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Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding


The holidays are over. The rush of New Years has passed. And now we plummet, head first, into the depths of winter.

Well, that was uplifting, Sarah. Okay, perhaps it feels a little doomsday around here with the weather as it is. It rains, it pours, today it snowed, and I have to turn the lights on in the house at 2pm. Sometimes Copenhagen is so dark, I pretend that I am living on some groovy planet in another galaxy far away where there is no sun. For some reason, this makes things more bearable.

But you know what else makes things more bearable? Delicious food! Ahh…works every single time. Last weekend I had my darling friend, Earthsprout Elenore over for a sleepover with our babies (and husbands!), and for breakfast I made this Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding. We were instantly transported to another place, far, far away. Instead of a not-so-groovy, poorly-lit planet we were on a tasty tropical paradise island – at least our tummies were – and I knew that I had to share the experience with you.

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of rice pudding. I find it rather boring, in fact. But I had a light bulb moment recently when cooking up a pot of black rice, thinking about how creamy and sweet it was, that maybe using it instead of white rice would be pretty darn delish. When I considered the other ingredients used to make rice pudding, dairy milk, white sugar, butter, I realized that this was one recipe that could easily become a high-vibe bowl of goodness with some simple substitutions. Okay, it’s true that the combination of coconut milk and black rice have been thought up before (oops) but it was news to me! And such a welcome change from the humble bowls of oats that I’ve been eating for breakfast lately.


My Passion for Passion Fruit
If you can believe it, I ate my first passion fruit about three years ago. I could barely handle how delicious it was! The flavour of it was so explosive, bursting with high-vibe vibrancy – a golden, succulent miracle! And can I share what made me avoid these fruits for so long? I simply had no idea what to do with them. Seriously. I’d see them in the store, shrug, and walk by.  It wasn’t until working at a restaurant here in Copenhagen where we also sold organic fruits and veggies, that one of my co-workers sliced one open for me to try. I was floored.

The thing that tripped me up, and undoubtedly many others, is that when a passion fruit is ripe, it looks like something that got lost in the back of your fridge for a month, that you almost want to remove with tweezers. Okay perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but ideally, that little golf ball should be well wrinkled before you cut it open. The inside of the passion fruit is not much better either: something along the lines of alien offspring. Once past the shriveled visage and goopy interior, you’re in for a real treat. The flavour is kind of like eating perfume, in the best way possible. It is sweet-tart, slightly acidic, and bathes your tongue in beguiling, tropical fragrance.

Passion fruit is quite the little health bomb too. Loaded with vitamins A, B6, and E, calcium, iron and zinc, the fleshy interior also contains crunchy, edible, fiber-rich seeds. Three passion fruits contain only 54 calories and supply your body with 189 milligrams of potassium, and 27 percent the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.


The final result of this pudding is silky, creamy and totally divine. I’ve always thought that black rice has a real perfume, somewhat similar to vanilla, so I tossed in half a pod after scraping the seeds out and it really added something special, while intensifying that unmistakable delicate vanilla bouquet of the rice itself.

In keeping with the tropical theme, I went all out. I biked to the local market and bought every single fruit that squeals of sunshine and sparkles and life. Mango, banana, pomegranate and passion fruit were my selections, and I felt like I was eating mouthfuls of vanilla clouds with juicy glitter on top! No big deal at all.

Yes, this was my breakfast, but I think it would make a delicious dessert after a light meal too. Today I ate it for lunch next to a protein-rich green smoothie – a fantastic combination!

For “research purposes” I made this pudding twice: once with soaked rice and once with raw rice. The texture of the soaked rice was better, and as a bonus, it cooked in about half the time. If you can remember to soak the grains the night before you are going to make the pudding, it will be tastier and faster, plus much easier to digest. To learn why soaking grains is a very good idea, read more here.

I hope this dish brings a little sunshine to all of your lives as we plod along into winter. You know, it’s not so bad when you have happy, healthy food to get you through. Let’s all keep our spirits high, fill our bellies with tropical tinsel and march onward!

With passion, fruit, and passion fruit,
Sarah B.

*   *   *   *   *   *

While we are on the subject of breakfast and Elenore of Earthsprout, I would love to share with you her amazing new app that she just launched: 30 Raw Breakfasts. This 30-recipe app is your ticket to inspired, healthy, whole-food morning magic (but gosh, I have to say that almost every one of these treats could double as dessert!). She’s giving away one app to you, the fabulous My New Roots reader. All you have to do is post your favourite breakfast in the comments section of Elenore’s post (on her blog, not mine!), and she will choose a winner at random. Good luck, and make sure you invite me over for breakfast!



167 thoughts on “Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding”

  • I simply loved it!! It will be on repeat on the breakfast menu @ my house, for sure. At least for a while! 😉

  • HI Sarah, Can you please confirm the volume of your coconut milk can as we have different sizes here in Ireland. Stay well, thank you , Elaine x

  • I’ve made this several times now, for myself and for guests, and it is delicious! I love passionfruit and your description of it. 🙂

  • This is a sweet and very tasty pudding. I began eating it before it was cooked down and it was still great. I needed to figure out how to make it so I could appreciate it. I began eating it before it was cooked down and it was still great.

  • Hi, can u substitute vanilla bean for vanilla extract? If so, how much do you recommend?
    Receipe looks amazing & making for breakfast in the morning!

    • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract substitutes for one vanilla bean. That means that for the 1/2 vanilla bean in the recipe you can use 1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract. Hope this helps!

  • Hi, can u substitute vanilla bean for vanilla extract? If so, how much?
    Receipe looks amazing & making for breakfast in the morning!

  • Wow, I just made this for breakfast with kiwi, mango and orange blossom water instead of vanilla and it was soooo good!!! Thank you for the delicious recipe 🙂

  • Now when I’m writing to you I’m still eating this wonderful exotic recipe. I had for months black rice buyed but don;t know really what to do with, it was just interesant and I was sure that it is healthy. You are great and I am soooo glad that I find you, because you have delicios and fines recipes, but healthy, easy , vegan and raw, that is important for me. And so I find more passion and ambition to do every day something healthy. I think I love cooking and I know now thanks to you. Thanks! Big hug 🙂

  • Dear Sarah,
    I just made this recipe this morning for breakfast and you’re absolutely right: It feels like beeing on a tropical island!! I am a huge fan of passion fruit and mango, I have fallen in love with sticky rice and fresh mango topped with coconut milk, which I dicovered years ago on a vacation in asia. And whenever I am travelling to asia, I am eating passion fruit as often as I can. I am always surprised about the intensive flavour. You only need such a small amount to make a plain yoghurt so delicious. Thanks for this great recipe Sarah. Will make it again for sure.

  • Please share the brand of black rice used. Mine turned more of a red color when cooked. Yours is very black, according to the beautiful photos.
    Thank you.

  • Passion fruit is amazing stuff, isn’t it? And it comes from what I would say are the most out-of-this-world-gorgeous-alien flowers in the plant kingdom. The fruit is such an intense flavor, too. Try adding the juice to lemonade in the summer and I swear you’ll never go back.

    Loved how this recipe turned out. Inspiring, too: I ate it, looked outside at the snowy Chicago skyline, and started looking up Hawaiian vacation spots. Cheers 🙂

  • This is something very interesting. The picture alone is tempting.. I love black rice so this is something I would definitely try in my kitchen..Thanks for sharing..

  • I have followed you for several years now. Kind of feel connected. It would be nice sometime to hear about your son – what is his name? It would just be nice to hear.

  • Beautiful writing as always Sarah and the perfect description of a passionfruit. My husband planted a passionfruit vine last summer and we are enjoying them now. So delicious. Black sticky rice with mango is my favourite, but a little passionfruit would make it all the more better x

  • I am looking forward to making this. I love black rice. I even go into the pantry to open my black rice jar and smell it. I love passion fruit too. I send them to school with my kids and planted a passion fruit vine, but the possums ate it! 🙁 thanks again

  • Hi Sarah,
    I want to make this recipe, I have a question: what size coconut milk can do you use? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Holy guacamole, Sarah B!! I couldn’t stop reading this post. Your description of passion fruit is insane! I have to admit that I have never tried it, but going to find some soon. Looking forward to creating this in my kitchen.

  • Rice pudding is my ultimate comfort food. Any time I can get my hands on a bowl (even at a diner), I get it. Never thought to do one for breakfast but it’s such a marvelous idea and I love how this one is loaded with such beautiful fruit!

  • I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a ripe passionfruit! This coconut black rice feels like the perfect breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert. And…screams summer in the middle of winter:)

  • Good morning Sarah,
    This recipe was delicious! I made it this morning for breaky and throughly enjoyed it. I cooked it with rice milk as i’d run out of coconut cream. Grated fresh peaches from my girlfriends garden, toasted coconut and goats milk yoghurt…and a sprinkle of coconut sugar..

  • Made this today with pomegranate,mango, toasted almonds and coconut—so, so good! Thanks for my new favorite breakfast, Sarah B 🙂

  • I tried it today- it’s absolutely true what you said abouts the rice’s perfume! Tropicalicious!
    Such a nutrious breakfast! Love it!
    Indulgence and Health in one meal: PERFECT 🙂

  • Anyone has tried this in a rice cooker?
    I do it all the time for steel cut oatmeal but I wonder if putting rice and coconut and water would work too.

  • O to the M to the G…….soaked rice last night and assembled this morning. It is FABULOUS!!! Didn’t have passion fruit, but did have raspberries and blueberries! Thank you!!!! ❤️

  • Wowza! Had this for breakfast this morning and it was AMAZING, Sarah! I have been smitten with almost every recipe of yours that I have tried (and I have tried a lot), so it says a lot when I say this trumps them all. 🙂 I just love the tropical feel of it in the middle of winter, yet it’s so appropriately “seasonal” as all of these tropical fruits are readily available to us now. I added roasted, chopped macadamia nuts instead of coconut flakes. And for those concerned about the lack of protein, nuts paired with a whole grain like this black rice make a complete protein and the fat from coconut milk gives additional staying power.

  • First, your photos are captivating! Full of color and flavor and aromas!
    Secondly, I am glad that the world is full of such: brilliant, inspiring people, and that there is someone who is getting out of bed just before falling asleep because: “Oh I do not need to soak rice pudding for the family” 🙂
    Third: Thank you.
    Fourth: Remember that you have a place to cook in Poland, so if you ever wanted to visit Warsaw, try the stew or millet dumplings with poppy;)


  • I went to Bali a few years ago and fell in LOVE with black rice pudding! Oh my….so decadent! Thanks for sharing!

  • I made this for my family this morning…divine!! Found the picture of it on Pinterest which led me to your website…LOVE your website as well! Am now scouring your recipes for other yummy, wholesome platefuls of ecstasy. By the way…I love your way with words as well, both written and in your very-well-put-together video presentations. Bravo!

  • Pudding looks amazing. Our winter morning standard is a smoothie: almond milk, sweet potato, cinnamon, carrot, & sweet dates.

  • Beautiful! I could use a pick-me-up here in the states, it is snowy and cold and dark (well, not as dark as Copenhagen). This looks like the perfect thing for a gloomy winter day. Thank you for your inspiring food as always!

  • I’ve always loved rice pudding but have never thought to use black rice; will definitely have to give it a go now, I’m sure it makes a lovely change 🙂 As always, your photos are absolutely beautiful and have me just about drooling over my computer! Hopefully the weather will clear up for you soon 🙂 – Niki x

  • Making this as I type. I’m rarely the soak overnight type, since I’m never all that organized, but this looked SO worth it. I’ll be topping with blueberries, pomegranate, toasted coconut & hemp seeds. 20 more minutes to go! Thank you for another genius recipe and the gorgeous images that accompany it.

  • It’s funny, this day – also my birthday, I celebrated with some friends and i actually served rice pudding for dessert! With white rice of course, because I didn’t know any better! This is something I’m looking forward to try 🙂

  • Your pudding looks delicious! I love black rice, and here in Maui we eat a lot of passion fruit {lilikoi}. You can eat passion fruit way before it gets all shriveled up and dark, and it is quite tasty. We like to squeeze the pulp and seeds over the top of a green salad before dressing it with champagne or white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil-tastes fantastic!

  • I am new to blogs (telling my age!),but happened on yours about 2 weeks ago and am so delighted with what I’ve found! Your pictures are as beautiful as the food in them. I can’t wait to start trying quite a few of your recipes. I live in the state of Missouri, USA and the weather here has been very dreary, too. I usually eat cooked high protein grains with almond milk,cinnamon,vanilla,blueberries,3-4 walnut halves and a touch of agave. Thank you for sharing your time and inspirations with me. Happy days to you!

  • This sounds like my perfect dessert- and I know I would love to have it for breakfast! This recipe reminds me so much of mango sticky rice, which is one of my favourite desserts! (Even though I could honestly eat it for every meal.) Also wondering the same thing as Alfiya above: what kind of coconut milk do you use? I’ve heard some icky things about canned coconut milk, but since I love it so much, I haven’t stopped using it!

  • This looks amazing. Love the ingredients and pics too!
    I just have to tell you that you’ve got to try another way of cutting the pomegranate and to extract the seeds…I just tried this method the other day and it works wonders. I watched this cute tutorial on YouTube:
    I love YouTube for little vids like this…and I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  • Sarah,
    All your posts and recipes are wonderful and inspiring!!! But I have a question: what kind of coconut milk you use? Is it canned (which I use all the time) or from those boxes in fridge section of supermarket?
    Thanks a lot!

  • The traditional Indonesian version is cooked with a pandan leaf which gives it a slightly different, delicious flavour! They might be hard to find in your neck of the woods though..?

  • Your post made me laugh a bit too loud in the public library. Thank you for such a marvellous bowl of sunshine! I adore passion fruit. For those of you who can’t find the real thing, the company Ceres makes a pretty good juice out of passion fruit (they’re found across Canada but I’m not sure where else).

  • I’m all about bringing light through food on a cold winter day. We’re supposed to get a foot of snow where I am today. Womp. I’m going to need some coconut milk.

    I’ve been on a black rice kick lately, and love it paired with coconut. Your bowl looks beautiful Sarah!

  • Our simple breakfast. My daughter & I both love to eat healthy but sometimes we love to eat very different healthy things. This tends to happen in our morning breakfast. She being 3 loves something warm and easy to poke, so very often she asks for banana pancakes (1 smashed banana, 2 eggs, and a bunch of cinnamon and nutmeg all mixed up). I usually add a side of fruit, watermelon or cherries have been on her favorite list lately. Mine is a simple hard boiled egg (cage free are the best tasting to me), I love eating them sliced in an egg slicer and usually loose a piece or two to my little one in the mix of it all. In the winter I love a half of a grapefruit with a touch of salt (cutting out the sections so I can scoop them and the juice out as I go). We also both have a green smoothie made with kale, apple, pear, avocado, pineapple, mango, and coconut water. Time consuming at moments but still simple and always enjoyed. Thank you so much for your wonderful black rice recipe. I have been wanting to play with that kind a bit more and my first attempt didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. Thank you also for all of your wonderful recipes, passion, love for life, food, and health, all truly an inspiration.

  • Huuum looks yummy! I don’t have brown rice but I recently bought tapioca pearls that I want to eat with coconut milk, I might try you recipe with the tapioca instead of the rice!

    I would have a hard time telling you what is my favourite breakfast… I love breakfast and I love variety. I love pancakes or french toast, but I guess waffles are awesome as well. I also like having eggs for breakfast, but some mornings I’ll be satisfied with buttered toasts and jam, or with a good croissant. Granola or muesli work well too, this morning I had homemade chocolate, quinoa and nuts granola with greek yoghurt and banana and it was delicious! Sometimes I like smoothies, or vegan milk shakes. Muffins (especially with berries or fruits, topped with crunchy bites) or banana bread, or carrot cake, are a good choice too. Really, I can’t choose! The only thing that is always on the menu is a cup of tea!

  • I really love how simple, yet still healthful, these past recipes have been. I love this blog but I usually can’t make anything from it because I can’t afford a long list of ingredients. This recipe is something I can definitely make! I’m so excited to try to get healthier!

  • I love reframed rice and living in North Queensland, Australia, it’s so warm here that this is just begging to be made!! I’ll be trying black rice for the first time too, but from your description I now I’ll love it!
    My favourite breakfast (at the moment) is creamy vanilla yoghurt with fresh CADA on top. Or a slice of your ‘Life Changing Loaf of Bread’ smothered in cottage cheese and topped with fresh raspberries! Yum!

  • Haha, alien offspring… I love reading your blog, such a great way a writing. Here in Belgium it can be quit dark and foggy too during winter, oh and the everlasting drizzeling rain… I bet this pudding will cheer me up 🙂

  • Oh my, why I’ve never bought passion fruit??? Good to know that it should look wrinkled before consuming.
    My fav breakfast is porrigde of spelt, rye, oat flakes with banana, cinnamon, frozen berries. Usually followed up with cacao-maca drink 😉
    Living in rainy Amsterdam I can just say: “hold on”!!!

  • I know its old fashioned but I love a soft boiled egg on rye bread with avocado slices. Heavenly! Thanks for this recipe Sarah, I will make this rice pudding this evening, because I have everything for it in my cupboard.

  • I love to have some kind of porridge, could be buckwheat, topped with what fruits I have on hand. Served with a cold smoothie and a mug of hot tea – and loads of time to enjoy it.
    Actually I have found out that my favorite breakfast is not so much about WHAT I eat as HOW I eat, time and attention is what really makes a difference!

  • I just discover your blog recently and thank you for all this beautiful and healthy recipes. I watch you Ted video, you are such inspiring !

    My favorite breakfast is muesli with a fresh homemade orange juice !


  • I have never tried it with black rice before; the combination of vibrant fruit, creamy coconut and the darkness of the rice is simply a rice pudding i could get used to. It is like a painting on a plate (or bowl!)
    Your photography only enhances the natural beauty!

  • Yum! I will definitely have to try this. Lately, my favorite breakfast has been red quinoa heated up with almond milk with some coconut and dried apple added. I like to add different fruits as well. Before I was eating this with honey but am on a cleanse so I replaced the honey with dried coconut. I feel like the possibilities of this breakfast are endless! I look forward to exploring more 🙂

  • I love passion fruit!!! It really brings summer into something quite ordinary. For Christmas I make a wonderful trifle with passion fruit and mango, and it is becoming a tradition in my home 🙂

  • Wow, talk about the power of a picture – this meal looks INCREDIBLE! I’m not able to do grain right now, but when I incorporate it back into my diet, I am definitely going to try this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Sarah, pure genius! What a beautiful bowl to wake up to! This one will have me jumping out of bed even in the pitch black 🙂 Thank you, as always, for doing what you do! x

  • Stunning! Did you use sticky black rice or medium grain (aka forbidden rice) for this?
    If I had to pick a favourite brekkie, it would have to be buckwheat waffles w loads of strawberries, a dollop of fresh ricotta and a good amount of pure maple syrup. Yum!

  • vanilla cinnamon oats with organic blueberries, pepitas, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and bee pollen! mmmmmm 🙂

  • Love breakfast when it hints to the unhealthy breakfast that I had when I grew up in Cuba. That was cafe con mucha leche and bread with butter(yes as a child!). Of course I don’t do that anymore but I love a nice cup of organic Darjeeling with a drop of almond milk and a hit of honey, accompanied by a slice of sourdough bread spread with a bit of coconut oil. I know it may seems silly, but it’s a primordial thing……..

  • Wow!!! Bloody bagus (bags means awesome her in Bali)
    Make me feel like you’re connected to bali! Here the rice desserts/breakfasts are really popular!:)
    I love a freshly made coconut yoghurt with vanilla bean, together with some mango, soaked walnuts, gojis and raw cacao beans! Yum!!!

    And I know what you means about copenhagen feeling really cold and dark, I lived there before too and food definitely can save one of those days!
    Much much love from Bali thanks for your amazing recipes!


  • That dish sounds wonderful….I have a horrific sweet tooth. Or five. Or seven.
    I think my favorite dish is….melted, slightly salted, honeyed and curried coconut oil. Poured over freshly roasted hazelnuts.
    It solidifies like a fudge. I sprinkle coconut on top before it hardens up.
    Yum. All over the place.
    Yours always,
    In nursing our babes through the night,

  • Thank you for the recipe. My favorite breakfast has been this green smoothie made with homemade almond milk, banana, kale, lettuce, almond butter, spitulina and some berries.

  • Love your recipes Sarah! We have Summer in this part of the world now, passion fruits abound, so my favorite breakfast at the moment is quinoa flakes and oats soaked in almond milk overnight with pomegranate, pawpaw and passion fruit!

  • It looks very delicious. I will definitely give it a try. You will be surprised of the size of passion fruit you can in some Latin american countries like Colombia.
    My favourite breakfast is a simple muesli made with oats, raisins and almonds soaked overnight with almond milk, cinnamon powder, jogi berries, cocoa nips, dry dates and dry ginger, then the next morning all these flavours are combined and give to my muesli a nice and vibrant sweet and spicy taste.

  • This post is a total life saver! Not from bringing-the-sunshine-back-in-life point of view (we get plenty of that year around in Australia, sorry not being mean!!). Deprived of choices, I used to get black rice pudding from a Malaysian take away place close to home while my husband devoured his seafood laksa. That joint has now been replaced by a Chinese take away who don’t rely on people like us for their business. Not one item was vegetarian, literally!
    So you can imagine my excitement at seeing the title of this post. All I need now is a bag of black rice. Here I come Eco farms. Thanks heaps for the inspiration Sarah, you truly are great!
    Big fan.

  • I pass by the black rice every week in the market, but not any longer! I’m going to buy it to make this! thanks 🙂

    I, too, was shocked when I found out that passion fruit are ready to eat when decrepit. So lovely, though!

  • Thanks for the recipe! My latest breakfast is a smoothie, what’s in it varies day to day, with this wonderful Scone Age granola.

  • I already started soaking the rice! Wonderful recipe. My go to breakfast is organic steel cut oats with coconut almond milk and a touch of walnuts. Can’t wait for morning to try my rice pudding

  • That pudding looks simply divine and I can’t wait to try it! My favourite breakfast is eating with my kids:)! We usually go the standard oatmeal with accoutrements( goat / sheep milk for the kids almond for me, goji berries , chia, flax, walnuts, cranberries etcetera. Chase that down with a smoothie and if I’m really lucky a slice of the life changing loaf! And if I’m super tired I make time for a tiny macchiato before we run out the door! Happy cooking!!!

  • Breakfast is my favorite meal; thanks for some new ideas! I like smoothies, eggs, oatmeal–steel cut–you name it, I go for it!!!!

  • Looks delicious. I love anything in prepared with coconut milk. My favourite breakfast is probably my blueberry, mango, spinach (or kale), banana, chia/flax/hemp seed and almond butter smoothie. I never tire of it. It’s my go-to-on-the-run breakfast of champions.

  • I’ll have to try this recipe! I had oat groats this morning topped with maple syrup and walnuts. Groats take longer to cook than oatmeal but are worth the wait.

  • Mmmm! I would never have put these ingredients together. Sounds delicious! More a dessert than a breakfast for me. I need a bit of protein in the morn. So, these days I’m loving quinoa for breakfast with all kinds of goodies in it. Fruit. Seeds or nuts, and spices. Wonderful!! Thanks!

  • Oh dearest Sarah,
    this is like the best recipe you could come up with for me! When I was a kid, my mum used to make rice pudding with raspberries or cinnamon and sugar (big no no these days 😉 for me, especially when I needed comfort food.. Lately I haven’t made it since I don’t drink milk anymore and I always thought about making it with oat milk but then again.. it wouldn’t get as creamy as with milk.. so I think I’m going to give this a try 🙂 and who knows, it might even become a favourite (like so so many of your recipes have!!).
    Lots of love and support from Vienna 🙂

  • That pudding is so beautiful and tropical, it’s got to be the perfect antidote to the cold and seemingly endless winter we’re having here in Ontario, Canada this year. My favourite breakfast? Well, one of them is cooked oatmeal topped with fresh berries, particularly blueberries that I just picked myself! (Okay, I don’t have that version very often.)

  • my favorite breakfast is similar – porridge made with rice-coconut-milk (be sure to give this try, much lighter than coconutmilk, but still full of flavour), topped with fruits and nuts.

  • I already love rice pudding, but this definitely takes it to the next level. I don’t know why I never buy passionfruit. I’ve had it before and I remember the seeds being really weird and getting stuck in my teeth when I chewed them, so maybe that’s why I haven’t eaten one since. Haha! You’ve definitely encouraged me to give them another shot.

  • Great post! Can’t wait to try it. I never knew what to do with passion fruit, until today! Thanks 🙂 Favorite breakfast: Green Smoothie (spinach, apple, or mango), Banana & Slice of The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread (from this site) Bliss!

  • this looks gorgeous! and YUMMY! my little one and i will give it a go this week. it’s plummeting into the sub zero F temperatures here in maine u.s. for several days. a taste of the tropics will be heavenly. thank you sarah!

  • I just have to ask you, is black rice & wild rice the same thing?
    Being from Sweden, I did have some traditional rice pudding when home visiting my family for Christmas. But normally I try to stay away from dairy so using coconut milk makes a lot of sense to me. I must try this out from your blog next 🙂
    Made a version of your lovely butter-nut squash soup the other day and loved it! However I’m a lazy cook so put everything on the one tray, including chickpeas and only halved the squash as it is so much easier to peel it once roasted.
    As for my favourite breakfast… It’s probably my favourite meal of the day. I love smoothies and one firm favourite would be the classic banana, cacao, avocado combo, using a plant milk as the liquid. If I have more time I would have to put Green Kitchen Stories’ Baked Oatmeal as my new favourite. I can hardly restrain myself from not eating the entire dish myself!!! Amazing hardly begins to covers it.
    Thanks for all your endless inspiration & beautiful images. Love it all so much 🙂

    • Black rice is different than wild rice. Black rice is also known as Forbidden rice and the grains are short and fat, unlife wild rice.

  • I love amaranth porridge for breakfast. I soak it overnight and once it’s cooked, I eat it with a little coconut oil, almond milk, walnuts, coconut flakes and maple syrup.

  • This looks great! As a lover of all things in the pudding family, I can’t wait to try it. Currently my go -to favourite breakfast is quinoa flakes, topped with frozen organic blueberries, almond milk, a little bit of maple syrup and some toasted sesame seeds. Thanks as always!

  • I have yet to try passion fruit and cannot wait for this to be the recipe I try it with! Thanks for yet another lovely dish!

  • What you write rings loud and clear. Today I was preserving lemons to brighten up such a grey day.

    I had black rice as part of my dinner and now I know that it will be part of my breakfast as well (pomegranate seeds are already hanging out in my fridge so the timing, once again, of this post is rather grand)!

  • This looks so yummy – I will definitely try making this! My favourite breakfast is a homemade bircher museli soaked in home-made almond milk overnight, then served with blueberries, coconut yoghurt and a drizzle of honey – yum!

    • This has become my favourite as well, Keryn! My kids love it too! I love making my own almond milk. I never would have attempted if not for Sarah B’s beautiful video. Now it’s a staple in my household!

  • My favourite recent breakfast discovery was a chia, diced fig, cashew and coconut milk pudding. Although, I look forward to trying your black rice pudding. Yum!

  • Sarah;
    I Love so much your site and recipes, I share all the time with my friends. Its sounds so interesting to me reading this narrative about the winter and your passion for passion fruit. I live in Brazil and right now its so hot here, this recipe looks delicious for the summer, love all the ingredients, including passion fruit that is so ordinary here. I will do as soon as possible. warm kisses from Brazil, sorry about the english.

  • This post brought back great memories of my mom making rice pudding. In chile we like to eat it cold instead of hot and they make it with everything I cannot eat like the ingredients you mentioned in your post (white rice, sugar, etc). I’m excited to try it with black rice since I’ve only had it with soaked brown rice. Hugs and my dream is to fly to Denmark so I can cook for you, invited to my humble home anytime for breakfast, dinner or lunch.

  • This dish is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of passion fruit as well – it’s just so vibrant and surprising. Will probably try this as a dessert since I normally crave savory things or protein in the morning, like breakfast burritos with eggs, salsa and spinach or smashed avocado (and black pepper and a squirt of lemon juice) toast.

  • This style of rice pudding has always been my favorite. My mom would make it for me when I was sick, only with brown rice and no fruit. This version looks delicious and those tropical fruits are bound to cure the winter blues. Beautiful as always!

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