Tess’s Blueberry Breakfast Tart + Mystical Mango Smoothies


Summer finally came to Denmark and I am one happy, happy person. Life just seems easier when the sun is shining and I don’t need to wear a snowsuit. In August.

I am also in the groove of cooking less, eating more simple, raw foods and whizzing stuff up in a blender. Tess Masters’s book, The Blender Girl Smoothies could not have come out at a better time considering I’m making smoothies ‘round the clock and looking for some new inspiration. With over 100 gluten-free, vegan recipes her book is kind of like the bible of blended drinks. What I appreciate is that you can look up recipes according to what effects you are after (to detoxify, alkalize, boost immunity, reduce inflammation etc.) and the chapters are divided into types of recipes (clean and green, light and fruity, dessert…). There are tips and tricks, a thorough pantry section and a good resource list for those of us who are new to this blending world.

Because I’m such a wild cat, I chose to make two recipes from the book and combine them. Oh yea. The Blueberry Breakfast Tart and Mystical Mango both sounded like heaven-in-a-glass to me and the combo, I must say, is over the top. I know it may seem a tad excessive to make two smoothies, but if you’re serving these at a brunch or something, it’s really fun (and beautiful!) to see them swirled together in a glass.


The blueberry one is really what it claims to be: liquid breakfast. With cashews, oats and maple syrup (which I didn’t use actually) it will wake you up and fuel you through a long morning of summer-ness. The mango smoothie is bright and tropical tasting – I loved the lime, orange and cardamom flavours in there! Whooo-hooo!

All I can say is, way to go, Tess! Whether or not you’re a smoothie pro or just getting started, this is the book to get your fruit-sticky hands on.


I hope you guys are having a rad summer. Much love to all!
xo, Sarah B



  1. Mahée Ferlini

    Beautiful, tasty, and healthy as well. This is a wonderful way to start my day. Thanks so much for the recipes!

  2. info

    Ho my… I hope it is as much tasty for the mouth that it is for the eyes!! 😀
    I have everything in the fridge… will try this tomorrow morning!

  3. Emily

    Oh, the colour of these is amazing! I’m making smoothies every Saturday and I know that this recipe will help us appreciate the last days of summer.


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  5. Jenny

    Beautiful pictures and colors. Thank you for sharing this recipe. If i remember correctly, blueberries is helping to break down of sugars and fats.

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  7. Emily

    Wow, this looks amazing, I can tell that it’s delicious too. I love smoothies instead of a breakfast – they are light and full of vitamins. the perfect energy booster. Who needs coffee?!

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  9. Stephanie C

    Sarah! I made an amazing discovery. Since it’s summer, I haven’t been in the mood for anything that requires my oven/stove, so instead of oats, I subbed in your Seriously Super Cereal; I soaked it overnight with the cashews. The results were A+. Great way to get the health benefits of all those powerhouse grains and seeds during the dog days. 🙂

  10. Swati

    Hi Sarah,

    I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now and really love how healthy recipes your write, above than the pictures love so tempting too 🙂

  11. Loraine Branan

    Do these not look like the most delicious thing? I have been looking for some great breakfast ideas and these are on the top of my list now! Been reading books on getting some more energy, that comes from eating and boosting metabolism, Outstanding Health by Michael Galitzer is an amazing book on gaining more energy, great foods like these smoothies are a perfect option!

  12. Janna

    Wow this is so beautiful! Posts like these remind me why I was so obsessed to start a blog! I finally did and am working hard everyday to take pictures like this. These smoothies taste amazing together!

  13. Tracy Coolidge

    Loved the Blueberry smoothie recipe, kept me full for hours and was a great way to start a summer morning. I soaked the oats for a few minutes, until the oats had plumped up and the nuts I did for maybe 30 minutes max. Everything turned out lovely. Thinking of duplicating this recipe but substituting with peaches later in the summer and apples in the fall too

  14. Chelsea

    Lovely! Thanks for posting and can’t wait to try it out. Like other readers, I can’t figure out what the “soak” means. For cashews, I assume soak 5-7 hours/overnight, but for the oats? A 2-to-1 water-to-oats ratio for an hour? Less water? More water? More time? Thanks!!

    • Toni

      Yes, cashews should be soaked at least 7 hours, so overnight is usually easier; this is to deal with the presence of phytic acid which makes nuts difficult to digest. Simply cover them with filtered water. The oats probably need 1 to 1 ratio, but wouldn’t have to be soaked as long, but they could be if more convenient. I’m assuming these recipes each are 2 servings? Don’t see the serving size anywhere.

  15. Jennifer

    This will surely make my list of favorite breakfast recipes. As to why so? Well, really, who would say no to a breakfast this nutritious and this colourful, right? 🙂

  16. Ann-Louise

    Those colors are absolutely amazing! Summer came not a day too soon in Scandanavia so let the smoothie season begin! I have a question about chia seeds which I was hoping you could help me with – since they pass through our digestive system pretty much in tact, how can our body absorb all of their good fats, fibers, antioxidants, protein, minerals and vitamins?

  17. Jane

    The breakfast tart and mango smoothie is a perfect combination. Just what I need in the morning. Something refreshing and gives me a boost. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  18. Lena

    Any tips for preventing blue teeth from frozen blueberries?? I’m in a pickle with this problem because I love them and I look like my teeth are rotting now : ( haha

  19. Michelle

    I have mango everyday in my green smoothie but this could be a great afternoon treat. AND Sarah I’m glad you finally got summer, it’s been crazy hot in Toronto most of the time with unbelievable storms (my electrical wiring got ripped out of the front of my house at one point) but it’s still nice to be in shorts and sipping’ smoothies with my little babe! xoxo

  20. Miyuki

    Hello Sarah
    Beautiful smoothies.
    Love mango and blueberries, never tried with oats in.
    Snowsuit was needed this morning, it was under 3 degrees
    In central jylland, I am not kidding!.

  21. Sarah Roberts

    OMG, I am going to have to order this book!

    The only thing I am skeptical about is the raw soaked oats–what kind of taste/texture do they have? How digestible are they compared to soaked then cooked oats?

  22. Sydney

    What a great idea to layer complimentary flavored smoothies! This is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. I’ll have to read Tess’s book, I’ve heard nothing but great things.
    I’m so glad you’re finally getting summer in your parts. How exciting!
    To summer and smoothies!
    xx Sydney | Modern Granola

  23. Ann Manatt

    Hello I was wondering if you have a VItamix and have you tried it with a ‘regular’ blender?
    I hope it works as well ….

    • Amy

      I use whole oat groats, soaked overnight in at least one smoothie a week and it’s fantastic! Keeps me full for hours without bogging me down.

      Another bonus is that raw, soaked oat groats help kill candida. If that’s the goal then cut out the maple syrup, add a small dash of blackstrap molasses, use coconut water as your liquid and add a tablespoon of coconut oil (and keep the blueberries to a minimum).

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