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Merry Christmas! Holiday Recipe Collection for you


Hello dear friends! Merry Christmas!

I was so inspired by the creativity and care you all put into the recipes you submitted to the Holiday Reader Recipe Challenge, that I decided to put together a fine selection for everyone to enjoy. It’s your gift to me, back to you.
Please click here to download a PDF and get cookin’.

Thank you again for participating – your recipes were high vibe and totally astounding.

I hope you are all having a healthy and happy holiday.
Peace and love,
Sarah B

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Holiday Reader Recipe Challenge Winner: Cranberry Pear Tart



Hallelujah! We have a winner! Congratulations to Megan B. and her incredible Cranberry & Pear Tart!

I have to say, this was not an easy decision my friends. And of all things to win this challenge, a dessert?! Yes, I too am shocked. Entries upon entries poured in with sweet potatoes, butternut squash, Hokkaido pumpkins, and I was seduced by a tart? But I was. And I am. And so shall you too, because this pastry totally gives it.

I think I will start off by saying a few words about this process, which was kind of like a dream come true. I ask for awesome, and everyone steps up to the plate. But I can’t quite believe the culinary prowess so many of you possess, of which you have never had the decency of sharing? C’mon people. I think the majority of you should consider starting your own food blogs because you’ve clearly been holding out on us all. Not fair.


Anyway, so the teasing went on as the recipes poured in, and I became a very hungry girl indeed. After begrudgingly eliminating the dishes that I wasn’t going to prepare (I wanted to eat everything), I set my focus on a select few that I knew had crazy-delish potential. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to give due shout outs to the following: Solstice Squash, Nut-Crackin’ Apple Salad, Stuffed Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Kale Pesto, and Quinoa Cabbage Rolls – you know who you are.

And now I know you are all thinking again: Sarah, seriously. A tart? The answer is still a resounding yes.

This dessert is amazing. Let’s forget for a moment that it is vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free, and just focus on the delectable elements that combine to create perfection.

First of all, fresh cranberries – where have you been all my life? I have only ever seen pictures of you on the bottles of fake neon juice, and urinary tract prevention supplements at the health food store. The closest I’ve come to you is craisins, which are a sad, sweetened excuse for a cranberry indeed. Fresh cranberries are oh so tart and vibrant, bursting with bright juices and tangy goodness. You are my new best friend and can’t wait to play with you more.

Then we need to talk about the crust, which I was totally skeptical of. After removing the dough from the food processor, it was wet. Like, really wet. And I could not begin to understand how it would cook under all that filling. Somehow this crazy mélange turns from healthy goop into flaky gorgeousness that it not full of lard and sugar. I would highly recommend you tucking this crust recipe alone into your back pocket for the next time you need a pie base – it is officially my new go-to.

The filling is a caramel-like mix of brown rice syrup, coconut oil, and chia seeds. The original recipe called for flax, but I find that flax seeds can sometimes give off that classic, Omega-3 ‘fishy’ flavour that I just don’t dig. I made the switch to chia seeds because they really are tasteless. I soaked them in pear juice instead of water for a little extra sweetness, but you could use apple juice or any other unsweetened juice you like.


On to looks – the tart is undeniably gorgeous. I could not stop photographing it. She worked those angles and made serious love to the camera. Although aesthetics were not a must in this challenge, I have to say that the glistening tops of those bright red berries completely begged me to capture them. And how unhealthy does it look? Very. No one dives into the mysterious bowl of brown mush on the Christmas buffet table. No matter how delicious it may be, we all know the prettiest dish gets eaten first. And this is the prettiest and the healthiest. Consider your meatball-lovin’ uncle fooled.

Whew. Enough talking. Here is the recipe.
Blessings to you, Megan!



Overall, I’d say this challenge was a great success. A challenge – yes. I really had a hard time deciding between which unbelievably delicious dish to choose.

As a thank you to everyone who participated, and even those that did not, please check out My New Roots on December 25th for a very special Christmas gift from Sarah B. to all of you! I want to spread some love, but that is all I will say for now. You’ll have to return to see what I’ve hidden for you under the imaginary tree.

Until then everyone, have a spectacular and delicious holiday. And please make Megan’s tart. And visit her blog:

Love and cranberries, Sarah B.

Holiday Reader Recipe Challenge


Hello December! It’s that time again…the holidays.

This year I thought I would shake things up a bit and turn the spotlight on you, dear readers.  
I want to know what your favorite recipes are. What ingredients inspire you? How do you prepare foods to enhance their flavour, texture and nutrition? What are you actually cooking up this winter?
So here’s the challenge: I want you to send me your favorite healthy seasonal or holiday recipe. The winning one will be made (maybe tweaked a little, if necessary), styled, photographed and posted by yours truly. If you’re a food blogger I will absolutely post your link and you may use my images on your site. If you don’t have a blog, you will at least have bragging rights among your friends. 
No, I am not going to make the hundreds of recipes that will surely pile up. I am going to pick around five that intrigue me enough and go from there. How will your recipe make the cut? Well, here’s what I’m looking for: seasonal ingredients, interesting flavour combinations and profiles, mixed textures, and beautiful colours (remember I am photographing this). And it goes without saying that the dish has to be healthy and made with whole foods. Please no margarine, powdered sugar, or food colouring. Thanks.
Bonus points, and the likelihood of me actually making the dish go to those recipes that are sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan (ghee is acceptable). 
To enter, please send your recipe(s) and a snapshot or two (nothing fancy, don’t obsess) to, with the subject line Holiday Reader Recipe Challenge. All submissions are due by December 14th, as the winner will be announced and published here on My New Roots December 20th. 
Best of luck to you all! I can’t wait to see what’s on your table…and what is soon to be on mine. 
With winter love,
Sarah B. 
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