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Celebrating a Birthday and an Anniversary

This weekend was my birthday and the one-year anniversary of My New Roots. To celebrate both, my wonderful mother took me on an organic farm tour in Prince Edward County (yup, she rocks). We spent both days winding around country roads, stopping wherever our hearts desired. We went to Vicki’s Veggies, an idyllic family-run organic farm near Picton. We went apple picking, visited an artisan goat cheese maker, Fifth Town, (which runs a carbon-neutral production and retail facility!), and ate at a “locavore” restaurant, called Harvest.

It was truly a spectacular way to celebrate my birthday and reflect on everything that has happened at My New Roots. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who have read, commented and participated in the My New Roots blog over the past year. I feel so lucky to have such an encouraging community of people supporting me. I had no idea that this project would grow into such a colossal affair, but my passion for it has only continued to grow through your unwavering support.

I have no doubt that the coming year will bring some incredible adventures, discoveries and sharing them at My New Roots is my greatest aspiration. I hope to continue inspiring and educating you about holistic health and above all, empowering you to become the very best version of yourself. Thank you for everything.

All my love,
Sarah B.

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