How to make healthy choices every day


Genius Chickpea Tofu

As someone who eats a predominantly plant-based diet, you can imagine that I’ve enjoyed a long history of consuming soy-based foods. When I became a vegetarian at 16 and vegan thereafter, there wasn’t the variety of plant-based protein foods readily available as there are these […]

Kaniwa Farewell to Summer Salad

And suddenly, it’s autumn. Strange how a season can sometimes just roll in and take over, from one day to the next. Tuesday I was wearing sandals and now, 48 hours later, that seems like a pretty impractical thing to do. Sniff. I thought I […]

Purple Power Salad for a Picnic

Another year, another great success! The second annual My New Roots Potluck Picnic in the Park was So. Much. Fun. But no surprise there. Combining several of my favourite pastimes: cooking, eating, picnic-ing and meeting new friends, this little get-together has become a real highlight […]

Sprouted Wild Rice and Beet Salad

I just love new food discoveries. You’d think after so many years of experimenting, the fresh ideas and light bulb moments would be few and far between, but I have to say, with utter glee, that this is not the case. My latest and greatest […]

The Green Kitchen Maple-tossed Beluga Lentil Salad

It’s pretty exciting seeing the evolution of your favorite bloggers go from nearly-secret to explosive, world-wide superstars. Green Kitchen Stories is one of those blogs, written by my friends David and Luise (and their sweet daughter Elsa!). Together they have created one of the freshest […]

Recipes and Tips for Healthy Travel

If there is one passion I have beyond cooking and eating, it is traveling. In just one week I will be on a plane with my husband, heading for the tropical paradise of Kauai. It has been a dream of mine for many years to […]

Blood Orange Braised Cabbage on Barley

All right, it’s official. I am so over winter. Although I can sense the days getting longer and the sky brightening ever so slightly, I just feel schlumpy. Is that a word? No. But I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down. When the […]

Roasted Kale and Beets with Honey-Horseradish Vinaigrette

Hip hip! I have an oven. And you can bet it’s had a pretty major workout in the past few days. Oh the simple, unadulterated joys of baking granola and roasting veggies – it will never get old. This week I bought a gingantor bunch […]