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Happy Crackers

You’d think that for someone who moves around so much my biggest struggle would be with missing people, but mostly, I just miss food. When I am in Denmark I always long for year-round kale; when I am in Canada, I miss Danish rye bread. I settle in a place, get used to what’s available, and then have to leave it all behind. I suppose this is a luxury problem. I’m not feeling much sympathy from you right now.

One thing I surely long for in Denmark is an over-the-top health food Mecca, such as Whole Foods. We got nothin’ of the sort here. Nope, only really cute cottage-like mini shops carrying pretty much the same stuff as the equally adorable place in the neighborhood over. I am still not feeling anything sympathy from you, but it istough! There are things you just can’t find over here. We’re definitely missing out on the superfoods, a long list of supplements, exotic nuts, powdered stuff, …and brown rice crackers, specifically, Mary’s Gone Crackers brand. Even though I am anything but a packaged-food kind of girl, when I get back to Canada it’s one of the few indulgences I buy. They are so crunchy, flaky, toasty, and nutty, all organic and gluten-free without any crazy ingredients, and they are an insanely addictive.

I think there is some expression out there about necessity? You get where this is going. I made my own crackers.

I began by visiting the Mary’s Gone Crackers site and re-familiarizing myself with their virtuous ingredient list. Of course I have no idea what ratios they use in their recipe, but I combined the same foods they use, and in one try, I nailed it. Bam.

Why are these crackers, happy crackers? Because they are made exclusively with whole foods. They are gluten-free and vegan. They are loaded with protein, fiber, minerals, and healthy fats. In fact, how about I break down the awesome nutritional power of these little guys, because they are certainly more than stupifyingly delicious.

Brown rice Brown rice is the least processed and therefore most nutritious type of rice – the only kind that contains precious vitamin E.Just one cup of brown rice will provide you with 88.0% of the daily value for manganese. This trace mineral helps produce energy from protein and carbohydrates and is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids, which are important for a healthy nervous system, and in the production of cholesterol, which is used by the body to produce sex hormones. Rawr.

Quinoa Quinoa is an energy-rich food that delivers heaps of fibre and protein with very little fat and no gluten. The protein quinoa supplies is complete protein, meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids in a balanced ratio, making it a good choice for vegetarian and vegans concerned about adequate protein intake. And because quinoa is a very good source of manganese as well as a good source of magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous, this grain may be especially valuable for persons with migraine headaches, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Flax Flax seeds are a miracle food for yourdigestive tract. Flax seeds have a very high fiber content, including the unique “mucilaginous” fiber which we take advantage of in this recipe. When flax is soaked in water the seeds create a magical goopy gel that acts a binder, but also helps to delay gastric emptying and can improve intestinal absorption of nutrients. Flaxseed fibers help to steady the passage of food through our intestines. Finally, the lignans in flaxseed have been shown to reduce risk of colon cancer.

Sesame The sesame seed is a mineral-rich powerhouse. Copper for thyroid support, maintaining bone health, iron utilization, and free radical elimination. Magnesium for relaxing your nerves and muscles, build and strengthening bones, and keep blood circulating smoothly. And lastly, sesame seeds provide us with high amounts of calcium for building a strong bone matrix, helping clot the blood and supporting muscle function.


The most brilliant part about this recipe is the customizability. You like black olives? Throw ‘em in there! Garlic? Delicious. Smoked paprika? Excellent idea! Once you make the dough up, there are endless flavour possibilities and combinations to explore. Within one batch of dough you can make as many flavours as you like too – one round of crackers could yield 10 different types if you fancy. Imagine! And because there aren’t any funky ingredients, you can taste the dough before baking to make sure it is seasoned just right. You can even refrigerate or freeze the dough for later use if you don’t want to make it all up in one day. How sweet is that?




Things to Add:

Nuts & Seeds
Caraway seeds
Poppy seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Chia seeds
Macadamia nuts

Spices & Herbs
Garlic powder (incorporates easier than fresh)
Smoked salt
Cracked black pepper
Coconut palm sugar

Sundried tomatoes
Grated carrots
Onion flakes

Well friends, if you haven’t tried a My New Roots recipe before, I’d say this would be a great place to begin. In fact these little crackers may even turn you into a whole food fanatic! Who knew you could blend a bunch of cooked grains and seeds up to make the tastiest snacks ever? I am still in blissful shock and delight. Join me! Eat a happy cracker.


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  • Ive just made these and unfortunately had the same problem as many others have commented – they completely stuck to the baking parchment in the middle. Is there something im doing wrong? I tried a batch where I lightly oiled the paper first and they still stuck. Its a shame how much ive wasted as its not a cheap list of ingredients nor a quick recipe to put together, they taste amazing however but any ideas how to stop them sticking would be greatly appreciated for the rest of the dough I have. Thanks so much

  • I made it and it’s so tough when i let it cool. I reduce the amount of oil, is that the reason?
    I’m so sad

  • Tasty crackers, indeed! My add-ins were lots of freshly-picked maple blossoms and poppy seeds. And I didn’t have enough flax, so I supplemented the amount with chia seeds. Works like a charm! Also I don’t have parchment, so, with wet hands, I patted the dough directly onto a lightly oiled baking sheet and then scored the dough.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  • Hi! Just wondering what some of your favourite combos of spices and other add-ins are. I tried rosemary and garlic which was delicious but the other combos i’ve tried haven’t been as good, any suggestions? what goes well with pumpkin seeds?

  • I love crackers, but my stomach sometimes doesn’t like grains. I created a cracker recipe that has no grains, or nuts, and is super low carb. i shared the recipe on my website in case some of you have sensitivity to grains, or follows a low carb diet.

  • Great recipe dying to give it a go!
    I found in my local Woolworths a great brand of similar crackers (for those times when you need to quickly have a healthy snack) called Fine Fettle. They are similar to Mary’s Gone Crackers but made mainly with veggies – super delish and super flavoursome. is their website! Totally recommend you give them a go anyone who likes this style of snack!

  • Love these crackers! And so do several family members and friends I’ve shared them with. As happened with many other commenters, my first batch stuck to the parchment in several places. So on my second batch, I spritzed both the top and bottom sheets of parchment with a little olive oil baking spray, and that did the trick. I was also able to re-use the top sheet for rolling out three separate baking pans of crackers.

  • Love the idea of these crackers, but…. how do you keep them for a week without going stale? Most of my crackers have gone stale (in a tin) within a few days..

    Thanks for any tips!

  • I’m making these for the 2nd time. Hardly got to eat any the 1st time around because one sheet stuck to the parchment & had to be tossed. The 2nd sheet I rolled and baked on silpat were so good that my family gobbled them right up! Has anyone figured out how to keep them from sticking to parchment paper?

  • Hi Sarah,
    I literally just ate my first Mary’s gone cracker ever a few minutes ago. I came onto your blog to look at the life changing crackers recipe but I clicked on this one because I was curious. How fortuitous!! Thank you 🙂 I’ll be making these as soon as this box is gone.

  • I made these with both sprouted quinoa and sprouted brown rice. Cooking the sprouted grains requires much less water and time or the dough is more like a batter. Once I got that figured out, though, they were delicious. My next experiment is using the sprouted grains raw and crisping the crackers in my dehydrator. Has anyone tried this and, if so, any tips? I will get back with info after I try it. Also, since stumbling on this site, I have made many of the recipes, all of which my family has loved. I have three teenagers who regularly get junk food at their dad’s house, too, so this is no mean feat. Thank you for giving me tools to teach my kids how to eat.

  • Yayyy! I was so excited when I discovered this recipe – I’ve been longing to make my own crackers for a while but only knew whole wheat versions. I like the fact that this one doesn’t requires flour what an original idea to use cooked grains!!

    I’ve tried a few combinations – will have to improve on amounts of spices needed per cracker batch.
    I’ve tried caraway seeds, romary-black pepper-lemon and balsamic-basil.

    Thank you once again for another great recipe!!!! 🙂
    I’ve tried: caraway seeds

  • Hi there tried making these crackers as my husband is gluten intolerant .Made it a couple of times without the quinoa as unavailable in India.the batter tasted yum but when crackers were ready they completely stuck to the butter paper.Tried making it again on a greased baking tray still failed.Has anyone had the same experience and does does anybody have a solution.

    • the same happened to me the first time. What I ended up doing was using the parchment paper just to flatten them and then transferring to a baking pan.

  • Hi just tried to make the happy crackers however my blender over heated broke and as did a friend of mines whilst doing the same. Just wondering which brand you use so I can make sure I can make these again.

  • Greetings from Boston! These have been on my list since discovering your site this past summer. I made a batch and some crackers just naked to see how they baked up. They are amazing the trick is to make them super thin, I’ll go even thinner on the next batch. How long can you keep the dough in the fridge before you have to freeze it. Have you froze any yet? What’s the best way to freeze it? Love your site always have great success with your recipes 🙂

  • These are fantastic thank you – just made them and they are delicious. They’re going to become a staple in our home – just like your Life Changing Loaf has. Many thanks.

  • Hi Sarah,

    How do you keep your crackers from sticking to the parchment? Mine are totally stuck…I’m really disappointed because I was looking forward to these. :-/


  • I’d love it if you would give us some suggestions for good combinations of things to add. I’m terrible at “winging it” when it comes to cooking. I tend to vastly over think things and get really overwhelmed. I don’t want to “ruin” them, etc. I know it’s baloney, but it’s true. So, if you pretty please, some suggested additions?

  • I was very happy to see this recipe, as my toddler is cracker obsessed! I made these for him and added slivers of kale from the garden and chopped up sundried tomatoes with paprika. Yummy! And my boy kept doing the baby sign for MORE!

  • Hi Sarah, I made these crackers earlier in the week and we loved them. I’m actually not a huge fan of Mary’s Gone Crackers – I find that they have a strangely processed look and feel to them. The homemade ones are far more wholesome and delicious! My husband came home late on the night that I made them; he discovered them in the kitchen and ate a small pile. He then woke me up to tell me that they were the perfect cracker. He said, “a civilization could be built on a cracker like that.” Not sure what he meant, but sounds like high praise. 🙂

    Also, my friend made them with millet instead of quinoa, and those were great too. Thanks!

  • These turned out to be amazing! I don’t have a food processor either so I used a blender. I think it worked 🙂 Although I didn’t succeed in giving the whole batch to the blender at once. And the baking time was a little longer for me, but it worth it! Yummy, crispy and totally addictive.

  • I’m not familiar with Mary’s Crackers, but perhaps that’s because I’m in New Zealand. But I am intrigued and I have been wanted to try making these for ages and finally got around it last night. While they eventually turned out delicious, I had a real problem cooking them. I cooked them for over an hour at 175°C before I decided to crank the heat up to 220°C for another 10-15mins . They finally crisped up but was rather frustrating at 11.30pm. I will however been making these again, cooking at a higher temp. My favourite combination sumac and pumpkin seed.

  • I made these twice now and I absolutely love them! The perfect snack (although I have to admit I’ve been eating mealsized portions of the parmesan-pepper variant).

  • Oh dear, cracker disaster! It’s the first time My New Roots and me have not been in perfect synchronicity, and it was quite a fall out :0)
    Mine stuck terribly to the baking parchment; so badly we spent the next few days picking at the sheets of delicious but welded crackers. Have checked the recipe and I made no obvious errors. I made 3 varieties: poppyseed, garlic and rosemary and salt & szechuan pepper – gutted.
    Any suggestions to prevent sticking? I note the comment re: putting dough in the freezer and friends suggest rice paper (to eat), teflon sheets (which I’m not keen on), or dehydrating (which I don’t have). All pointers welcome as I loved the flavours and ingredients and I desperately want to eat these beauties again.
    Thanks x

  • I made these yesterday and they are sooo delicious! I made four different flavors: rosemary and garlic, dill and onion, black olive, and cranberry cinnamon. The black olive is my favorite. I can’t wait to make them again! Thanks so much for the great recipe!

  • Oh Sarah…these are just divine! Thank you so so much for sharing your inspiration and re-igniting my love of whole nutritious food. These are without any doubt the tastiest crackers I have EVER eaten! Thanks again.

  • Oh! I’m so excited! I’m on week 2 of the Action Plan cleanse and just realized I can make these for a snack, yippee! Thank you so much for your amazing and inspiring blog.

  • Oh my. Mary’s Gone Crackers are my absolute favorite. I pack a few of them instead of a cookie in my lunch for work and they TOTALLY satisfy that “treat” craving at the end of the meal. I’ve always thought it would be fun to see if I could reproduce them in my own kitchen and now you’ve provided instructions. Can’t wait to try them.

  • Hi!!!
    I must say you are my inspiration for starting my blog and I just love these crackers. Thank you so much for inspiring me and others as well. You are very much appreciated and loved in our home. Thanks for taking the time in posting all your work for everyone to see.

  • I love your blog ! Amazing food thank you. I’ve just made my second batch of life changing bread, delicious ! My cracker dough is a bit too wet and just not sticky enough i don’t think, any thoughts, much appreciated…………

  • I am just finishing these up–delicious! You are right, the taste and texture are just like the Mary’s brand, amazing. The only problem I had was not having parchment paper, and using a combo of tin foil on the bottom and wax paper on top for rolling. The crackers are sticking to the foil, but they are delicious, just not as pretty. I will pick up parchment and use that for the leftover dough in the fridge. Thanks for a great recipe!!

  • These were perfect. I put part of the dough in the freezer and found that it worked equally well. I also discovered that these roll out best when the dough is really cold, so I recommend chilling them completely so they don’t stick to the parchment paper so much. They seemed to bake better after chilling as well. I’ll be making these often!

  • Just made these and they are GREAT! So perfect and crunchy and HEALTHY!! Trailing a thicker batch to give to my 7 month old to suck/chew on like a rusk so ill see how that goes.
    Quick question, do you think the dough would be ok after going in the freezer? I had quite a lot so I chucked a couple of balls in the freezer hoping they’ll defrost ok when I want to make up another batch!

    Thanks so much, love your site 🙂


  • I am in shock at how good these are. I cannot believe something this tasty just came out of my oven. And… In my freezer… Raw brownies. All so good. Thanks!

  • Hi! So thrilled to have found you!!! I’m devouring the whole site but this post about Mary’s Gone crackers – and being an international liver – made me smile. I was happy to find that when I moved from Sonoma’s wine country to Vancouver for 2 years, that Whole Foods in West Van carried these crackers too! Me and my kids adore them. They are our ‘chips’ for hummus & guac, salsa and black bean pate.

    Thank you for your inspiration and your awesome recipes. I plan to try one a week for now. (It’s how I get to know my favorite food blogs 🙂

    Blessings and gratitude,

  • do you drain the water from the soaked flax seeds or do you dump that in with the other ingredients? I’m making these this afternoon, so any comments would be great!

  • Hi sarah ! These taste absolutley amazing …. I just made a batch!!! I am however experiencing a little difficulty in getting them off the baking paper … any suggestions ?? Thanks so much they taste amazing!!!

  • I made these this afternoon to introduce my husband to a healthier cracker, and he’s totally hooked (as am I)! Can’t wait to experiment with some flavors and different ways to roll them out . . . so happy to have found this site!

  • Just made these today with rosemary and sea salt. They are SERIOUSLY delicious. My new favorite cracker. Thanks so much Sarah!

  • I finally tried these and they are so delicious! Mine worked out great and were loved by all the family – particularly the vegans in the group! I flavored mine with garlic powder, onion flakes, salt and pepper; can’t wait to try other combos. I will definitely make these again, and soon!

  • Gah! These are delicious! The only problem Sarah, is that they completely STUCK to the baking paper! I couldn’t peel them off so I had to chuck the whole batch 🙁 Any tips?

  • Cool crackers! One thing… I don’t have a food processor, but do you think I could bash up the ingredients in a mortar and pestle, and then just mix them together in a bowl?

  • I think you have answered my recipe dream wish!! I was looking for a perfect cracker recipe for my little guy who, at two and a half, is a great cracker connoisseur. I have tried homemade cheese crackers and they were high on flavor but not crackery enough, and not whole enough…these look amazing. I shall try them this weekend!! Thank you!

  • WOW! i cannot BELIEVE it! mary’s are my absolute favorite crackers and i can’t wait to try your recipe. YAY!! and thanks!

  • I have made them today! I used Italian red rice and white quinoa as the base. They got so crunchy and tasty! Totally addictive!

    My dough was also really really sticky and my food processor struggled about it a lot. I had to process the dough in parts and then mixed ieverything in a bowl which was difficult and sticky. It was really hard to wash my blender!

    I believe it depends on the sort of rice and quinoa as well as on the amount of water you cook them in. I cooked my rice and quinoa in 1:2 proportions and I guess this was too much water. I would tip to use not much water while cooking the grains to get the dough like on the pictures.

  • Hey Sarah, I was just reading my latest edition of Bon Appetit and noticed your article! Bravo! You get around, girl! Want to share your secret? I can’t wait to try the ginger crust strawberry tart. Of course, I’ll love it and put it on my blog as well. 🙂

  • today I made them again 🙂 the first ones were so delicious, even my boyfriend, who is not very much into healthy stuff, really loved them 🙂 today I replaced one of the quinoa cups with a cup of millet – and they came out as tasty!
    @Jessica Silman, my dough was also very sticky, was hard to wash it off the food procesor.

  • Dear Sarah:
    You have my sympathy as well.I am a fruit-vegetable lover from Mexico, living in Denmark. I miss fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, exotic ingredients 🙁 But I have survived!! Gotta learn the hard way and with your blog and you living in Denmark, makes my cooking so much easier!! After 5 years here, I still miss my local market.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hello Sarah!
    Love your blog – beautiful inspired food and gorgeous photography to match. Just made these crackers and they turned out beautifully – so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing :o)

  • Wow, i am in shock too! I never thought to blend cooked grains like brown rice or quinoa into a cracker base. I wonder how sprouted quinoa would turn out? Or now my gears are really turning, how about sprouted chickpea? I love raw crackers but they are normally so nut heavy. Must try this weekend, thank you for he recipe and lovely photos!

  • I know what you mean! I’m a Canadian expat living in Stockholm, and I’d give my left arm for a Whole Foods (or equivalent) here. But when I go back to Vancouver I do miss the rye breads and oh gosh the Swedish butter and cubes of fresh yeast and cardamom rolls and …

    These crackers look great! I’m excited to try making them at home.

  • Such a cute recipe!
    I think I’m going to save this recipe until next time I’m hosting a cheese party (which will be in september, on my birthday, the only time of year I eat cheese because of intolerance)

    And I think we’re worst of in Norway when it comes to healthy shops and such. A few organic shops in the city centres that’s way overpriced. Would move to the US just because it seems easy to live healthy.

  • Moving to the Netherlands I was so happy that I could finally have all the products I always wanted when living in Italy. After moving I maybe ate three of the twenty things I always dreamed about.. who knows shy.. now that they are so easy to buy they are not so appealing anymore. But now, oh now I long for Italian products more than I have ever done for the Dutch ones. Oil, “real” bread, pizza.. probably it is a matter of luxury, but what can we do about it? Of course I am very happy for what I have and where I am, and I wouldn’t ever miss is. I just think the best part is the waiting, like when you bake bread.

    I am pretty wure this recipe will be my first one of yours that I will try. The ese crackers look amazingly good.

    Have a great day.


  • I have been making my own crackers for quite awhile (avoiding processed food and all that), but this is a totally new recipe to me and I can’t wait to give it a try!

    A tip for easy rolling and even thickness (and avoiding strained wrists…ahem), is to use a pasta machine (if you have one) to roll the dough into sheets – works like a charm 🙂

  • I am in the process of making these right now and so excited to try them. I just wondered if everyone’s dough was really really sticky? And if not, what might have caused it?

    Thanks! 😉

  • Crackers make me extremely happy…and healthy, homemade crackers make me jump for joy!!! Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I just posted 3 white bean dip recipes (Vegan, soy free) and I do believe your crackers need to meet my dip! I’ll be making these very soon.

    Be well,

  • Hi Sarah,
    I just made the crackers and they are delicious.
    I don’t have a food processor, so I tried to make the dough using a blender – no chance. As such, I mixed all the ingredients by hand.
    Could it be a problem that the flax seeds were not grounded ? (maybe it’s a dumb question, but it’s my first time using flax seeds)

    Also, I have a question regarding the rice/quinoa quantity: 2 cups of rice/quinoa before or after cooking ?

  • Super excited to try these 🙂 I just recently made your eggplant dish and my whole family LOVED it. We are trying hard to eat more whole foods and this would be a simple solution to buying crackers!

  • Sarah, I can totally relate on not having a grocery store near by! I moved to a small town in North Carolina and sometimes I have a hard time find simple whole foods. I’m always look for recipes like this. Thanks!

  • Hi Sarah-
    Even though the accepted list of superfoods has a lot of good foods, I live in a country where many are not available (or at least not economical), and I often find myself asking if the “list” isn’t more hype than reality. For a while, the Mediterranean diet was being touted as the most healthy diet around, but I can tell you firsthand that a lot of the foods on the superfood list are definitely not part of the Med diet. And foods that are considered super healthy in some parts of the world (and by experts) are not hyped up. So yes, I understand missing certain things, but health-wise, there are usually local alternatives that might even be better suited to their locality, but that don’t get any buzz.

  • Hi Sarah, I do understand so well what you mean! I am from Italy and the access to health food ingredients and superfood is very limited, we don’t have anything like whole foods and the traditional ingredients together with the modern industrial ones are the only you can easily find on the shelves. When I fist visited the States (in Vermont) I was soooo impressed with the bulk section of even the smallest food -coop (OK, hippy food coop :D), let alone whole foods. Now that I live in London i work for whole foods (as the cheese nerd, but that’s other story), and oh isn’t it heaven, I can find whatever I want and all the ingredients you use in your magic recipes, like this one! ps. come and visit sometime –the smallest piece of gruyère vieux would maybe please you? 🙂 Last thing, I only have (good quality) shoyu in my pantry, can I use that, would the flavor be affected too much?

  • Oh, thank you for this! I loooove the mary’s gone crackers but they get expensive. I love little snacky crisps. Yours sound wonderful. Can’t wait to try them.

  • Hi Sarah,

    thanks for the recipe! I was looking for a recipe of something like your crackers. Funny how it works but very often as soon as I manage to think of something you post the recipe of it. It’s a magic:)

    I have a question though… Brown rice… What is it? Is it the same with “red rice”? I checked in the supermarket and realized I didn’t get what kind of rice you wrote about…

  • Unbelievable! I’m such a huge cracker fiend (the perfect vehicle for hummus) but they are either super expensive or have nasty stuff in them. I will be have blast trying different variations of these little guys. Thanks!

  • Not only do these crackers seem truly happy, but it is pretty rad to find a recipe this good and to have everything on hand in my kitchen to make it.

  • Thanks for all the lovely responses so far!

    To answer questions:
    – esther: try any other seed, pumpkin would probably be best. It’s for the flavour more than anything. And you can replace the tamari with coconut aminos 🙂

    – unknown: use all rice instead of the quinoa. I tried this too and it worked very well!

    All love,
    Sarah B

  • Hiya!

    Thanks for yet another delicious looking recipe….I’m pretty much making everything that you post these days!

    Just a quick question: can you recommend a replacement for the quinoa in this recipe? I’m unfortunately allergic to it. Would it do well with all rice instead?

    Thank you so much for your beautiful posts/photos/inspiration.

  • You DO have my sympathy! I have recently returned to the US after 15+ years living in Europe…Love my renewed access to well stocked health food stores, and totally miss some of the local produce that I will only be able to eat if I grow it myself. Luckily I discovered your blog at about the same time I returned to the States, and it is, I heartily proclaim, saving me from mortal culinary ennui! Can’t wait to get cracker baking!

  • Well, those crackers look delicious! I can see how you’d have to adjust to things not being available year round. But, you do live in Denmark, so I don’t feel that badly for you! 😉 I’m Danish (well 1/4 Danish) but have never been.

  • Any suggestions on what to use in place of sesame seeds and tamari as I am allergic to both. I would LOVE to try these with a substitute.

  • I am totally with you when it comes to missing food: I have been living in San Francisco for a couple of years and I miss Whole Foods, Trader Joe´s and Rainbow Grocery dearly! And kale -I want to start gardening just to try if it´s possible to have kale all year round in Switzerland as well! I will definitely try your crackers – thanks for the recipe!

  • Perfect timing! I’ve been looking for recipes for snacks to take on our family vacation. I’m excited to try these!

  • I’ve never seen, much less tried, anything but grain/nut flours for crackers. The idea of just being able to throw in cooked rice and quinoa to achieve a dough excites me. Thank you for sharing what looks to be a wonderful recipe that I’m sure I’ll use again and again!

  • These look so so tasty! I made quinoa crackers for my client last week, but they were no where near as awesome you Happy Crackers. I’m going to make them for myself tonight!!!
    I love the toppings and herbs you use too. Bring on the addiction 🙂

  • Great recipe! I’m making these to bring with us for our trip at the end of this month! Best yet, they can be made in the oven instead of in a dehydrator. Can’t wait to try these!

  • wowww, this is how I also describe what I miss most from home…the food:-) sometimes I see poeple looking weird at me…but hey, I cant change it-its so good to know I am not the only one! fantastic pics+I am so in a hurry to try them at home:-))sunny week from tulipland Holland+me!

  • Yeah baby, yeah! Superduper crackers! NOW I totally get why you miss Whole foods! Wah!

    I adore the pics in this post and the versatile recipe! and I can´t help wondering.. did you make that white “table top” yourself? I can see that in my mind..;)

    You´re the BEST honey!

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