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A Book Tour and a Full Heart


Hi. It’s been a while.

I guess I should have expected that touring with my cookbook would be more than just totally life-affirming and amazing – turns out it’s quite a time-intensive thing, and in between gigs I find it difficult to much other than feed myself and rest! But I am not complaining, just explaining my absence. I could actually fill this entire post with my overflowing gratitude for everything that’s happened in the past few weeks. But I think some pictures would help tell the story – I once heard that each one is worth a thousand words.

I will take a brief moment however to say thank you. Everyone who has been a part of and engaged in this tour in some way has really put it all in perspective for me. It’s so strange how most of what I do is completely solitary, and even when I put a post out into the world, I cannot see who is reading, where, or that they actually cook the recipes. In a way, I like it this way – less pressure and responsibility for little ol’ me, because if I were to actually comprehend the scope of this I may feel slightly overwhelmed. But this project, my cookbook, finally being out in the physical world and me along with it, has shown me that My New Roots is so much bigger than I could have imagined. Meeting so many of you at book signings, lectures, cooking demos, and connecting through conversation across a dinner table, hearing your stories, how this little blog has touched you or changed your life in some way, feels like a miracle to me. And I am so, so humbled. I’ve received boundless inspiration through these connections, and proof that this isn’t just some teeny project anymore, but a veritable force. Much like literal roots this has grown silently under the surface, going deep and lateral and gaining enough life force before breaking through to where it receives the light it needs to thrive. That is what this tour is: a surfacing and a confirmation that we are building a powerful community of healthy people. I feel like every drop of energy I’ve put into My New Roots from the first day has just hit me like a spectacular tsunami of love.

A question I was asked a lot on tour was about the food blogging community, and whether or not I think it is competitive. Without hesitating, I always said “heck no!”, because my experience is quite the opposite. Among my peers I feel nothing but support, camaraderie, and celebration for one another’s achievements. When I asked fellow bloggers to review the cookbook, of course they said yes, because that is how we roll. I am honoured to post their gorgeous photos below, and share their perspectives on my recipes. So if you haven’t received a copy of the book yet, you can try out a number of the dishes from their posts! Thank you to everyone who participated. You are such an inspiring and talented bunch of people, and I am proud to share the blogosphere with you.


Laura at The First Mess took a stab at making my raw vegan version of the Ben & Jerry’s classic and well-loved Chunky Monkey, and definitely one-upped me by adding a swirl of date syrup for a ripple effect. Nice one, Laura. You rock. Get the recipe here.


Sara of Sprouted Kitchen tested and wrote about one of my favourite recipes in the book, Sunflower Sesame Seed Brittle, and one that I made many times on tour for readers to taste! You can read her post here.


Emma from My Darling Lemon Thyme made my scrumptious Roasted Pumpkin on Black Rice with Tangerine Tahini Sauce. This sauce is boss, ya’ll. Pour it on everything! Check out the post and recipe here.


Angela over at Oh She Glows made my scrumptious Banoffee Pie! A combination of banana, toffee, and coconut cream. Get the recipe here.



Anya from Golubka wrote a great post about the Ghee-Poached Radishes on Dandelion with Smoked Sea Salt. This is a super simple and favourite recipe from the book. Get it here!


Lane of Green Spirit Adventures made my Oyster Mushroom Bisque. Check out the recipe here.

If you’re making recipes from the book and want to tag them, here’s what I’m using: #MNRcookbook

And now for just a few highlights from the events in North America. Thank you again to everyone who helped put these together, and to all of you who came out to give me a high-five. It meant so much to me.


The first event was dinner at the gorgeous The Old Third winery in Prince Edward County. We held the celebration in a century-old barn and I cooked with one of my long-time idols and inspirations, chef Jamie Kennedy. Check out this link for their site’s blog post and event video.




A stunning dinner at Burdock & Co. in Vancouver. The meal was all spring recipes from the cookbook.


My interview and audio-only cooking demo – an interesting experience! – with the incomparable Sheryl MacKay of CBC radio. Hear the program here, and skip to 35:45 to catch my segment. Enjoy!


Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks hosted a My New Roots dinner right in the bookstore! A night to remember for sure.


I did three televised cooking demos in Canada. Thanks to Global and CTV for their support!


Book signing at the always inspiring Moon Juice in Los Angeles. I was high on green nut milk and all the love!


Getting a tad silly with Jo and my Piña Colada Passionfruit Popsicles at I’ll post the video once it’s live. It’s a real hoot!


Food52 invited me for lunch! I cooked my Ghee-Poached Radishes on Dandelion Greens with Smoked Sea Salt for lunch. 


The Q&A and book signing at NeueHouse in NYC. Thanks to my gorgeous friend Pippa of Sous Style for the incredible night!


Lastly, an interview at my all-time favourite station Heritage Radio Network in Bushwick, Brooklyn. And quite possibly the coolest recording studio of all time. I’ll post the podcast once it’s online!


So, I’m back in my kitchen now. A new blog post (a very rad one) is on the way and I know you’re going to love it. Stay tuned dear friends.

xo, Sarah B

62 thoughts on “A Book Tour and a Full Heart”

  • Hi Sahra,
    I have a question when will the book in the German language appear? I want to buy me nähmlich in the German language.
    Greeting Julia

  • Picked up your book at my local bookstore #Avenue Bookstore,Albert Park ,Victoria,AUSTRALIA yesterday after Heidi Swanson recommended it a few months ago..
    It is wonderful,beautiful design,photographs and recipes and inspirational information for a #Wholefoods lifestyle. Thank you.

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  • Your blogs are a brilliant work of art. I always come here whenever I want to get ideas on new recipes. You always put it in a very simple way. Thank you.

  • Hi, great post! love your website.
    I recently launched my health
    Please check out for more recipes and health advice.
    Thank you!

  • Hi Sarah! I remember a emailing you a few years ago telling you that you needed a cookbook because you are so amazing! I just got your book yesterday and am over the moon excited, you have no idea. You are such a beautiful, inspiring woman!

  • Looks like you had a lot of fun so far on the book tours! And Im even more excited that i will be meeting you soon too in Amsterdam… 🙂 Cant wait to get my hands kn the book! See you soon.

  • You absolutely rock Sarah! All the love and happiness that’s come your way is more than deserved! You’ve worked so hard, been authentic and genuine and people respond so well to that kind of positivity. I love your book, my daughter and I made your rhubarb and carrot muffins yesterday (delicious crumbled over natural yoghurt by the way). Strawberry and coconut milk smoothie is for breakfast tomorrow morning, yum! You’ve been an inspiration to me. May all your creative success continue, I’ll raise a glass to that xx

  • So glad to read and see (!!) that you had such a good time during your book tour! And I can only jump up on that train and tell you that you and your blog have changed my life with food quite substantially. I would even say that before discovering the world of foodblogs I didn´t really cook often, I mean REALLY COOK! So our roots literally are growing under the surface, touching, connecting and encouraging each other to thrive together! Lets go on like that!

  • Congratulation on your first book!^___^ I’ve finally received my copy and he’s beautiful! (i’m in italy and it took a while to get it here) and since he’s arrived (3 days ago) I immediately tried a couple of recipes. I’m currently writing this comment while enjoying my Chunky monkey ice cream and liking every inch of the bowl. My husband already finished his strawberry and camomille frozen yogurt! I’m just sad that cashew are so difficult to find here. Can’t wait to go to the farmer’s market tomorrow and pick new ingredient to try all of your spring recipes 🙂 hope to see you soon here in Italy! ilaria

  • Sarah, I bought your new cookbook and love the lay out of it. Decided it was time to try your change my life bread. Followed the recipe but did not turn out, falling apart. So I checked the recipe on your blog about the bread. In the recipe on your blog site it said to add 11/2 cups of water with the wet mix before adding it to the dry mix. Now the water part is not in your cookbook. Should I be adding the water. Thanks, P

  • Oooohhh how we loved seeing you, eating your delicious food, engaging with your darling family AND getting to take home your truly brilliant book!!!! The event in PEC at The Old Third was just lovely. As are you Sarah B!!! Keep up the GREAT work, and 1 million thank you’s for sharing your gifts with all of us:) xx

  • Sarah, I have read your book cover to cover. I’m so moved by your passion and enthusiasm. It’s truly an inspiration.
    May you savor every moment of your hard earned success.

  • I am so sorry I had to miss the Barbara Jo’s event in Vancouver. I was so excited about your book, I pre-ordered it in January, before I knew you were coming here. I have to say, out of my 250 cookbooks, this is my new favourite. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  • This blog withhealthy recipe looks good and amazing . This is pretty cool perfect for healthy eating. The images also looks very nutritious and delicious it attracts me. I think my family love this also. I want also to share this with my friends. I am excited to try this great and awesome recipe. Thanks for sharing your brilliant recipe. Nice post indeed.

  • Since your book arrived a few weeks back I have been dragging it back and forth between the bedroom (where I obsessively read it in bed like porn, which my husband thinks is hilarious) and the kitchen where I’ve been whipping up one amazing meal after another. I honestly can’t thank you enough for your contribution to our lives. However, it would be awesome to thank you in person, so please head on down to Cape Town, South Africa – we’ll give you a warm welcome and plus you can stock up on all the rooibos you’ll ever need!

  • Wow your cooking skills has taken you long way and you are quite famous also. Seen lot of mouth watering recipes in this website. Hope to have at least one of your recipe one day. Best of luck. Keep cooking!

  • Dear Sarah
    So wonderful to hear that your tour went so well. Do hope you get your bearings and nestle with your little family. It must be lovely to be home again. Rest up well.
    Jules Lanham

  • Yay! This post really made my day! I am so happy both for you and your readers. Together, with your inspiration and knowledge we already have made the world a healthier place! Thanks to you I now teach cooking classes where we focus on healthy vegetarian food and healthy sweets. The BEST job in the world. 🙂 I normally work as an architect and my goal is to eventually work full-time with my food projects instead. So exciting!

  • Congratulations on your cookbook tour! Seeing how far your blog has brought you inspires me to get back to food blogging ASAP!

  • Dear Sara B,
    Gosh, I wish I could have met you while you were on the east coast!!
    Seeing your work and knowing your work ethic and creativity makes me all warm inside. It has definitely inspired me on my own healthy eating and funky baking journey, and I love love it so much. Its just cool to share the world with passionate and wonderful people, whether or not I get to meet you. 🙂

    So congratulations on all your hard work and dedication and sincerity. I love it when people put in so much good intention into something, and are rewarded by it in this life. 🙂

  • Yes, I love the food blogging community. We’re so positive and I hope it stays that way! What a great journey you’ve had–you deserve all your praise!

  • Congratulations!! Wow what an amazing journey. I love your book and am cooking up a storm! Thank you!

  • Hi Sara
    Here is my virtual high five for you!
    You really changed my life and I am so happy to hold your book in my hand. And you did such a great job! I love it!
    Unfortunately, I was in the wrong moon juice store, so I did not meet you there. But got your book a while after at the getty village in malibu. (Did you know, that they sell it there?)

  • Congratulations for all the amazing things you’ve achieved Sarah. Thank you for being a personal inspiration and encouraging countless others to make a small step towards a healthier and happier world. Looking forward to what comes next.x

  • This is my favourite cookbook I’ve ever cooked from. Every recipe is so accessible and appealing (which cannot be said for all vegetarian cookbooks). I have cooked about a dozen recipes, and I can’t wait to make each one!

    Thanks for all your hard work, Sarah B. I think this will be one of the successes you will look back upon in old age and be really proud of. 🙂

  • Dear Sarah, I’m loving your book, as I knew I would. Spring is all done and I’m venturing through early summer. Saving the others for the right time of the year 😉
    Congratulations on everything wonderful that’s happening to you. Much deserved!
    Sofia, from Lisbon, met you at Casa Vinyasa, reading your blog for many years now and cooking from it most days of the week. And eagerly anticipating the next recipe every single time.

  • Hi Sarah! I was out supporting the independent bookstore community during Seattle’s Independent Bookstore Day when your book immediately caught my eye. It was my first purchase of the day and I had no idea about your blog at the time. After taking the My New Roots cookbook home and discovering that your book was inspired by a blog I immediately logged on. What an awesome bonus! I love your book, I love your blog, and I love your story. Thanks for being an inspiration on so many levels.

  • I love that you are so filled with joy about all of this! I ordered your cookbook a few weeks ago and am so glad that I did. I can’t stop reading it, again and again…it is all so beautiful and inspiring, and everything I have made from it has been so delicious and has reaffirmed the rightness of eating fresh, seasonally, and locally. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Congratulations! Claire and I loved seeing you and are so proud and inspired. To put it lightly, we have a crush on you 🙂 Love from New York xo

  • Thank you so much for coming to Vancouver, Sarah! You deserve all your success, I can tell you work so hard and have so much fun with it, which I think is the most important. I am SO excited to start a My New Roots challenge next week, and am going to try a gazillion of your recipes 😀 Thanks for encouraging me to reach my own food blog dreams. You are an inspiration!

  • Sarah, I finally got my copy of your book a few weeks ago. I have been really looking forward to it. I open it for inspiration almost everyday and it never fails to supply some! I have successfully made my carnivorous family full and happy with your wonderful salads and life changing bread and I’m always learning something new. Thanks for all the motivation to keep blogging and congratulations on a beautiful and creative cook book! Loved seeing all these photos too. I hope to one day come to a MNR event in Amsterdam/UK or wherever we cross paths!

  • I’ve been experimenting out the wazoo with my copy. I love it! Congrats again on your success and making such delicious, beautiful food.

  • It was so wonderful to see you again at The Old Third in Prince Edward County at the beginning of your tour. It looks like the whole thing was wonderful and as many have said, the recognition well deserved.
    The love you speak of is a reflection of what you put into each of your recipes and blog posts and especially your book. So really, we are loving you right back!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring and showing people they can be at ease with healthy food – a message so important in this time.

  • What an amazing adventure Sarah! I can only hope that I can create a tribe as passionate and widespread as you. I want to create positive impacts on the world – and you are so right- Blogging and recipe creation is a solitary task and it is so hard to tell who we’re impacting. Sounds like you are on the right path!

  • It’s so great to see all these photos and hear about the tour! I’m glad it was such a wonderful experience for you!! 🙂
    Your blog has definitely changed my life – I would not be nearly as healthy, happy or excited about cooking and nourishing my body if I hadn’t found your blog several years ago when I was struggling with my food allergies. What you’ve done here is a total miracle and I’m so glad you’re feeling all of the love!!
    The cookbook is beyond amazing – I cannot stop paging through and cooking from it – and to be able to hold a piece of your blog and your work in my hands is so, so awesome.
    I cannot wait for the next recipe – and all of the other wonderful things to come!!!

  • Congratulations Sarah! What a wonderful post sharing your book tour with all of us! Thank you sooo much. Seeing the photos (beautiful I might add) really helped to bring it all “alive” for me, and make it feel real. So much hard work went into this, and you deserve to feel really, really proud. I so admire your hard work and dedication to sharing good nutrition, in such an amazingly beautiful and heartfelt way. Keep on “keeping on girl”. Great job!! xo

  • I had the pleasure of meeting you at Moon Juice in Los Angeles. I just happened to be in town on vacation and was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the book signing. You are such a huge inspiration! I have been reading this blog since 2010 and couldn’t wait for the day you had your own cookbook. You deserve all the praise and success! My New Roots changed the way my boyfriend and I eat and I’ve shared your recipes with countless friends. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  • Sarah,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new book. The recipes are unlike anything I have ever explored before in preparing healthy, delicious meals. I have come a long way from vegan for 40 years, macrobiotic, completely raw for three years and NOW, FINALLY the best way of enjoying food and meals as never before. I have loved everything I have tried and cannot wait to read another recipe and explore it with the best energy possible. I feel you with me as I am preparing, and I cannot wait to see when you will be doing a tour in New York again as I live in Connecticut and want to meet you. It is HIGH ON MY BUCKET LIST. I made the LCLOB and it is the BEST EVER. I am making another one today because I never want to be with having it here to enjoy. It is AMAZING! I made the sprouted wild rice salad, the sorrel humus, the best lentil salad ever,(yes, it is) and the roasted cauliflower with lentils and Kaniwa…ALL BEYOND FABULOUS. Also the chili with the chocolate is amazing. What can I say. You have changed my life. My sister lives 1/2 mile away from me and we cook the dishes together…and it is so rewarding to do things together and discuss the journey as we are in the kitchen together…We must have a get together…all of us across the continents who are united with you new book. Thank you for being YOU and sharing with so many of us…. with gratitude and love, Susan

  • Congratulations on a successful tour! How wonderfully exciting! Some much deserved recognition 🙂 looking forward to your next post! X

  • Sarah, thank you so much for posting a follow-up of your tour. I can’t wait for your book when I’m back in the US this summer. In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the bonus recipe pack, especially those flax seed crackers and green milk! Your way of being, let alone your cooking, is a great inspiration to me and I love hearing/seeing you talk about food and teach.

  • Sarah that was an awesome post to read on my 60th birthday, thank you even though you couldn’t have known.

    “I cannot see who is reading, where, or that they actually cook the recipes”

    Lots of us are reading. I’m Rose, now 60, reading in Australia just south of Sydney and yeah I cook the recipes — that’s why I look 50 at 60. 😉 Your book is sitting on my coffee table, I’m in autumn at the moment so that’s what I’m reading.

    I’m so glad the book tour went so well and I look forward to you coming to Australia one day.

  • So amazing to see all the love across the tour! Your carrot cake porridge is now apparently my hubby’s number one breakfast (and the one he would choose over anything else any day!) Can’t wait for the tour to extend across to Europe… 😉 Much love to you Sarah B! x

  • Bedankt voor je goede en lekkere recepten.PROFICIAT!!! Ik zou je willen vragen hoe ik je kookboek dat zal uitkomen in juni in de nederlandse taal kan bestellen?
    Dank Willy

  • Simply beautiful! Thank-you for the update. Can’t wait to try these recipes, they look amazing. Thanks for sharing…

  • What to say about your book? I knew it was going to be full of delicious recipes, but it far exceeded all my expectactions. You’ve created such a beautiful collection, Sarah, and your passion and love is present on every page. I’ve tried several of the recipes from the spring section and they all blew my mind! So looking forward to making EVERYTHING!
    Thank you so much for inspiring me with your work, and congratulations on a much deserved success!

  • Great post! I really enjoyed how you commented on about “bloggers” being quite a knit community and really enjoy being able to network and help one another. I think the “intreweb” is endless… so one should not get too greedy. Everyone has something a little different to offer and some people will connect to that and some won’t. So it is great to have so much variety 🙂

  • You are absolutely deserving of this ‘tsunami of love’ Sarah and thank you for sharing this insight to your book and your trip!

    So much love to you and wow – you rock! x

  • Sarah you’ve been certainly missed here on the blog, but you were out there in the world doing some amazing things …all so well deserved, congratulatioooons!! I’m almost finished trying all the spring section recipes of your book, well i couldn’t pick a favorite..they’re all delish! keep up the great work, love and admiration (also for doing all this wiht a young child!) all the way from italy – hope to see you in my country some day!

  • It’s so good to have you back!
    Your tour looks as though it was amazing though
    Congratulations – well deserved.

  • It’s so nice to see that you had so much fun on your book tour! I’m working my way through your cookbook and I love every single recipe.

  • Gosh, looks like you have been really busy lately! I’m really really happy for your success, you deserve it! Love the pictures. There’s such a positive vibe in it.

    Looking forward to your next recipe. 🙂

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