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Pho-Inspired Noodle Bowl

  As some of you may know, I’ve been traveling a lot. A lot of traveling means a lot of eating out. And a lot of eating out means a deluge of recipe ideas, of which I am always in need. So much inspiration has […]

Meatless Mondays with Martha Stewart – Root Vegetable Mulligatawny

  Raise your hands if you’ve seen enough of the kitchen lately. Anyone? I am just about at that point – yes, even me! The holidays are always a blur of delicious food and lots of dirty dishes, and for those of you following the Whole […]

A New Year, A New You! Sarah B’s Whole Living Detox Plan

Happy New Year everyone! It feels good to be back after a glorious holiday spent with family and friends, and of course lots of food. I really whooped it up over break continuing to experiment with the superb dishes that you submitted to the recipe […]

Everybody Loves the Sunshine Citrus Salad

Hello beautiful!That is what my breakfast said this morning. No, I am not crazy, maybe just a little starved for some fresh-food attention. I really had trouble coming up with a post this week because we are in such a time of change! Is it […]

The Great Juice Feast

I am taking a bit of a break this week…a break from food! I am juice feasting. “Is that like juice fasting?”, you ask. Well, yes, they are essentially the same thing – a liquid diet of fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, except that […]

Green Giant Cilantro Pesto

Needing an infusion of brightness as we head into the darkness of winter? Here’s your fix: Green Giant Cilantro Pesto. I call it giant because the flavour of this luscious sauce is so enormous it will knock your wintery woolen socks off. Promise.And the bonus […]

One Hot Night

Oh my. Last night was quite a wild one.I decided that I should just keep truckin’ along with my detox mission, and pull one more cleansing trick from my sleeve. While I was researching this month, I stumbled across a “ginger detox bath”, and recalled […]

The Ultimate Detox Tea

Whew! I am currently on day six of the one week cleanse. I am feeling good. A little on the slow side today, but that is a natural side effect of the body doing so much janitorial work on the inside. I have been strictly […]