Marinated Mango with Rose Petals

Ahhh, summer. I am so head-over-heels in love with this season, especially when it means being back in my homeland of Ontario. I have been living in the lakes and forests and sunshine of Ontario, buzzing from cottage to cottage, visiting country markets and picking wildflowers all along the way. Simple pleasures. Quiet moments with friends and family. Healing food in the belly between the laughs. You know when life gets so picture perfect you feel like you may just burst from gratitude? Yea. That’s how things are these days.
Because I’ve been just so busy enjoying my much-needed down time, I’ve been keeping meals simple, fresh and as quick as possible. I came up with this little nibble the other day, Marinated Mango, that is truly a summer light. It’s perfect with chilled drinks on the patio, the lawn or the dock served just as is for a refreshing snack. Or you can combine the juicy cubes with quinoa, black beans and cilantro for a simple dinner. 

The rose petals are of course optional, but such a gorgeous and luxurious addition. Being out in the wilderness of Canada inspires me to learn more about all the plants around me, most of which are not only edible and delicious, but also full of nutrition. If you are going to include rose petals in your dish, please pick them in the wild, as opposed to munching the bunch that came from the florist – the average bouquet of flowers has been heavily sprayed with pesticides that you most certainly do not want to consume. The flowers I chose were prickly wild roses. The smell was so intoxicating that I just had to take a bite, and because of their delicate, sweet taste, I added them to salads all week long. I hope you will give this a try too. 

Marinated Mango with Rose Petals
Serves 2-3 as a snack
2 ripe mangoes
1 large lime (organic if possible)
1 fresh chili, minced + dried if desired
coarse sea salt
fresh wild rose petals (optional)

1. Begin by preparing the mango: slice off both sides around the pit, score halves, fold outwards and cut off into cubes. Place in a large bowl.
2. Zest and juice the lime into the bowl with the mango. Mince chilies and add to the bowl, along with dried chilies, sea salt, and rose petals . Fold to combine. Let marinate for 15-30 minutes. Serve.

I hope you are all enjoying summer sun, fresh food, and some time to slow down and smell the roses too.
Lots of love,
Sarah B

*   *   *   *   *   *

And now for a HUGE announcement (I’ve been having a very hard time keeping this one under wraps!)…I am teaching classes in Both NYC and Toronto this summer!!! I so over-the-moon excited to teach in both cities, meet with all of you, cook, eat, share, play, and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

If you are interested in the New York classes, please contact the email at the bottom of the flyer. I will be working with the incredible team at Sous Style. Remember this?
For Toronto classes, registration will begin next Monday, July 16th. I will post more information about that on Facebook, so stay tuned!

What a summer this is going to be. See you soon!

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  3. aboutgarden

    Hi Sarah
    this recipe of marinate mango is simply and fantastic!
    I love old and all natural rose. This variety is also in my garden. Is Rosa palustris

  4. Bianca

    This is quintessentially summer- easy and no cook! Not to mention it reminds me of something my grandmother would make while we were in the Caribbean as a chilld. Nothing quells a child’s hunger quite like the sweetness of mango!

    I’ll just be missing you in Toronto- next time I’m in Europe, hopefully you’ll be hosting a class!

  5. gabrielle

    sarah- i have been following your lovely interesting fascinating and inspiring blog for quite a moment now, and have been wondering if you dye your hair. i was curious about the fact : do you use any organic/natural way to dye them (if you do) ?
    i recall you having talked about how you try to minimise the amount of beauty products you use.

    thank you !
    ps; sorry about the weird english.

  6. Mary @ Fit and Fed

    Beautiful! I love this simple way of using the rose petals and the combination of orange mango and magenta rose petals is incredible. I used so many champagne mangoes this spring, but now that our local fruits are in I’m tempted to try this with apricot or peach.

  7. Stephanie

    Gorgeous, gorgeous lead photo. I love the idea of chili and mango together. That’s a combination I wouldn’t have thought of. Beautiful pic of you in the flowers. Please tell me how you get your hair so shiny!!?! Must be all that healthy eating 🙂

  8. Jeane M.

    Sweet, tangy with a bite of chilies just perfect for my summer gourmet cravings. Really intrigue by those rose petals, must try them some time. Got my eye on your blog now.

  9. sabrina

    the dates on your flyer are different than the one on sous style for NYC. Sous Style has the 25, 26, 28 and 29. The flyer on your site has 25, 26, 27 and 28. Which one is it? I hope to make one of them!!!

  10. VitaV

    This is vividly simple yet stuffed with lots of nutritional goods… a lot of great things from the environment… and we are asking for help…. We’ve developed a tasty organic drink, which is refreshingly organic. We wanted to not only create a new product, but a new lifestyle. We concluded it’s time to “rethink” vitamins. 100% Natural we combined mangosteen, acai, pomegranate, banana, pear with baobab. We gave it the name “VitaV”. Check out our Pre-Launch site

  11. Alexandra

    I am addicted to mangoes, it is probably the one thing I miss most about my home state of FL. …Hopefully my first visit to NYC you will still be regularly teaching classes. oh and off topic, but you are SO pretty!

  12. shittyphotosokfood

    I just had some mango this morning, but wow. Talk about a recipe that kicks it up a notch. Thanks for the inspiring ideas, as always.

    I so wish I was on the East Coast for all the exciting things happening there this summer (and always). Maybe next year you’ll make it to BC!

  13. Jenn Beck

    This recipe is breathtakingly beautiful. I can just image how heavenly it must smell. I love the idea of adding it to black beans and quinoa. Thank you so much!

  14. Harriet

    Yumm! That looks incredible! I can’t wait for summer to swing round in the southern hemisphere to try this out!

    And congrats on the cooking classes! I’m super jealous of all the New Yorkers and Torontarians out there!

  15. Sasha

    Ontario in the summertime is certainly some kind of special and so is this combination of mangoes and rose petals! You have inspired me to hit the woods and to start foraging.

    I am lucky enough to be in Toronto when you are teaching classes, yahoo! I am sure it will be a fun and delicious time and will certainly register.

    Happy summer!

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