5-Ingredient Magical Fudgesicles

Fudgesicles were a mainstay in the freezer of my childhood, and my go-to sugar fix if the cookie jar was empty. Since we’ve been blessed here in Copenhagen with a warm spring and early start to the summer season, day after day of blue skies and sundresses has jumpstarted my summer food fantasies. I felt like revisiting the frosty, chocolate-y pops that were such a relief in the sweltering heat, but this time, with a healthy plan of attack.

In my cookbook, I made a killer ice cream from avocados and cashews. Knowing how creamy and delicious this combination was, I wanted to recreate a similar base, with dates as the sweetener and raw cacao powder as the chocolate element.

So, I made a couple versions of these fudgesicles, since I wanted to eat more be thorough. The first experiment was with just cashews and avocado. The results were pretty delicious but pretty expensive, and a few of my taste-testers found the ice cream bars a little dry in the mouth. For the second version I scaled way back on the cashews and used coconut milk to enhance juiciness while maintaining creaminess. I also upped the cacao. Because chocolate. It was a perfectly balanced combination, and the version I am presenting you with today. The magical version.

These are so lusciously creamy, sinfully rich-tasting – the kind of thing you put in your mouth and kind of can’t believe what’s happening. Vegan, almost raw, and full of whole food ingredients, they are also downright filling! They make a fabulous mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, especially with the raw cacao component, a deliciously effective, energy-boosting food. Dress them up with your favourite add-ins, or keep it simple and enjoy them as the five-ingredient bliss bars that they are.


Cashew News!
I was snacking on some cashews the other day (as one does) and offered some to a friend of mine, who declined. Her reason? Cashews are “so fattening”. Wait a minute, what? who started this ugly rumour?!

Maybe this is news to you too, but cashews are actually one of the lowest-fat nuts out there. Weighing in at only 67% fat, next to almonds at 76%, hazelnuts at 86%, and macadamia nuts at 93%, cashews rank pretty low on the scale – and let’s keep in mind that 66% of the fat in cashews is the heart-healthy, monounsaturated variety. Rejoice!


And while we are clearing up misconceptions, cashews are not technically nuts, but seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, an edible fruit native to South America. Cashew trees are in the same botanical family as mango and pistachio. The multi-step process to make cashews edible is quite involved, and typically includes steaming the whole seed pod, removing the outer shell, drying, and skinning. The inner shell layer of the cashew nut contains a caustic resin that can cause significant skin rashes, and is toxic if ingested.

The “raw” cashews that you purchase at a grocery store health food shop are not typically raw, just not roasted. Because of the steaming step in conventional cashew processing, cashews cannot be considered a “truly raw” product. “Truly raw” cashews are available on specialty websites and in some health food stores, but at a premium since separating the cashews from their shell without the nut coming into contact with the resin is time consuming and must be done by hand.

Cashews are an excellent source of the mineral copper. Copper helps our body utilize iron, eliminate free radicals, and build bone and connective tissue. It is also an essential component of a wide range of enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) which aids energy production and antioxidant defence. One-third of a cup of cashews delivers over 100% of your recommended daily intake of copper.


A high-speed blender is recommended for this recipe, but if you don’t have one make sure you blend until the mixture is as smooth as possible. You can add water to thin the mixture if it is too thick to blend, but keep in mind the more water you add, the less creamy the bars will be – more crystalline. No matter what, they will taste amazing. Because they’re magic.

The fudgesicle recipe below is unreasonably delicious as-is, but it can act also as a base for you to flavour as you like! You can add toppings after removing the fudgesicles from their mold too. This involves melted raw or regular chocolate and your creative spirit! Dip or drizzle the chocolate over the frozen bar, and sprinkle away. MAGIC WANDS. This would make a very popular activity at a kid’s birthday party. Or my birthday party. Stop looking at me like that.

I’ve included some options for both flavourings and toppings to inspire you, but these are merely suggestions. I know all of you super enthusiastic foodies out there will come up with some stellar combos. Let me know in the comments if you do!


*   *   *   *   *   *

In other very magical news, my latest Cody app video series is now online! This one is all about my favourite subject: SNACKS!!! Super-Charged Snacks to be exact. And every recipe is brand-new, incredibly delicious, and of course über healthy. If you haven’t seen the Protein-Rich Cacao Brownie video on my Facebook page yet, go have a look! You can preview all of the recipes here and purchase the plan too (it’s on sale!).


Thank you so much for your ongoing support of My New Roots!

Big love and gratitude,
Sarah B.


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  11. Jamie

    This recipe scares the crap out of me because my daughter is deathly allergic to cashews. I love that people are all about being healthy but putting nuts where they shouldn’t normally be (like fudgesicles) is a nut allergy mom’s worst nightmare. No offense to you in the least! I’m sure these are tasty. I just would have never thought cashews would be in there.

    • Kristadox

      Why not try using pumpkin seeds? (Make pumpkin seed butter). We have a severe nut allergy in our home but pumpkin seeds are ok.

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  14. Anna

    Please don’t misinform people. The fat in cashews will not make you fat, but the carbs might. Cashews are higher in carbs than other nuts. So if you are watching your weight, this is what you need to watch out for.

  15. Anna Green

    Those pictures! Damn, It looks amazing. My children are going to love it, especially on this weather(even though we love summer treats all year long…). Can’t wait to try it. Loving this blog, everything is just so fantastic!

  16. Celestine

    These are spectacular! Even more satisfying than the original as they taste EXACTLY the same with fantastic ingredients! They have become my new summer classic frozen treat, thank you 🙂

  17. Fiona M

    Found Fudgesicles on Pinterest – OhMyGoodness, they look fab! I will definitely try them.
    The ‘Cashew nuts are so fattening’ idea may stem from the fact that they are higher in Carbs than many nuts, so perhaps not so good for a ‘low carber,’ unless on a liberal regime. I’m of the view that ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ myself, so here goes!

  18. Nana April

    Thank you from the bottom of my bottom, it is bigger than my heart 😉
    Oh I crave a good fudge bar.. but being diabetic and not suppose to have dairy or sugar. I can indulge once in a while with these. Can’t wait to share these with my Mom. The child in us will truly love them (so will the older girl in us)
    Mwha XO Nana

  19. Aleksandra

    It looks AMAZING!
    I don’t have popsicle molds, what can I use instead of them? My kitchen is overload of rarely used gadgets.. 😉

  20. sallydavis

    This ice crème looks attractive and mouth-watering. This truly wakes up the inner child in me. Thank you for the idea and it’s great that you can do this in a regular kitchen too, not just in a expert one. Hope you are going to continue bringing out amazing ideas like this!

  21. Bernhard Schaffner

    This ice creme looks tempting and mouth-watering. This truly awakens the inner child in me. Thank you for the idea, and it’s great that you can do this in a normal kitchen too, not just in a professional one. Hope you are going to continue bringing out awesome ideas like this!
    Best Regards,

  22. Anneke

    DE-LI-CIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love the optional toppings, it makes it really festive 🙂

  23. Mary B.

    So delicious, Sarah B! Thank you! My husband, sadly, doesn’t like avocado, so I replaced it with two bananas and the pops came out smooth and delicious. I also can’t wait until my son (currently 4.5 mos) is old enough to eat them and decorate them 🙂

  24. Jessie Snyder | Faring Well

    Oh my goodness Sarah these are just perfect! I had the same fudgsicle crush as a kid (ahem, now too) and love all you’re stellar toppings! Plus, your Cody App vids are so amazing. I am SO making those protein brownies asap. You are magical. XO

  25. Svenja

    Hi Sarah,
    I had already tried the recipe in your cookbook for ice cream with Avocado and Cashews. Unfortunately that ice cream was not a success ;). No idea how you got it creamy after letting it melt for 10min, for me it was either frozen or a warm cream and incredibly hard to find the right time slot.
    But this recipe is amazing! It worked the first time for me and the second try became just as good! I made another batch yesterday in Chai spices, letting the coconut milk cook with a mixture of tea and spices and adding that into the mixture. This recipe is amazing! easy to make (one of the few times I don’t have to help my mixer but just let it run) and delicious. I also love the idea with popsicles. They taste like icy mousse au chocolat with spices.

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  26. Nova

    Hey Sarah,

    This recipe is the bomb! Thank you.
    Alas, I have to be mindful of when and how I introduce sugars in my diet, but maybe this can be the start of something awesome.

    I remember reading a while ago that you had made an email address (or was it a hashtag?) for whoever had recipe suggestions, or something they’d really love to de-mystify/healthy-fiy here on the blog. I can’t seem to find that post again, but! I so would love your unending insight and take on one particular area of nutrition that is currently confusing – occasionally depressing – me.

    I’ve recently found out that I am insulin-resistant, and find myself questioning the role of carbs and grains in my diet. I am NOT going to go all carb-free on you, don’t worry, but having recently read Grain Brain I’ve been inspired to try out an extended period of time being grain free. I’m ok with carbs coming from my veggies and other plant-based foods out there, but I can’t help notice a lot of ‘grain-free’ recipes popping up on IG and other such hashtags a bit everywhere. So I’m wondering:

    – do you have any grain free recipes that are the bomb?
    – I am a vegetarian and I eat only goat/sheep dairy and eggs for protein. Plus the usual nuts, seeds and beans (though limited to chickpeas and occasionally lentils.) Is that enough variety? I worry that I’m eating too many carbs still, that my beans aren’t a complete protein, etc.
    – i’m swearing off all fruit that isn’t berries (sigh…) – at least until I get better – and continue to avoid nightshades and any other known inflammatory food.

    Perhaps you could write a post about insulin resistance (what amounts of sweets and carbs may be ok, what it is and how to live happily with it, etc.) and/or following a mostly grain free diet to give us all some pointers? (Not to mention, deliciousness?) I’d love to no have to go back to eating fish and such for variety/complete protein, but sometimes I feel pretty depressed that I’m basically only eating the same handful of foods over and over… and worry if I’m doing more harm than good.

    Thank you! You are the best!!

  27. Jamie

    Hi Sarah!
    I love your recipes and have had amazing success with most of them! I make your Superfood Nut Butter Cups often with blended nut butter called ‘Nutzo’. It has 7 different kinds of nuts in it; it comes creamy or chunky and in many flavors. Friends go crazy for them!
    I am making the fudgesicles for the first time and wanted to share the old fashioned (and somewhat expensive metal mold I used) – https://www.amazon.com/Onyx-Stainless-Steel-Popsicle-Mold/dp/B00ZAXMWIA/ref=zg_bs_2469546011_20. This might be an option for people who don’t use plastic, even tho it may be BPA free.
    I am going to also experiment with making a coconut swirl fudgesicle, as when I was scooping it into the molds I caught a little coconut cream scrape and thought it might be worth a try! Thanks you for all you do for food and people!!! Jamie

  28. Naomi

    I love the look of these, but my son who is a very healthy eater has all of a sudden become very allergic to nuts, Is there something that can replace the cashews?

  29. Heramb Chocolate

    They have all natural chocolates contain no artificial fillers, flavors, colors or preservatives. The material in making each date and chocolate product really makes a difference in the flavor.

  30. Fawn

    i loved this recipe. in froze 6 pops and out the leftover fudge pudding in the fridge in a little bowl. i have to say that i like the refrigerated pudding version better than the frozen version. both are fantastic ways to eat cold creamy chocolate though! i love that there isn’t any sugar.

  31. Angelce Kicevski

    I love you so much, you are really awesome. I had a hard life. My blood cholesterol and triglycerides went sky high. Started using a lot of your healthy recipes hoping that everything will become good again.

    Triglycerides were 9.8, cholesterol was 7.5. The doctors were looking at me like I am a dead man.

    After using your recipes and some homemade remedies that i learn from my old people in my family, I managed to lower my triglycerides to 3 and cholesterol to 5 for only 1 month. Doctors were pretty much amazed.

    After the doctor’s reaction I even created my own website trying to help people from all around the world. It’s not good as this but… working hard just for my daughter hoping some day my work will pay out is a must!

    Right now, I feel same like before, I feel that something’s wrong with me. Life’s not going good cuz of the madness i get in my everyday world. My nerves cannot stand all the pressure i got at the moment.

    This is why I am back to check on your recipes.

    Thanks for helping me with your recipes and i hope that his long comment will not bother you at all.

    I will paste this comment to all the websites that helped me using the right food.

    • jody

      good point, Jen. We not only need to be good stewards of our own bodies, but for the larger family of man and environment, as well. Thanks for posting this.

  32. Melissa

    YUM! YUM ! YUM! GREAT recipe! I LOVE Fudgesicles! This is a keeper! I get it at Whole Foods made fresh with the Health starts here 🙂

  33. Dawn

    Fudgesicles made from cashews, coconut milk, and avocado. This is some strange sorcery indeed…but it sure looks tasty!

    Thanks for the incredible-looking recipe!

  34. Annie

    Hello! Are we allowed to share this Recipe on Pinterest? These look absolutely delicious and I think my followers might enjoy this, too!

    Please advise! Take care 🙂

  35. Katrin

    Hi Sarah,

    Very beautiful, simple to make and delicious! Thanks! I’m considering replacing the coconut milk though as I found the coco note a bit strong, any tips? I see a lot of almond and oat milk in the shops, I guess that would work but be less creamy, right? Is there such a thing as hazelnut milk? Bet that would be amazing 😉

  36. Julia

    I made the popsicles. They are GREAT! It’s super-hot here in South Carolina, but these are somehow slow to melt. This recipe is a keeper.

  37. Sabine

    This pregnant lady wants to thank you for creating these delicious, creamy, addictive little babies! I made them because I had everything on hand, but I never expected it to be so so so good. Looking forward to a hot summer 🙂

  38. Lizett

    These look delicious! Oh my!
    Is there anything I can replace the nuts with? Unfortunately my boyfriend is allergic.


  39. Lizett

    They look so delicious! Oh my!
    Is there anything I can replace the nuts with? Unfortunately my boyfriend is allergic.


  40. birgit

    i did it – yes – yesterday i made these fudgesicles and they are exactly as delicious as they look on your seductive fotos
    thank you so much for this vegan recipe
    lg birgit

    • Sarah Britton

      Hello Birgit! That is wonderful news 😀 I love hearing positive feedback – especially when I was positive about how delicious these were! Haha.

      Big love,
      Sarah B

      • birgit

        here we have a wonderful summerweekend
        and i have my own delicious fudgesicles in my freezer
        lucky me 🙂
        hope your weekend ist fine
        lg birgit

  41. flip

    This is fantastic, as I am an avid popsicle/ice cream consumer too! I am looking for the molds that were used in this blog post. (using your own wooden popsicle sticks) Anyone know?

  42. Christina Lee

    these look to-do-for! Thank you for sharing, Sarah! Beautiful work, as always. XO Christina, The Clean Method magazine (www.the-clean-method.com > the best in clean food, fashion + fitness)

  43. Andeto Wanambisi

    You got me on the Fudgesicles….You should see my laptop screen, it’s very clean and am not happy about it since I used my tongue to clean it, I thought maybe, just maybe I will get a taste of the fudgesicles…Be they taste 1000% better than dust 🙁 I love this article

  44. Shelley Noble

    Sarah, you are stunningly gorgeous. You take food photos better than any human being has ever in the history of humankind. You are a superhero of nutrition and culinary creation. But when I make your recipes they have yet to work for me a single one* and these, unfortunately were no exception. Inedibley inedible.

    And I eat in this way, with each ingredient being a staple. Why it hasn’t come together for me I don’t know.

    The unfrozen mixture works as a mousse though. And I’ll keep drooling over the photos.

    *Actually, I think your peanut-filled chocolates did work well a few years ago.

    • Stephanie

      I made these yesterday and wasn’t planning on eating any because I don’t have a sweet tooth very often, but my husband does. I dipped them in the remaining chocolate from the colossal chocolate candy bars-which were also a success. I live in the US and when I make Sarah’s recipes I use my metric scale as well. Example: the 1 cup/250 grams packed dates was significantly more in grams measured on my scale than when I just measured my 1 cup packed. This method is tried and true for me in conversions. And I always read the recipe and all the comments and jot down notes. I’ve never ever been disappointed, but always amazed! And when my husband was going on and on about how delicious these fudgesicles are I ate one and am considering hiding the rest. Maybe I’ll make another batch, super easy! No blendtech. Just a regular kitchen aid -I mixed the milk and cacao, added the advacado, then dropped in bit by bit the dates and cashews. After frozen I run under hot water til the mold releases. I hope this helps you in trying future recipes.

  45. Jill Rohrer

    Looking forward to making these, have some molds but not as nice as yours. Thanks for all the info!

  46. Heather

    Sarah these look LOVELY! Just a quick note- your “click here” for raw chocolate link isn’t working (could be my computer too -but in case not, just a quick FYI 🙂 )

  47. Allyson

    Fudgesicles are the best kind of popsicles, but I’ve yet to have a good homemade one. These look excellent. And I love all the details I’ve just learned about cashews.

  48. Pat Stoddard

    can’t wait to try this , something healthy and a favorite. thank you, and I also thought the cashews were the highest fattening.

  49. Eve

    Made the ice cream yesterday, absolutely delicious! My vegan-critical other half was rather impressed with the result!

  50. Hannah-Phoebe

    These look delightful! I echo what others have said about needing to run to the shops for a lollipop mould! 😉
    Do you have any idea how many g a “large” avo would be? I get pretty confused and love love love that you so often share weights

  51. Sarah | Well and Full

    Thank you for the information about cashews! I’ve definitely heard the “too fattening” argument before, especially in online forums, and I will be directing all naysayers to this page 😉

  52. Sophie MacKenzie

    There was always a debate in my house growing up over Fudgesicles versus Revels, and I was always on the side of the Fudgesicle. Naturally, I can’t wait to try these (and those dried raspberries are out of this world pretty!)

  53. Cassie

    I generally grew up with fruity popsicles rather than fudgesicles, but because I’ve now developed a serious, serious love for chocolate, I have to make up for the wasted time without fudgesicles by finding healthier alternatives such as this one! I love the way you decorated the fudgesicles as well!

  54. Susan

    You know that these will force some of us who don’t own popsicle molds to go out and buy them. Like me. They sound fabulous. I’ll have to make them in secret so my husband doesn’t know about the avocado (he dislikes avocado for reasons I can’t fathom). Thanks for the information about cashews. I’ve seen them growing in India, and we bought some cashew wine in Belize (it’s very nice). It’s interesting to know that my long-time favorite nuts are related to two other things I’ve always loved. Actually, now that I think back to the cashew wine, my memory says that it is reminiscent of mangoes.

  55. Lina

    These look so good. I feel like licking the screen. But I will heroically restrain myself and go make them. I fortunately have all the ingredients on hand. Thank you, Sarah!!

  56. Bri @ Natural Girl Modern World

    These are beautiful Sarah! When I saw your Insta post the other day, I was crossing my fingers that chocolatey goodness was destined for fudgesicles…and so glad I was right! Will need to give these a try ASAP – my mouth is already watering! Xx

  57. Kathleen

    Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Hot hot heat wave in LA. Perfect timing. I thought your writing was pretty funny too! Thank you!

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