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Ramen Revisited + How to make Dashi

Ramen Revisited + How to make Dashi

My parents made my lunch every day that I was in school from the time I was barely old enough to hold a brown paper bag, right up until my last days of high school. It was always exactly the same format, with slight variations: […]

Sarah B’s Bubble Tea

Sarah B’s Bubble Tea

I get some pretty interesting recipe requests from you, my readers, and although I receive far more than I could ever fulfill, I do like to rise to the occasion. I am especially inclined to answer the call if more than one person asks for […]

Raspberry Ripple Buckwheat Porridge

Does anyone out there latch onto a food and become totally obsessed with it? Do you find it making its way into almost everything you make? Lately, I’ve been riding the buckwheat wagon hard. And although I am not so much into food trends, I […]

Early Summer Abundance Bowl

Keep it simple. Use what you have. Make it work. I’ve been staring at these three ideas for the past few hours. In between breastfeeding my baby, laundry, trying to make food for myself, emails, brushing my teeth and changing a couple diapers, I’ve been […]

Recipes and Tips for Healthy Travel

If there is one passion I have beyond cooking and eating, it is traveling. In just one week I will be on a plane with my husband, heading for the tropical paradise of Kauai. It has been a dream of mine for many years to […]

Waste Not, Want Not – Raw Nut Pulp Hummus

I said I would deliver, and so I have. Allow me to introduce you to a pretty special, however delightfully simple, raw hummus made out of, what else? Leftover pulp from making nut milk. Hoorah! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about the […]

The My New Roots Library: No Membership Required

I sure love me some books. After many delightful emails from you curious readers asking me about my favorite reads on nutrition, cooking, healthy living and the like, I have finally decided to begin a library catalogue! For now, it’s a relatively small collection of […]

Solstice Sweets and a Holiday Menu

WOW! What a solstice that was, eh? A lunar eclipse, a full moon, a total deep-freeze accompanied by a massive snowfall, and all on the same day we welcome winter?! It’s enough to make this tree hugger burst! Tee hee. To celebrate the awesomeness my […]