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Monday Morning Crêpes

That’s right, I said Monday morning crêpes. Not Saturday, not Sunday, MONDAY.
Who could have ever imagined that you could experience such luxury and indulgence on a weekday? Well, this recipe convinced me it’s possible.
I haven’t made pancakes in years, mainly because they are sort of “pointless”. I don’t often eat anything that is void of nutritional value, and unfortunately, pancakes fall into that category. But since discovering this little recipe using spelt flour, and no sugar, I think I will proclaim Monday morning as healthy crêpe day and live a little.

What is Spelt?
Spelt is an ancient grain with a deep, nutty flavour that has experienced an increase in popularity in North America. It is native to Iran and southeastern Europe with a heritage thought to extend back 7,000 years. Spelt was one of the first grains to be used to make bread, and its use is mentioned in the Bible.
Spelt is a distant cousin to wheat, and while it can be used in many of the same ways as wheat-such as bread and pasta, it does not seem to cause sensitivities in most people who are intolerant of wheat (however, it does contain gluten). In addition to spelt flour, spelt is also available in its hulled, whole grain form (often referred to as spelt berries), which can be prepared and enjoyed like rice. So cool!

Nutrition of Spelt
Spelt features a host of different nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamin B2, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of niacin, thiamin, and copper. This particular combination of nutrients provided by spelt may make it a particularly helpful food for persons with migraine headache, atherosclerosis, or diabetes.

Where can I buy Spelt?
You can buy spelt flour at your local health food store, but many grocery stores are carrying it now. Here in Denmark, it seems to be more available than wheat because it is grown in greater quantities.
Choosing a type of spelt flour will depend on what you’re using it for. Whole grain spelt flour is very nutty tasting and quite rough, while white spelt flour is very similar (but not as bad) to its white wheat counterpart that I so fervently condemn. However, there is a little friend in between called “light spelt”, which only has some of the bran removed, making it more ideal for recipes such as this one, that requires a lighter texture.

Monday Morning Crepes
2 organic eggs
1 cup milk (dairy, soy, rice, or almond)
½ cup water
2 tsp. melted butter or olive oil
1 1/3 cup light spelt flour (or whole wheat)
1 tsp. Honey
Pinch of salt

1. Combine all ingredients with a wire whisk, and let sit for five minutes.
2. Pour a small amount of batter into a very lightly buttered (or non-stick) frying pan, over medium heat, tilting the pan to spread the batter as thinly as possible. Flip when golden and fry the other side for one more minute.
3. Serve rolled up with your choice of filling: fresh or frozen berries, maple syrup, apple sauce or apple butter, yogurt, jam, honey, sliced fruits.
Makes 8 large, thin crêpes.

Now, I am cheating a little bit. I actually made the crêpe batter on Sunday (sorry), but the good news is that it keeps for at least 2 days, covered in the fridge. The fat will separate making it look a little suspect, but all it takes is a quick whisk to revive its soft, smooth texture. Oh my.
If you want to make your life really easy, whip up a batch on the weekend and save it for the next couple days. You won’t believe your Monday.

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10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Crêpes”

  • These crepes were amazing! Definitely saving this recipe – the texture was perfect (soft with crispy edges) and the colour of the whole grain spelt was wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you for making my Sunday morning

  • Hi Sarah,

    I’ve made these before with whole spelt and they were amazing! Next time, I’m going to do a combination of buckwheat flour and whole red fife flour. And I love your blog… I’ve been a loyal fan since 2014!

  • Hi Sarah, I love this recipe ! I have grown up eating crepes in france but I had never tried to use honey or spelt flower and it’s delicious ! I do add orange blossom water which my grandma use to do … Soooo tasty I hope you try one day
    Ps. I wanted to thank you because of your blog I have changed my diet and way of thinking I appreciate the small things in life !! Thank you

  • Hi Sarah! I absolutely love this recipe. I made four different kinds including chocolate peanut butter and banana, Greek yogurt and blueberry jam with fresh blackberries, potato, chicken sausage, mushrooms and cheese, and red bell peppers, onions, turkey bacon, and cheese. So delicious! (Here are some pictures of how they turned out I’ve started using spelt flour for more recipes like pizza dough and cookies. Thanks for the recipe and the helpful information about spelt flour!

    • Hi Dana – try it with mashed banana (1 per egg) or a chia egg : 1 Tbsp, chia + 3 Tbsp. water. Give it a shot!
      xo, Sarah B

  • Hi Sarah,

    What would would you do to replace the egg in this recipe? I love crepes, sadly I haven’t had a decent one since going vegan…


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