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White Velvet Soup and a Guest Post at Green Kitchen Stories

The snow just won’t stop. The world is quiet and soft. It’s time for a bowl of soup.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a soup recipe here on My New Roots, and this weather is serving as divine inspiration for a piping hot bowl of creamy comfort food. It combines a few of my favorite things, golden-roasted cauliflower, garlic, onions and velvety lima beans, all blended up to create the most creamy, rich-tasting, delectable soup to cross my lips this new year. And whether your 2011 resolution was to eat more whole foods, lose weight, or cut back on meat, you’ll be checking off all three with my White Velvet Soup that tastes like anything but deprivation – it’s down-right dreamy!

David and Luise, some blogger friends who created the unbelievably beautiful site Green Kitchen Stories, are traveling around the world and asked me if I was interested in posting something on their site. A total honor. How fast can I say yes? To view the whole recipe you can head over to their blog, cruise around and drool at their spectacular photography and innovative recipes. They are the real deal.

This soup is a total breeze to make – most of the work is done for you in the oven! All it takes is a quick blend up and you’re done. So simple. Who says gourmet food can’t be incredibly fast and easy?

Hope you’re all keeping warm!
Best, Sarah B.

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