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Hi Friends!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce My New Roots Grow with you all!

Grow is a multi-disciplinary wellness platform weaving together live cooking classes, cooking videos, exclusive recipes, inspirational interviews, energizing exercise classes, and projects for your home and garden. There is something on Grow for every body and every skill level and I hope you’ll join me!

I believe that wellness and vitality are achievable for all of us.

I believe that when we learn from our body’s innate wisdom, pure health is the natural consequence.

I believe that the more we know, the more powerful we are. The more tools and practices we have, the more empowered we will become. That power unlocks what we have always known about our bodies, ourselves, and our health but have come to unlearn through the often overwhelming and contradictory world around us.

My goal with Grow is to curate a space where you can come and learn how to look after yourself on all levels, as deep as you are ready to go. Learning not only how to cook or develop your skills, but how to ignite the joy of cooking, the joy of growing food, the joy of reconnecting with the nature inside of you, and outside of you, forever becoming your own teacher. 

So. Let’s get back to the kitchen, the garden, to the places of healing, connection, and joy, to the never-ending source energy that creates and provides for us. Let’s open up to new possibilities through our own capabilities.

Let’s reclaim our health. Let’s play. Let’s eat. Let’s grow.