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Namaste: नमस्ते

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge is complete! Congratulations to everyone who participated! Even if you only did yoga for a few days in a row, that is a start and you should be very proud of yourself. For me, this was a very eye-opening experience. Not […]

And So it Begins

Here we go ya’ll…30 days of yoga! Are you ready for it? I have really been looking forward to this challenge and I promise to keep you posted on my own record (which may or not be perfect, but I’m hopeful). The following sequence should […]

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge

If I was anything else but tanned this summer, I was lazy. My gym membership ran out, it was “too rainy” to run, and who wants to bust out the squats and lunges during a European vacation? Not me. So in order to get my […]