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Hello dear readers!

I get a lot of questions about running a blog – including many technical things that aren’t necessarily related to food – so in this section my team and I try and answer most of the questions you have about running a food blog.

I hope that you can learn from our experience and that the information will help you. We will continue to update these pages as we receive input from you, and if you have a specific question you can always write to: or post a question in the comment section below.

Happy blogging,
Sarah B.

13 thoughts on “Resources”

  • Hi Sarah, I think due to your influence on my subconscious I have been dying to go to copenhagen. Just booked a spontaneous weekend trip for my birthday and would love to get any tips from you on where to eat or stay! I’m sure many of your loyal followers would love some copenhagen tips from you!

  • Hi, I love your recipes but can you please advise if your recipes are for a convention oven or fan-force. Just want to get your legendary life changing bread perfect. Thx

  • Hi Sarah Love your book My New Roots and can’t wait to get Naturally Nourished. One question.
    In the Best Lentil Salad Ever are the lentils measured 2 and 1/2 cups raw or cooked?
    Thanks so much for your inspiring recipes

    • i just made this salad tonight out of the book and I did 2 1/2 uncooked and it came out perfect 🙂

  • Hi Sarah I recently purchased My New Roots and I love it. Thanks for the great book and I can’t wait to get your new book! One question. Does the Best Lentil Salad require that the
    lentils measuring 2 and one half cups are raw or cooked? Thanks so much

  • I love your work — I recently found this blog and can’t wait to try some recipes! Also – I’m wondering where you get your glass storage containers for your dried goods. They look like exactly what I’ve been searching for!

  • Hi Sarah,
    I am posting here because I didn’t see another way to contact you. I just wanted to let you know I have started watching your videos on the Codyapp and I really love them. Thank you.

  • Hi
    I’m just getting started with my own blog (which will not be a food blog) and am so grateful for the tips you give here on photos etc. I love the photo with you standing on the table to take the picture! Thank you also for the recipes as I’m going plant-based gradually and good veggie recipes will speed up that process

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