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The My New Roots Cookbook

The My New Roots Cookbook

  It’s here. Well, almost. And I am too excited to wait another day (by the sounds of it, you are too) so I’m making it possible for you to reserve your copy this minute! My New Roots – Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season […]

Simple Gourmet Granola + MNR Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

It has taken me years to convince my family and friends that I actually get more exited about a luxurious bottle of olive oil than a cashmere sweater. Clothes, shoes, jewelry? Um, can I eat those? No. All I really care about at Christmas are […]

FAQs – Your Questions Answered

Well, I gotta say that all you readers out there seem to be very interested in the life of Sarah B – education, lifestyle, diet, workplace…whew! I am struggling to keep up with all the questions, so I thought it was time to start an […]

The My New Roots Cooking Show – How to Cook Quinoa

My New Roots – How to Cook Quinoa from My New Roots on Vimeo. A new day has dawned, people. Have I got a surprise for you. Behold, the My New Roots-style cooking show. No 10-minute blab-a-thons. No bad lighting. No deep-fryers or microwaves. No […]

The My New Roots Library: No Membership Required

I sure love me some books. After many delightful emails from you curious readers asking me about my favorite reads on nutrition, cooking, healthy living and the like, I have finally decided to begin a library catalogue! For now, it’s a relatively small collection of […]

Bonjour! My New Roots en Français

Well, here’s another cat out the bag…My New Roots is now bilingual! How magnifique is that?!My totally amazing-fantabulous translator, Laurine Heinrich and I have been hard at work building up the My New Roots blog in French and today is the big reveal! I am […]

Three Years and Growing

In all the busy-ness that is this life, I almost forgot to acknowledge the third year anniversary of My New Roots. When I first started this blog, I thought it would just be a little hobby on the side of my nutrition practice, something fun […]