The My New Roots Cookbook

My New Roots - Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season


It’s here.
Well, almost. And I am too excited to wait another day (by the sounds of it, you are too) so I’m making it possible for you to reserve your copy this minute! My New Roots – Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season (Clarkson Potter, NY-2015 and Appetite, YVR-2015) will officially be released March 31, 2015, but you can purchase it now (like, right now right now), have a *few* sleeps and it will be on your doorstep. Ka-BAM!

So what is this thing all about? The book includes over 100 plant-based and seasonal recipes, almost all of which are entirely new (I had a to keep a few blog classics in there for good measure, you know?). Most of the recipes are also vegan, many are gluten-free and some are 100% raw. I tried to include a range of dishes from the very easy, to those that are more fun food “projects” that require fermentation and such. There are fancy things to impress your best guests, and tasty basics for weeknight family-style meals. I also created a lot of make-ahead dishes and snacks because, let’s face it: even I don’t have time to cook every single day!

There is an entire section of the book dedicated solely to essential techniques – the kitchen processes I use on a daily basis and that form the foundation of so many recipes here on the blog and in the book. I thought it was important to clearly explain and really emphasize that knowing exactly how to cook beans, make nut butter, grow sprouts etc, can open up your culinary world and make a confident cook out of just about anyone who can boil water.

There is a pantry section, listing the most important things to always have on hand to make healthy staples, and a little info on why I dig them.

All the photographs were taken by me (!!!) which everyone thought would be downright insane / impossible, but I did it anyway. ‘Cause I’m a nutcase. And I didn’t want to have to share all that amazing food with a photographer (sort of kidding?).

Most importantly, the book emphasizes deliciousness. Foods that inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning so you can enjoy a breakfast that tastes incredible and is also good for you. Meals so yummy, your friends and family will be begging for more. And desserts so deceptively indulgent, that will keep you on track towards a more balanced, energized life, always.

I am so darn proud to share this book with the world. My heart on paper, all bound together for you to cook from for many years to come. I could not have done this without you, your support and enthusiasm for My New Roots over all of these years. YOU made this possible! Thank you for encouraging me to tackle this dream of mine, and help it come true. Really, thank you.

Can’t wait to see the unfolding of this project from here on out! I promise to keep you in the loop as it moves forward. And did I mention you can pre-order it NOW?!?

Huge gratitude,
Sarah B.

My New Roots – Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season is available for pre-order at the following online locations:
Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound

in Canada:


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  17. Alicia

    Sarah, your blog has inspired me to eat a much more whole and healthy diet! Your recipes are incredible, and I tell everyone I know about your blog. I cannot wait to get your book (and I may buy one for everyone I know, too!!). Congrats on a great accomplishment!!

  18. Sarah Fox

    Congratulations Sarah! Well deserved. Thank you for inspiring me every day to make healthy food choices! Love love love this blog and cannot wait to get my hands on the recipe book 🙂 All the best to you.

  19. Saskia

    so so happy for you! congratulations! but how can you let us wait another seven months? will there be maybe one or two recipes that you’ll show us in advance?

  20. Laura Sniderman

    OH SARAH. THE DAY HAS COME!! I am so proud of you….can’t even express it. And… the cover looks great ;). Will be ordering mine immediately. Sending a warm hug and congratulations

  21. Curious Camille

    I’m so excited for you Sarah! When I first found your blog a few years ago, it inspired me to identify with the plant-loving, gardening girl that I truly am. I had never before seen someone combine a love of food with art, as you always do. Your work inspired me to start my own blog! ( Congratulations on your cookbook, and thanks for paving the way 🙂

  22. Sommer

    PHENOMENAL! We are so proud of you and so happy for you! Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment. xoxo much love, Sommer

  23. becca

    so so so unbelievably excited! I have been crying over the lack of plant-based cookbooks that are GORGEOUS and lovely and wonderful and I know that yours will be exactly that. thanks for working so hard!!!

  24. Because Yum

    Yay! I was nearly biting through my tongue to keep from asking you when your cookbook would be coming out, but I come back from an anniversary trip away to find news of it in my inbox. Congratulations! Just this week we’ve been noshing on your Root Vegetable Mulligatawny and Change Your Life Crackers so I know it’ll be worth every cent.

  25. Olga

    Very excited! congrats!

    I was thinking to order some book together with yours: will you suggest some cooking book that will complement your new book?

  26. Avril Eastwood

    Congratulations Sarah, your book looks fabulous. You are an inspiration. Congratulations too on your upcoming motherhood :))) I would like to send a copy to my son is 29 today. Is it possible to have it now now (as you say after a few more sleeps ) in the UK? Thankyou so much for your wonderful blog xx

  27. Kate

    Ahhhhh so so so happy for you Sarah! Congratulations! I cannot wait to get your book. You are such a huge inspiration to me and so many others 🙂 and you should be proud of yourself, this is an amazing achievement (especially with a new bub!). Lots of light, love and gratitude.

  28. Lindsey

    Sarah, I talk about your recipes weekly and share them with family, friends, and co-workers. I reserved my copy of your book today and cannot wait to receive it. You are talented and inspirational in so many ways! Congratulations and thank you so much for the delicious and healthy meals you’ve shared with us all!

  29. Molly

    I’ve just pre-ordered through Amazon – can’t wait until March! I missed out on the pantry ebook and am looking forward to that part of the hardcover. Even if I didn’t want the book, I would order it anyway out of gratitude for everything I’ve gained from this blog. This is my primary resource now that my son is vegan. Thank you!

  30. celine

    Well done Sarah! I bet it will be a wonderful read with some amazing photos.
    Your recipes are very inspiring and lead us to being more creative in the kitchen.

  31. Julia

    Wow so exciting! I just preordered your book and i´m really looking forward to holding it in my hands… it will be a belated birthday present for my birthday on the fifth of march. So nice! And many congrats and respect to you for writing a book while having your first child! Wonderwoman, really!

  32. Elli

    Congratulations Sarah! I can’t wait to physically have it on my coffee table. Your food and photography is so inspiring. What an amazing accomplishment! It’s going to be a top seller around the world. 🙂

  33. Steph

    I’m sooooo so soooo excited for your book. I stumbled upon your blog when I was feeling particularly low, due to post partum health issues (my baby girl is also a November 2014 baby!!) and work stress, and I needed a heathy pick me up…. Your rawlos were my salvation! Everyone I make them for fall in love too. I’ve tried several of your other recipes and am loving eating and creating food. I can’t wait to get your book. I assume with yor Canadian roots I’ll be able to get it in canada too?

    Keep up the great work!

  34. Francine

    Dear Sarah,
    Congratulations and celebrations 🙂 I’m so happy for you! And for myself 🙂 I will pre-order it as fast as I can! I can’t wait to have it in my kitchen. Hope to see you in Amsterdam in October!

  35. Virginie

    Hi Sarah, I am so excited about the book!! How can I have it right nowt if I live in the UK?? Best wishes, Virginie

  36. Whole Nourishment

    I am so stoked for your book to come out, Sarah! I love that you’re including basic techniques to help people feel more confidant and build their foundation and including a range of recipes for every mood and need. Can hardly wait!!!

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