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Sweet Potato Vichyssoise at Design Love Fest

I love Vichyssoise (that is the very fancy name for the rather humble potato-leek soup), but I wanted to make a really healthy version, without potatoes and all the dairy.

When Bri over at Design Love Fest asked me to create a comforting autumn dish that included potatoes, I jumped at the chance, but kind of cheated a little bit. Did you know that sweet potatoes are actually not in the potato family, and have a completely different, and far more powerful nutritional profile? When a food is that bright organe, it must be good for you! And oh, how it is.

I think you’re going to love, love, love this Sweet Potato Vichyssoise with Ginger-Kissed Pumpkin Seed. It’s the new fall classic that will never go out of style.

Head on over to Design Love Fest to check out the recipe!

Sweet potato hugs,
Sarah B

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