2/3 of the soup because I like to leave bits to chew. Thank you for both of these absolutely scrumptious recipes! I look forward to getting your book when it is published.

  • I am five months pregnant, I do feel like detoxifying, however, I’m pregnant. Is there a moderation I can make or would you suggest making a couple of your other detox recipes to mix in?

    • Hi Jane,

      I cannot recommend any detox programs with the stage you are at. Pregnancy is a time to listen to your body, I agree, but changing your diet or lifestyle in any drastic way, especially reducing calorie intake should be reserved until after you’ve stopped breastfeeding. If you really want to “detox” I suggest adding these two food to your existing diet and continuing on with what you are doing now. Just eat cleanly and simply.
      And congrats on the pregnancy! Hope you are feeling well 🙂

      All my best,
      Sarah B

  • Just made the soup– Its good for how few ingredients are in it! also…the directions don’t mention that you blend the cilantro and spinach but I’m assuming that’s what I was supposed to do- the soup is green like the one in the pic. Its really simple to make. I would recommend it.

    The smoothie is really good. Refreshing. I would definitely recommend this.

  • I made this soup and LOVED it. Truth be told I used only 35 grams of cilantro (that’s all I had), and it tasted rather cilantro-heavy. I will be making it over and over again. Thank you!

  • Love all the info regarding cleansing. I’ll be taking up skin brushing again. It’s been so hot here lately that I’ve been slack on the exercise, but am about to go walk the dog. I don’t have access to a sauna, but sweat out plenty of toxins by doing absolutely nothing in Queensland australia right now. Too humid to wear makeup! Thanks again for the lifestyle motivation and I look forward to making smoothies.

  • Thank you. I have always support from Japan. Were seeded let me introduce in my blog. Are you sure you want? But please confirm.

  • I had the same question regarding to blend or not to blend the spinach and the cilantro. I was wondering if maybe there were nutritional reasons not to blend, as per the recipe, but the soup in the photo is indeed green, and blending the greens does sound better!

    • I just made this and was unsure as well. I don’t think it would be very good texture wise unless you blend it. Definitely blend the spinach and cilantro as well!

  • it says makes 3 much is a serving?
    do you peel potatoes ?
    if still hungry during day should i have another smoothie? or hold off until next meal?

  • Smoothie says makes 3 cups..How much should a serving be?
    do i peel potatoes?

    if still hungry during the day should I have another smoothie? or hold off until next meal?

  • Just made the soup and it tasted delicious. I subbed dried cilantro because fresh one is so expensive where I live. The soup is a real comfort meal, perfect for those cold and rainy winter days! Can´t wait to try the smoothie 🙂

  • First of all, love the color of that pot! Second, I love everything else about this post. After the mild (for me) excess of December, this is all that I crave. A nourishing soup and a refreshing smoothie. Green Love!

  • My diet was spinning out of control after the holidays. Worse by the day. When I read your cleanse diet I knew I had to try it. The first day I was so poisoned by my diet I ended up sleeping until 1 p.m. I took it easy both days, just allowed myself to meditate and rest. I decided if I got hungry I would make an extra recipe from one of your earlier cleanses. I divided the smoothie into 3 servings. I didn’t have mint for the smoothie and it was still delicious. LOVE the soup and can see that being in my regular rotation. The end of the last day I had eaten everything I’d prepared so I had a clementine and another vegetable soup I had already made so I never let myself feel hungry. I completed the cleanse with a new lease on life. I spent my time during my rest planning how to get myself back to exercise. This following week I have felt like a new person, motivated to be healthy. I had coffee one morning which was unheard of before the cleanse. I enjoyed it but haven’t had it again, plus no diet cokes or sugar all week and that is a change I want to continue. I also spent time during the cleanse reading through and looking at your blog and contemplating how I would like to eat from now on. The cleanse helped me get my head in the game and as another commenter said. I could see doing this once a month or every couple months. I feel refreshed and hopeful for my future. Oh yeah, spending much less time on social media was an important part of the my cleanse.

  • Perfect timing these recipes. They are delicious and day 1 of my cleanse was so easy. You are absolutely right, these recipes will definitely reappear in my kitchen after this cleanse. Thanks again for providing your lovely recipes 🙂

  • Do you have an alternative vegetable for sweet potato for the soup? I live in Costa Rica where sweet potatoes are not produced or imported.

  • Sarah, this smoothie is absolutely delicious – you have a gift with creating magical flavour combinations! Thank you. Can’t wait to try the soup next!

  • Do you have an alternative vegetable for sweet potato for the soup? I live in Costa Rica where sweet potatoes are not produced.

  • This was disgusting. I am normally a fan of all of these ingredients, including cilantro, and I followed the recipe exactly, but this was awful. I have had fairly good success with other recipes on this site, but this was a swing and a miss. Would not recommend.

  • That green smoothie looks incredible and would be the perfect meal replacement that packs a punch! I think doing a quick weekend cleanse is a great idea, especially after the holidays. This would be the perfect plan to do every couple months to detox and start fresh! Thanks

  • I read your post on the 9th and went shopping for organic produce. I was blending away early on Saturday. Thought I would give it a try. Dry skin brushing and all. LOVED the smoothie and soup the second they came out of the blender. I was so surprised that your schedule for the day actually kept me full. Everything was delicious and the only side effect was a headache from not drinking coffee. On Sunday after the soup lunch I went and did the sauna. On Monday I had the leftover soup for lunch. I have not had coffee since. I have been eating less since. I have been making my own breakfast and lunch and dinner and really being mindful of what I eat. Most food makes me ill now looking at it. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years but even I needed to reset and start eating better. I think this mini Winter cleanse really did the job. I can’t thank you enough for helping me start better habits in 2015. Cheers Sarah!

  • Thank you so much for this fantastic post! Quick question (sorry if you stated and I missed it) – — how many cups of the smoothie and the soup should one eat per meal? For example, if the smoothie recipe makes 3 cups, do you eat 1 cup or 3? THANK YOU AGAIN!

  • Thank you for these lovely recipes. I made the soup tonight and am wondering if I understood correctly – it looks like after I blend the sweet potato/onion/garlic, I then add the spinach and cilantro (raw). Is that correct? It tastes pretty good with raw baby spinach shredded in, but perhaps it’s supposed to be blended. Thank you!

  • Both of these recipes were delicious. I had to hide the smoothie from my toddler – she loved it!! The soup was incredible – different than anything I’ve tasted. My only problem is I’ve sent my husband for takeout as I’m now really really hungry. I felt good through the day but tonight am really light headed. Maybe I’m not a good cleanse candidate? Regardless, superb recipes!

  • The smoothie recipe sounds great. Ginger and mint is one of my favorite combinations. Works beautifully in hot tea as well. I look forward to giving the smoothie a try this weekend.

  • Hello Sarah B!

    I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – Rheumatoid arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis – spreading the word!) at 22 and am 30. I was wondering if you could this year offer some anti-inflammatory recipes/meals/cleanses that are low allergen etc and anything that is immune system calming etc. I just love and value all you offer in the food and health world and trying to find something in this realm can be daunting, especially when one is faced with such health challenges. Thank you for all that you do,

    Many thanks, happy new year.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I emailed in to ask this question and got the following reply:
      The smoothie is 1-2 servings and the soup 4-6 servings.
      Hope that helps!

  • Lovely recipe! I added a little fresh ginger and skipped the cayenne. If I make it again for dinner, I’ll probably up the ratio of sweet potato. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Sarah,
    Really enjoy your blog! Can you suggest a summer cleanser as I am sure there are many other readers who are in the midst of summer, in the southern hemisphere that also would love to do a weekend cleanse!

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  • This seriously looks amazing! I totally want to detox,especially after the holidays. My brain and energy levels are completely zapped. Just wanted to see what your opinion is on detoxing while breastfeeding. Is it ok? Do you feel like I would be consuming enough calories? Would I detox into my breastmilk? Lovely, I know. I’ve just always wondered about doing a detox or cleanse while nursing…thoughts?

    • I do not do any kinds of detox things while breastfeeding because our bodies do dump toxins right into our milk. We are slowly releasing toxins all the time (it’s the job of our body to do this for us!), but a green weekend will speed up the process. I think it’s better to return to clean eating after holidays and add in a soup/smoothie like this each day. Maybe eat a bit lighter for a few days, but I would not do liquids for two-three days while nursing, especially with something as powerful as cilantro! That will get the toxins out! Dry brushing daily is a great way to get things moving around in your body and would not have the same effect of soup/smoothie cleanses. Getting sleep, exercise, and healthy food is what our bodies need. There will be plenty of time in life for cleansing. Just my two cents! The recipes look great though and I think I’ll whip out some of that soup. It looks very yummy!

  • I always love your detox recipes! I will try this during the upcoming weekend. The smoothie looks delicious too. I have to get recyclable straws like the fun ones that you have pictured here. Happy New Year!

  • just made the smoothie – absolutely delicious! i make smoothies everyday but never use pear. thank you for reminding me how awesome they are to drink!

  • just made the smoothly – absolutely delicious! i make smoothies everyday but never use pear, glad you reminded me how awesome they are to drink!

  • I am usually very suspicious about green smoothies, but this is beyond delicious! I came to trust your taste during these years mmhmm.
    The soup is so tender, and even though I could not find cilantro and replaced it with celery stick, it made my weekend complete.
    Thank you, Sarah!

  • Sarah, you always manage to give just the right amount of information and detail without complicating it. Talking about cleansing and detoxing and all that it entails can be complex but you have brought it down to earth. Thank god for people like you. 🙂 And of course these recipes look amazing.

  • hi Sarah! Is this kind of food detox acceptable while breastfeeding? Should o be worried about the toxins leaching into my milk? Thank you!!!

    • Which toxins specifically are you worried about?
      ‘Detoxing’ is a bit of a misnomer really; Your liver and kidneys are constantly detoxing your blood, so detox ‘cleanses’ don’t cause your body to shed toxins, they’re just basically a way to eat healthy and reduce caloric intake for a few days.

  • Sarah B, you are always a breath of fresh air and inspiration. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your journey. What a great post for the new year… or any time. Best wishes always.

  • In terms of exercise for detox… I’m curious what you normally do for the high impact kind? I’m always stumped on how to get inspired. These days I just do lots of walking and a bit of yoga. I just can’t seem to run regularly anymore. It lost its allure when I made myself run through a time when I had chronic digestive and fatigue problems.

  • This looks great! Haven’t been consuming smoothies at all this winter because I always use frozen fruit and it is just too darn cold to being drinking cold beverages. Looking forward to trying your Ginger Pear Mint Smoothie.

  • Would it be OK to leave out the onion (and maybe up the garlic)? Oddly, onions really upset my stomach, but garlic is fine.

  • Could you talk a little more about how you use the sauna. I have one at my gym and know that is very detoxifying but i really don’t like feeling hot. I try to make myself stay in it as long as possible (which ends up being about 7 minutes) but i think it would help to have a set amount of time to shoot for.

  • Congrats on your delightful bread making it on “The 10 Best Recipes from 2014” on Food 52, for My New Roots Life-Changing Bread. I made a batch last month and LOVE it! Need to make more. Your cleanse recipes sound great, as do your other recipes. Keep up your good work for we are all the better for it. Happy 2015.

  • Any recommendation for substitution on the cilantro in the soup? I am only of “those people” that find cilantro absolutely unbearable, because it tasted like soap to me! How able parsley? Thanks!

  • What a perfect timing you have! I have a weekend off now and was thinking about doing a mini cleanse for two or three days. Thank you for those recipes and encouragement i will start this tomorrow and will also stay away from any media then as you suggested. Looking forward to it and to trying your recipes!

  • What a good and simple idea Sarah. I’ll try it when I have a weekend off. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve written down everything you said during the lecture about detoxification in Amsterdam. So I’ll keep your wise words in mind when I will try this winter weekend detox!


  • It looks like the soup you made is green–if you only puree with onion, sweetpotato and water wouldn’t it be a different color? Did you add the greens and then puree?

    • I think you skipped a part in the directions 🙂 You puree the sweet potato and onion with spinach and cilantro. Enjoy!

      • Hmmm I’m confused too – the recipe says to blend the soup and THEN add the spinach and cilantro (“Place soup contents in a blender. Blend on high until smooth, then add spinach, cilantro, lemon and cayenne”), which would leave stringy solid bits of spinach in. I’m sure it will be delicious either way though.

  • Do you have an alternative smoothie recipe that you recommend? There’s no way I can get fresh pears or mint leaves in the winter in rural Alaska.

    • Other low glycemic fruits like apples would work just fine. Hopefully you can get those! As far as the mint goes, just leave it out. Good luck!
      xo, Sarah B

  • Oooohhh Sarah!!!
    Just what I needed!!!
    You read my mind!!!
    this is much needed after my holiday in the land of white sugar and trans fat… aka the US

    Thank you!!!

  • Just what I was looking for – it looks perfectly do-able and delicious! (unlike many cleanses I’ve seen out there..) thanks Sarah, hope you’ll have a wonderful 2015.

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