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Summer Celebration Fruit Tart

Summer Celebration Fruit Tart

Hello summer people! It’s celebration time! I’m here to deliver the party favours …a seriously tasty treat and a whole lotta food porn. Ready?   This tart is everything you want from a summer recipe: quick to make, foolproof, delicious, and uses all the delights […]

Chia Rhubarb Apricot Muffins

Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! Hey, does anyone remember chia pets, those weird little clay animal figurines that grew fur made out of plants? I wanted one so badly as a kid, but my parents agreed that they didn’t really go with the décor. These days I have a […]

DIY Birkenstock-free Cleaning Products

I once dated this guy that was such a nutty hippie, that he would clean his house using the leftover liquid pressed out of his homemade tofu. This is what comes to mind when I think about “natural cleaning products”. That, and of course the […]

My New Roots Profile: Sigrid Natural Skin Care

Isn’t it always the way that when you finally decide to go somewhere, you meet the most amazing people right before you leave? Well, this time was no exception. A few weeks before I came to Copenhagen, I met Sigrid Geddes. She is a beautiful, […]

Please Shine Down on Me

I am a sun worshiper. Basking in the hot afternoon rays of summer is by far my guiltiest pleasure, and a joy I am not about to relinquish anytime soon. Yes, I am well aware of the dangers of sun damage, and the potential of […]

When it Rains, it Pours

I had a really bad week. Awful, in fact.A friend passed away, I had to leave my beloved job, and to top it all off, I noticed that my cat’s Alzheimer’s is progressing at an alarming rate (yes, cats can get Alzheimer’s too). My emotions […]

The Cleanest, Greenest Laundry

Soap that grows on trees…literally?! It’s true my dear friends, and I am so glad to be the bearer of such earth-saving, laundry-loving, chemical-free news. When I first head about soap nuts, I must admit, I was extremely skeptical. How could these little nuts actually […]

Something Stinks

Fragrances seem harmless enough right? They are, after all, just “smell”. Well, I hate to burst your vanilla-scented (which is actually ‘pyperonal,’ originally created to be a lice killer) bubble, but you know that if I’m writing about it, it’s probably bad. Believe it or […]