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My New Roots Cooking Show – How to Make Nut Milk

My New Roots – How to Make Nut Milk from My New Roots on Vimeo.

My dear readers, I am indescribably thrilled to release the second video for the My New Roots Cooking Show! As the response was overwhelming, I decided to show you just how easy it is to make nut milk at home in your blender. I’m serious. This truly is one simple kitchen technique that changed my life forever, and I am so excited to share it with you!

All you need to make nut milk is your favorite nut (or a combination – get creative!), water, a blender, and a strainer. Of course a nut milk bag is the most convenient, but don’t let that stop you – there are all kinds of things you can use instead, which I mention in the video above. You can even flavour the nut milk with vanilla, raw honey, agave, or dates. Delicious!

Now here’s where you come in: First, I would really love your feedback because it gives me a good idea of how to improve the videos, so you can enjoy them more. And I would love to hear how your nut milk turned out! What nut did you use, did you add any flavours, was it easy, tasty?! Leave your comments below.
Second, I kindly ask you to pass the link around to your friends, family, mailman – anyone you think would like a tall, cold drink of nut milk. Spread the word through an email, your Facebook wall, Twitter…go nuts! Oops, sorry. You get the idea.

I hope you get the same kick out of making nut milk that I do. Once you taste the difference between home made and store bought nut milk, I am pretty sure you’ll be convinced to make the switch! You can use nut milk anywhere you use regular milk – in cooking, baking, smoothies, coffee & tea, and of course on your breakfast cereal. Not to mention that the nut milk you make yourself is totally natural, raw, sugar-free, additive-free, and preservative-free, so it’s the best choice for your health. Always.

Thanks for watching! Wahoo!
In love and gratitude, Sarah B

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109 thoughts on “My New Roots Cooking Show – How to Make Nut Milk”

  • Dear Sarah,
    I have read your wonderful and inspiring book and I wonder why are you using salt to soak nuts but using acid to soak grains? I would be glad if you could help. Anyway when I tried my first nut milk, it was heaven! Thank you!!

  • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for this beautiful and instructional video, it’s really inspired me to use up the hazelnuts I’ve been saving for butter but never got around to making as I can only find hazelnut milk with extra rubbish in. Now I genuinely feel like I can make the milk myself! I don’t know why but I thought it would be really time consuming. This looks mega quick. I also watched the quinoa video which was fabulous! You style is lovely. More videos please! I find videos much more helpful than written recipes. Thank you so much for your wonderful work! 🙂

  • Can someone comment a little more about the specific cost difference? I have been making fresh almond milk for years, but tend to go through almond butter faster. I don’t know how much butter 3-4 cups of nuts will make. Almonds are expensive!

  • Made my first milk and it worked out perfectly! But just to get an idea: how much of the proteins and fat is in the milk itself and how much is left in the pulp?

  • Sarah, just tried this, and it is amazing and super simple!
    I’ve been changing my food habits since I moved to Mozambique (6 months ago), and I guess I’m eating more healthy now then in Portugal (being a vegetarian I can’t find so many alternatives here, so I make them!). Your recipes have been a huge help and inspiration!
    Thank you, keep sharing 🙂

  • Lovely video but most of all: WONDERFULL MILK!
    I’m an almond milk confessed lover all the way through, but is sooooooooooo expensive, especially in Portugal! But i’ve been making it since 3 weeks now and it’s a hit here at home – even my husband love this and as almost stoped driking cow milk (it’s a battle for him…).
    Also, i’ve been sharing your video with friends, and they’re all very happy! Thank you so much!
    Oh, I forgot: and the nut pulp hummus with the lefthovers is awesome!!
    Again, THANK YOU!
    A warm hug from Lisbon – Portugal!

  • Could you please make a video describing how to make bean milk? I try to avoid soy, so I tried to make black bean milk, and it turned out rather dark and gritty, and produced a slight gag reflex. Also, do you know how to make bean curd? (tofu, essentially, but with beans other than soy.)

  • That video is wonderful. I made almond milk a couple weeks back and it was delicious. This time I made a pepita and sunflower seed combination milk because that is what i had on hand. it turned out really good! I was a little fearful that it would be green because of the pepitas but it hardly is. Also, the almond milk i made was a little watery to me so I used about a cup and half of sunflowers/pepitas and it made all the difference (though was significantly harder to fit in a blender)

  • I love this, Sarah! The format of the video is beautiful in itself, but the nut milk recipe truly is the star. I made some with brazil nuts recently and was impressed with the results. Thanks for sharing!

  • hello again:-) I need to report here some great news:-)))I did watch the video a while ago, I found it great but did not…dare to try…dont ask me why…dont know:-(

    BUT after our great workshop this Monday in Amsterdam I was ready!!!
    I made yesterday my first nut milk, from hand-collected Dutch hazelnuts! and its great and my partner loves it too (and we are both kind of non-fans of traditional milk), so THANK you so much:-)))you are the best nutrition teacher I ever had!

  • Hi – can you estimate the nutritional values and how many calories would be in 100ml of nut milk? is there any formula for calculating this according to the type of nuts used?

  • Wow! That’s a lot of nuts! I love Pecan nuts when they’re turned into a pie. Anyway, the video of how to make Nut Milk is easy to do. It’s a healthy drink so I would like to try and make one for my nephew.

  • Hello Sarah, Thanks a million for this delicious and child easy way of making nut milk. The videa is an excellent idea (some more !!)
    We tried with hemp seeds and we just loved it…
    Please keep on demystifying the raw food world, we are so grateful !

  • I just stumbled across this video, which led me to stumble across your blog. I love what I’m seeing, I’ll definitely be coming back regularly to check on it. I would love to see some more of these simple cooking videos

    Keep it up!

  • Hi there, I am a new visitor to the blog and my first introduction was this video. I am totally hooked! I have already pinned four or five or your recipes, and I am so pleased you followed up with info on how to use the leftover nut pulp! I saw your video today, went out and got a bag of organic almonds, and they are soaking right now! I was wondering what to do with the pulp.

    I’m completely motivated and inspired by this spirit of health and homesteading, and am passing it on to my two-year-old son, as well as the gift of FLAVOR and NO corn syrup.


    So glad to have come across your great home on the web. I’ll be back!

  • hi there! i just recently found your blog through etsy… and wow, i love the video!!! its so playfully artistic! and yet in the end you have a recipe in your head. really, beautiful!

  • My roommate made this yesterday (with almonds) and we are in loooove! It turned out sweet and delicious. The leftovers made into hummus also turned out great and everyone ate it up! YUM! I am going to try it with walnuts next because i have heaps of them to use, thanks for the recipes!

  • Hello Anon,

    bummer about the not-so-nice milk! Well, try another nut perhaps, and make sure they are fresh. Maybe the hazelnuts were really old? Store your nuts in the fridge to ensure freshness.

    Also, the consistency of the milk is like skim milk, so not totally unlike water. It won’t be like cream!

    Give it another shot, use almonds this time.

    All the best, Sarah B

  • Hello everyone,

    thanks for the video! it inspired me as well! However I’m not really happy with my Hazelnut-milk:

    It tastes like bitter water with a hazelnut perfume. And it has the consistency of water.

    The best thing you could describe it to would be milk mixed with water. Awfully disgusting to my taste.

    My question is, should it be like this? Or did I do something wrong? It tastes like I used waay to much water, but I did it according to your recipe…


  • Hi Sarah, I just made nut milk (almond) for the very first time…it was so simple and SOOOO delicious. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!!

  • love love love your blog and videos. so simple, so yummy to look at and refreshing & approachable way to healthy cooking! keep them coming. i posted your new vid on my blog today and can’t wait to try this recipe + raw nut pulp hummus too! thank you thank you!

  • Hi Chantall,

    No, you can’t make coconut milk this way – you just have to crack one open and blend the water and meat 🙂
    Otherwise, soak some raw dessicated coconut and blend it in a Vitamix or other high speed blender.

    YUM! So happy you are trying out the nut milk!

    love, Sarah B

  • I am soaking my Brazil nuts right now and will make my own nut milk for the very first time tonight, thanks to your inspiration. Can I make coconut milk the same way or do you have another trick (recipe) you would like to share? Thank you

  • Dear Sarah, thanks for the video, I enjoyed watching it, and it was easy to follow. I picked the almond, so I have my beautiful almond milk in my frigo. My Morning Coffee was my first choice to try it with, and I really liked its natural-healthy flavor. (I admit I put an extra spoon honey in my coffee because I missed the sweet taste.) Zsófi

  • Sooo…. just made the Quinoa with LOADS of fresh coriander and basil. SO good I’m on my second bowl (and I had dinner and dessert already)! :DDDDD

    Also, I just soaked some almonds and am very curious how they turn out. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    smiles, f.

  • I’m soooo going to dig out my old Quinoa right this minute after this video! Thank you – it’s clear in instruction and great in spirit!

    smiles, f.

  • Hi Sarah!
    The videos look great! I was wondering what you do with all the left over meal after you make nut milk. I always feel so wasteful. I have tried to dry it out and use it as flour but it doesn’t work so well.
    Any ideas??

  • Lovely video!

    I had to pause at the nutmilkbag to have time to read the alternatives, also the last word was white on white – hard to read.

    how do I get use of the pulp?

    The last shot was mean! To show a nice summer day in Ontario when its raining in Denmark 🙁
    Where is it? Near Honey Habour?

  • so great! i usually hate cooking videos because i listen to music when i cook…you took care of that problem! the lighting was gorgeous and you continue to inspire me to get out there and change the way people eat! i’m setting up my blog on your suggestion and will link to you ASAP!


  • As seems to be the resounding consensus — the video is a smash. As a dietitian I am beaming, and as a lover of nut milk (especially homemade), I am jumping for joy. I’ve made several types over the years, and the leftover nut pulp is usually stirred into muesli or oatmeal, or added to muffin and pancake batters. I’d love to hear how you use yours!



  • Beautiful video. I love’d the image of the milk being squeezed out of the bag — looked just like a cow udder! Too cute.

  • Beautiful video!

    Only thing to add is that perhaps you could mention that they need to be raw nuts…many new nut milk makers buy roasted nuts without realizing.

    Also, unfortunately it’s difficult to see your comment about pantyhose because of the vimeo toolbar.

    I hope these videos continue! They are lovely!!

  • Thanks for sharing this great video and recipe with us. I didn’t know of the existence of nutmilk, but I tried it right away! It’s really tasty!!!

    I have a few questions. Maby you can give some tips what to do with te pulp that remains. It seams so wrong to throw that away!

    And since I don’t have that nutmilk bag and never have seen one up close, I wondered if maybe the lingerie washing bags you can buy in the store is a good alternative? Like this one :

    Keep up the great work with the video’s!!

    Gr Mirjam

  • Love it. It not only gives the information on how-to but the beautiful visuals create the feeling of health and ease which inspires me to WANT to do it. My Aunt makes a “nut cheese” the same way but rather than straining for the milk after she grinds up the soaked almonds (she does it with almonds – I don’t know iif it would work with other nuts), she puts it on fruit salad. It’s delicious and adds protein to the fruit dish (which I need as a diabetic). I think it would still taste good after the milk is squeezed out – if maybe a little less rich. Something for people to try with the leftovers if they use almonds.

  • Great video! I love the music, the colors, the “freshness”, and the nuts swimming into water. 😀
    The only thing that could have been better are some shots that are shaking ; they “loose” a part of their beauty and “readability”.

    I’d love to see more of your videos! 😀

  • what a beautiful tutorial video! though I already made some almondmilk for myself – I am inspired to try different kinds of nuts now. thanks for posting – brazil nut must taste just awesome!

  • I know you are looking for improvement feedback, but you shouldn’t mess with a good thing either. It’s perfect! I agree with Sarah E, the only thing you could include that would be helpful is the text recipe. Congratulations on a stellar job! Nutmilk aside, your video is also cute and uplifting.

  • I love your videos! Thank you. Is there anything that one can do with what remains in the cheese cloth?

    I look forward to your next posts. All the very best.

  • You, are adorable. This is such a great tutorial! I hope more people will be inspired to try their own dairy alternatives. Store bought is packed with unnecessary additives and yucky stuff.

  • I made almond milk for the first time this evening and it turned out amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us… in such a darling, informative way. You’re a real gem!!

  • I love your video! It’s simple, instructive, and adorable. What type of blender do you have? I always want to make nut milk, but I’ve been wary since I don’t have a vitamix.

  • Goodness, I love this vid. and I love your blog. I spend so much money on rice milk and almond milk so I am thrilled to enter into the DYI world of nut milk. But in the spirit of thriftyness, what should one do with the left-over pulverized nuts? Any ideas? Thanks!

  • I absolutely loved your quinoa video, and this one is even better! I have always wanted to make nut milk and was always intimidated, and you make it look SO simple.

    I love the uniqueness of the videos as well. The videos are simple, therefore what you are making seems that much more simple. I also love the music!

  • I love this video, honestly. Many bloggers seem to be very much engrossed with themselves; you seem to be very engrossed with the subject matter of your blog! It’s really very refreshing! And the visuals are beautiful, though simple. It definitely makes me want to make nut milk, especially since you didn’t seem to be using a fancy blender like a Vitamix (which I don’t own!). Many thanks!

  • Great video! I’ve read how to make nut milk before and thought about trying it, but haven’t. Now I can see how easy it really is! A couple questions:

    1. Do you have to pinch off the skins of whatever nut before you soak and blend them? You didn’t mention that, but it looked like the skins were off.

    2. Is hulled hemp seed different than hemp seed?

    Thank you for the video! 🙂


  • I agree with what Amy said. I would love to know what you do with the nut pulp that is leftover. Even better would be if you included some instructions in the video, because I’m sure you don’t just throw it out. Anyway, absolutely love the music and the simplicity of your videos. Please keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing!!!

  • I love it! Thank you. Your videos are so down to earth and welcoming. I am buying almond milk this weekend and making almond milk! I am thrilled at the idea I won’t have to buy it from the store anymore. Please keep making these videos, I feel so inspired to try to be healthier after I’ve watched them. Thank you again! lovely video!

  • I’m not usually into videos, but this one is PERFECT! I loved every second of it. I’ve started making my own almond milk at home, and was planning on posting a how-to on my blog, but I can’t beat your video!

  • I just made my first cashew milk with my Vitamix earlier this week, so I know how easy it can be! However, I find it still needs a bit of sweetener to drink fresh.

    Btw, with the vitamix, I didn’t get any leftover nut pulp when I strained it through a fine mesh strainer. If I used pantyhose or the like, would I have caught something? I assume it was all pulverize by the vitamix and cashews are pretty soft to begin with.. perhaps with almonds it would be different.

    Anyone wondering what to do with their nut milk and nut pulp, this was a great recipe:

    Anyways, a delightful video! 🙂

  • Great! What a sweet video, i love it!!

    I am zooming home later to make this for tomorrow mornings breakfast – there is nothing greater than home made, organic, preservative free and so nourishing food!

    Love you Sarah!!

  • This video is wonderful. There isn’t anything about it that I believe needs improvement. I liked the music, the length, the imagines, and the touch of humor. I’ve never seen nut milk being made so the topic was great.

  • Now your net post shulld be how to use the pulp in various recipes! Nut pulp crackers/cookies/cereal, whatever!!! Thanks :o)

  • Ok, the first time I watched your quinoa video I ran into the kitchen and made quinoa for the first time in my life – since then it became a staple in my pantry! And THIS video is incredibly inspiring, happy and just darn cute, I will definitely make my first nut milk today, too. Thanks so much for sharing!
    PS: would be great to learn a bit more about the nutritional benefit of nut milk comparing to regular (organic) cow milk, just out of curiosity

  • Seriously – can we be best friends?! You are so awesome and clever! Your video is both cute and inspiring and I’m definately gonna try making my own nutmilk t-o-d-a-y!

  • Oh, did I forgot to mention that the video is absolutley awesome? I have always used a sieve when makin my nutmilk, and that’s actually a bit harder to strain the milk – not talking about the loosing-the-hold-to-the-sieve-get-nuts-all-over-the-place-part. Pantyhose. Why didn’t I think of that?! Must dissapoint you on finding improvment to the video though. I think it’s easy to follow, simple, clean with nice music. And really beautiful. Looking forward to the next episode! 🙂

  • Can you do soymilk the same way you do nut milk? With cooked soy beans?

    I wish I could buy nut milk in stores here in Sweden (some days you just don’t wanna spend time in the kitchen), but the only one I could find is sweetened almond milk. Like really sweet, especially for me who isn’t eating a lot of sweet stuff in the first place. Yuk. >.< Gonna try out sesame seeds milk this weekend. Think it will be awesome. 🙂 I’ll get back on that! Oh, hade to post you recipe on the best-ever lentil salad on my blog ( Have eaten it like two times a week for about three-four weeks now. True love!

  • Both videos are wonderful. You’ve got a great, simplistic style already. I think if you want to add any more to do with the benefits of a certain recipe, that could be in text form.

    I was wondering if you would mind sharing what kind of pot you used to make your quinoa? It’s beautiful.

    Thank you and I look forward to watching and reading more from you.

  • WONDERFUL! I really enjoyed all of it, the simplicity, the speed, the happy music and playful smile at the end. Beautiful, educational, and fun to watch.
    One thing, just fyi, I subscribe to your posts thru google reader and the image w/ your video did not appear there like photos and video usually do. Thankfully your writing pulled me right in so I didn’t need a photo to lure me to click thru but thought you may want to know.

  • Absolutely LOVE! You completely demystified the act of making nut milk. Could you really use clean pantyhose…or tights?!

    (Thanks also, Sarah, for responding to my email about nutrition programs…even though I don’t live in Canada 🙂


  • So sweet! Any instruction/ideas on what to do with the nut pulp that’s leftover? Does it have any nutritional benefit left, and is it worth saving for some sort of use in another recipe?

  • Short,sweet, to the point, so easy to grasp, and beautiful! Thank you!

    I would love to see a video on making nut flours!

  • Gorgeous clip. Has given me the confidence to make my own. Thank you so much for a great blog. Your posts are very inspiring, I have learnt so much since I started reading your blog.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Best wishes, Pru

  • Yippee!

    I loved this so much and the words wholesome, gorgeous and light were skimming through my mind as I took it all in.

    Thank you so much for sharing and teaching in your special way – a true gift indeed.

    x Felicity

  • Really great video…love the pouring out of the seeds, and the cap going on the bottle was really neat. The various nuts displayed was wonderful! Also love the last clip of you and your radiant smile! 🙂

  • This video is awesome! I love how the focus is on the pretty nuts and seeds. I recently made rice milk for the first time and didn’t realize that nut milk is just as easy. Thanks for sharing!

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