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Stocking the Pantry: To be Published!


Dear readers,

Whoa! I have such exciting news. Due to the immense response of Stocking the Pantry, the book has just been bought by a major publishing house and will be turned into a hard copy book! I am so sorry to put it online and take it down so quickly, but that is the deal. You’ll be able to hold the real version in your hot little hands just as soon as we can get it out there! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm – you really made this whole thing possible for me.

Thanks for your understanding.

Your friend,
Sarah B.

83 thoughts on “Stocking the Pantry: To be Published!”

  • would love an update on when this might be available. I know you’re probably really busy but I have been waiting for years and just can’t wait any longer! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Absolutely love your recipes, passion and artistic flare. very inspiring. you are the food blogger i just keep coming back to. Especially appreciate you describing the science behind the nutritional benefits of your meals xx

  • Dear Sarah,

    I’ve been waiting on this document for so long. Is there somewhere I can find it, is it still going to publish? I know so many of us would love to download it.

  • Hello
    is it available, now? where can i find it?
    I want it and I need it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Many Greetings from Germany,

  • Dear Sarah,
    you can imagine my shock when I recently discovered my hazelnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds entirely infested by worms. Sadly, all jars had to go in the bin and I realized for good that cheap buy means good-bye and on no level seems to grant for lasting pleasure… The jars, I discovered, did not close up air-tight at all. I didn’t get a chance to read your post, but was hoping you might give a quick recommendation this matter. Do you trust pre-used glasses (mustard, yoghurt etc..)?


    P.S.: I discovered your blog about half a year ago and am a fan indeed!!! Great work, beautiful energy!

  • SO AMAZING SARAH!!!! I was just saying to someone that I wished you had a cookbook! BOOM! Then it happened. Congrats. Can’t wait to see it.
    All the best from Ontario,

  • Congratulations, Sarah on the book and the baby news!! So so great!! Any update on when the book might be available?

  • Wow! Such exciting news between the book and the baby bump!!!
    SO happy for you – your book and baby will be amazing. Thanks for sharing with your loyal fans.

  • Oh it’s the best thing when good things happen to people who truly deserve it! I’m so glad all your hard work is paying off like this and I’m absolutely sure your published work, just like your blog, will be a huge success and globally loved. Enjoy the excitement!

  • Holy cow, this is going to be a good one!! So thrilled for you! And that photo… is I kid you not, one of the best I’ve seen. So beautiful.. I’m sure the whole book will be amazing based only on that! Can’t wait! Get it done!! Out of curiosity, who’s the big publisher?

  • I’m thrilled for you, but I also have the same question as some of the others โ€“ will an e-book also be available?

    I travel and move countries too often, the less I physically own, the better. Which means e-books over real books!

  • Hi Sarah, I have been following your web for a couple of weeks and its been a great discovery!! I have made many recipes and Im learning so much form your health comments. Will I be able to purchase the new book in Australia?
    Thanks for sharing the love, Marina

  • Yikes!, that’s so exiting! Congrats and I can’t wait for the book! Please consider cooking classes in Melbourne, Australia one day!! It’s the foodie capital and I am only one (but perhaps your biggest!) fan and follower here. Thanks for all you do xxx

  • Congrats, Sarah! And yay for us, too! Knew from the moment I started reading your blog a year ago that you’d have a book, you fancy lady, you x

  • So my first thought when typing in your web address just now was “If Sarah comes out with a book, I have to buy it.” Needless to say, I just about fell over when I saw this post. Congrats and best wishes! I know that it’s going to be amazing! I can’t wait to get it!!

  • Its like holding a breath in happyness…lookink forward to see all your sharing
    deeply in my heart thank you for all the light and love in the creation of your food art.

  • So very excited for you! I have so much love for your work and for the brightness you bring to the world, and to the online community. Congratulations xx

  • To the gal whose site I always check when I’m wondering what to cook for dinner!
    I didn’t get to see the e-book while it was up, but I have no doubt in my mind that this will be fabulous. Congratulations! And I cannot wait to have my own copy on a shelf in my kitchen.


  • Hi, i’m here via meet me at mikes, new to your blog, in love with the photos advertising you ebook soon to be real book! Congratulations x

  • Huge congrats from me as well Sarah, but ditto Chantal in Australia coz that’s where I live too! and strangely enuf I’d also been thinking about visiting your blog to see if you had a book of some kind and there was your email waiting for me this morning and I’ve missed something fab by the looks of it. Maybe shipping won’t be too exxie on Fishpond one day. I’ll live in hopes! ๐Ÿ˜€ โ™ฅ

  • Congrats!!! How exciting! I can’t wait for it to come out!! P.S…I just recently made your heavenly raw brownies, and my husband agreed that there is no longer any need for a baked one ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again!

  • I am beyond excited for you and crazy over the moon excited for this book!! So much goes into every post that you do, I can’t imagine how much you have poured into creating an entire book. Thank you for all that you do. Cannot wait to see and devour the information in this book!
    PS. I have a black lentil and mushroom burger left over from dinner to put over a spinach salad for lunch here at work in a little bit. So excited. I think it is safe to say that at least one thing a day that I eat I learned to make from this blog. What did I do before you got me cooking??

  • Just one more voice saying congratulations, but please, please, please, keep the e-book coming. I don’t have room for another book in my apartment, but an e-book would be wonderful.

  • Yeeeeeeaaah!!!i was so hoping for the book to b published! I’ll be first in the line to go out and buy it! you just made my day:-) And congratulations of course!

  • Congrats! Please still consider the e-book idea, sometimes it’s just so difficult to import hard copy books!!! Your south american fans will be glad ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Congratulations! You are so generous to provide us with this wonderful blog, I am sure I speak for many followers when I say that we are happy to support you by purchasing your book. I look forward to holding a copy in my hands…

  • I’m so happy for you! Well deserved! Your blog has been such an inspiration to me, and I continue to learn SO much from you, Sarah… Can’t wait to buy your book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sarah, this is great news! I hope the ebook becomes an option again because I much prefer it. Ecologically friendly, I can take it with me everywhere and don’t need shelf space for it.

  • Such wonderful news. Congratulations!!! Its been a while since I visited your sight for the first time and I always thought “How come this wonderful woman hasn’t got a book deal yet?” I am not surprised at all and am so happy it is finally happening. Can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands. Best wishes and much love.

  • I’m so happy to hear your news! you have really inspired me to cook & eat well. I’ve been wishing for awhile that you would release a book & I’d much prefer a real one then an ebook as I forgot about the ebooks I do have. Very excited can’t wait to purchase for me & special friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would also love to see a collection of your wonderful recipes and beautiful photographs in print too.

  • That is amazing news! I’m sooo happy for you. You are such a huge inspiration to me and keep inspiring me to cook healthy food for me and my 2 kiddos. Lots of love!

  • Hey friends!
    What an unexpected and crazy turn of events, eh?! Thank you so, so much for your incredibly kind comments – they made the sting of having to take the book down a little easier to take ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really didn’t want to disappoint anyone but I have a feeling THIS will be even better now! Much love and gratitude to you all. YOU are why I keep doing what I do, and its comments like yours that make me realize how lucky I am to have such devoted and supportive followers, no matter what happens!

    Always, always
    Sarah B

  • Hi Sarah. Tried to go to this link by clicking on the email I got, where the link appears broken. Just letting you know!

  • Wonderful….I was actually thinking about what to stock toda!! Congradulation…I really want this book…

  • I’m am overwhelmed with excitement, both for your success AND for the reality that I will soon add another book to my collection that will be written by my favorite blogger and food hero! You’re such an inspiration to all, especially me. Much love to you, Sarah.

  • Congrats on publication, that’s great news. I must admit I was really disappointed though as I was all geared up to buy the e-book this morning when I saw your email then it was already gone! Like the comment above, I prefer an e-book because I’m located in Australia and postage is usually expensive. I love your blog so I’m hoping you’ll put the e-book back up please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am so happy for you! But so so bummed! I was anxiously awaiting this for a long time! The wait prolongs ๐Ÿ™ but so so happy for you more so ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good for you! I too hope the ebook is an option. In my experience the deal with the publishing house means we’ll see it in… oh, one or two years… Best to you regardless. I greatly appreciate your blog.

  • hi sarah b! pretty interested in your pantry book, sounds like a rad idea.
    was kinda curious about your comment that olive oil should be stored in the fridge. am
    waiting anxiously to hear about that one. in greece we produce tons of that green goodness
    and no one ever puts it in the fridge. as a matter of fact im pretty sure its nearly a criminal
    offence! once when i was living on my own my grandmother gave me a few litres of olive oil and the following year when she wanted to give me more i told her i still had some of last years supply. she was shocked that i hadnt consumed all of it but also concerned cause according to her its shelf life is just about a year. now that may be the reason greeks never put olive oil in the fridge, because its all used up before it ever has a chance to spoil but ive never heard of anyone even considering the idea and as you can imagine its pretty hot here!

  • Congratulations Sarah, it’s all great, even though I sulked a bit. Like Lisa I am hoping it will also be an ebook.

  • Wow, congratulations – that is awesome! I was just about to order the e-book, cannot wait to hold the hard copy book in my hands! Enjoy this sweet success, that is truly wonderful. Love & Veggies, Franziska

  • Hm, will it still be available as an e-book? I actually prefer an e-book and it is much more environment friendly!

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