The Spring Abundance Bowl


Hey guys, it’s spring.

I go for a walk in the forest everyday with my little babe. Even though he’s too young to even know he has feet, I still take time to point out the buds growing on branches, cherry blossoms opening, and explain how the earth is waking up from its wintry slumber. I think that this year, more than ever, I’ve relished the unfolding of this season because I am seeing it for the first time in so many ways. It’s pretty cool stuff.

I’ve been looking forward to this post for a very long time now. Since I wrote about eating simply and not trying to impress everyone all the time, the idea of Abundance Bowls has really got me jazzed. And you too, as I take it. It seems like we are all hungry for realistic eating these days, and to me that means fast, fresh, and flexible. This Abundance Bowl, like the last one I posted, is just that, taking advantage of seasonal produce and the fresh flavours of now. Living in the moment, and eating in the moment go hand in hand after all.


Pretty Peas
I think peas are a rather underestimated vegetable, considering they are veritable storehouses of essential vitamins and minerals. That’s right. A measly ½-cup serving provides more than 20 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese! True! Peas are a also good source of iron, folate, vitamin B1, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and copper. You’ll be getting a serious dose of soluble fiber too, which helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar.

Peas offer up some heart-healthy vegetarian protein, providing a whopping 9 grams per cup. They are not a complete protein however, so make sure to combine them with a whole grain, like quinoa as I’ve done here, to ensure you are getting the complete essential amino acid profile.

If I can find fresh peas in their pods, I like to shell them and eat them raw. If you prefer to steam them, do so right in the pot of quinoa. Simply place them on top of the quinoa about 3-4 minutes before it’s finished steaming, cover again with the lid until they are tender. So easy! If you can only find frozen peas, place them in the pot of quinoa about halfway through cooking the quinoa so that they thaw and cook – this shouldn’t take more than 8-10 minutes. Frozen peas contain about 10-15% fewer vitamins than their fresh counterparts, which isn’t too bad for such a convenient food! If frozen peas are all that is available to you, use them anyway – they are still super good for you.


If the last Abundance Bowl proved anything to me, it’s that you people really love sauce. For reals. Well, here’s a simple one I’ve been digging lately: a garlicky-dilly-creamy yogurt sauce that compliments peas and asparagus like nobody’s business. I’ve also been drizzling it over crisp greens, sprouts, various grains and open-faced sandwiches. If you’re not into dairy yogurt, soak some cashews and blend them up instead, the results will still be delectable.

The other accoutrement in this sublime springtime bowl of mine, is Quick Pickled Radishes. I think it’s essential to have an acidic hit in all recipes, whether it’s a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a handful of brine-y capers, so these zesty pink medallions definitely fit the bill. I love the spiciness of radishes, but find that they can be slightly overwhelming raw. When pickled, they still have bite, but it’s more vinegar-y than earthy. These are delicious on sandwiches with creamy avocado, with eggs in the morning, tucked into tacos and folded into salads. I like to pile them up on the side of whatever I’m eating and ceremoniously add them to each bite. The very easy recipe below makes more than you’ll need for four servings of The Spring Abundance Bowl, so enjoy discovering the yumminess they bring to all sorts of meals.

And if you don’t have a particular ingredient on hand, or if you’re just not into one of them, improvise! Think of the recipe here as a guideline and put your own spin on it.


I hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather, longer days and brighter light as much as I am. Gosh, it’s good to see green all around again, in the forest, in the field and on the table. Let’s celebrate the abundance of spring and be grateful for everything that lies ahead! We made it! Wahoooooo!

*   *   *   *   *   *

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  12. Janet

    I love radishes! I grow them myself and make use of the stems too. Haven’t tried pickling them yet and will have to give it a go. Thanks for your beautiful blog, recipes and images…simply mouthwatering 🙂
    Here is another radish salad recipes which i will also try. They all look so simple and tasty 🙂

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  17. Sandra

    I made this yesterday and it is absolutely delicious. Very refreshing and the dressing bring the entire bowl together. I did not do the pickled radishes only because I ran out of time and I only cut up the fresh ones I had on hand. Thank you!

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  23. Mascaras

    I’ve seriously been waiting for this post for months! Amazing. And my son loves radishes, so I can’t wait to make him pickled ones.

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  28. Chris

    You know what they say about stopping for a while to smell the roses ? I think you’ve just experienced the pleasure of watching mother nature reveal its other face.

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  33. Jude

    Hi Sarah,
    We just had this for dinner and it was a winner from a grandma to 10 month baby! Husband and 12 year old son also loved it – enough to motivate me to unlurk and comment! Comments included: “this is a winner”, “next time double it!”, “I feel refreshed and energized.” I would have posted on Instagram but we ate it all too quickly!
    I substituted the radishes with the red cabbage from the winter abundance bowl. Anyway, just wanted you to know it was a hit with us Canadians down in South Jutland.

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  37. Michelle @LALLnutrition

    Sarah, I LOVE that you are taking the little one out on outings 🙂 So so cute!

    I am also loving the green peas and radishes in this recipe. I am obsessed with green peas right now but can’t seem to find fresh ones yet 🙁 My motto is that meals need to be quick, healthy and delicious (glad to know you’re on board with that too) 🙂 Thanks for the foodie inspiration 🙂

    ~M xoxo

  38. Ker

    This looks absolutely delicious as always! You are always so inspiring and creative.
    I am trying to do a mild spring cleanse (eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine)- is there any way of making this dressing dairy free?

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  40. Carissa

    I’ve seriously been waiting for this post for months! Amazing. And my son loves radishes, so I can’t wait to make him pickled ones.

  41. Suzanne @RollWithIt

    Yum! This looks fantastic. I’ve found myself eating bowls of veg a lot like this lately. So refreshing! Also, walks with babes are awesome – especially when THEY start to notice nature.

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  43. Lizzy

    I made this and am eating it for lunch right now, I am in heaven. The tart crunch of the radishes with the creamy yogurt sauce is just perfect. I substituted edamame beans because I had some I needed to use up and added a handful of caviar lentils for extra protein.
    This is quickly at the top of my favorite lunch list, very fun and tasty recipe! :~)

  44. Maria Tadic

    This look so wonderful! I love how light and fresh everything looks! I’ve been craving all these types of veggies and I’m SO excited for Spring! I definitely wanna whip this up. Perfect for a light dinner or lunch! Yum!

  45. don

    This looks gorgeous. And I very much liked your writings on soy. I think fructose is the next thing we are going to be focusing on the future even if it is not totally within the radar. So for example, this delish bowl is packed with healthy ingredients, but it could come with a warning, because its fodmap/fructose impact would be pretty high (combining as it does asparragus, peas and avocados). Of course, I am sensitive to it because I (know I) have fructose malabsortion. But then, it is thought that a wopping between 30% and 50% of Europeans (the more the more North you go), suffer from it. Most of the time not knowing it and blaming other (concurrent or not) ailments such as gluten sensitivity, ibs, leaky gut, etc…

  46. Ruby

    Its Autumn here in the southern hemisphere so I might have to look at your other abundance bowls for a little seasonal inspiration. I love radishes and luckily radish season is in Autumn here so I will definitely incorporate your pickled radishes into my bowl. I’m sure it will do me well in preparing for the wintery hibernation ahead.

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  48. Lisa

    I just made this for my omnivore boyfriend and me (vegan) and we both loved it. I added king oyster mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, which I fried with a little garlicky, herb-y oil. YUM. We also loved the radishes, they are so mild and tender, I’m sure to make more of these.
    Unfortunately I didn’t have enough peas. We went to the farmer’s market yesterday and after I shelled away, I ended up with maybe 3/4cups. So I added broccoli florets which I cut quite small and mixed them with the peas, steamed both for about three minutes, and they turned out great.
    Also, this has been my first asparagus of the year! Loved it.
    Thank you sooooo much for all your inspiration!
    If you have any idea what to do with white asparagus (durr, I’m in Germany…) apart from boiling and serving with thick hollandaise, please write about it! So boring!!
    Love and sunshine,


  49. clemsy may

    This looks beautiful Sarah, all the flavours of spring. I can’t wait to try it… especially those pickled radishes. Lovely to hear that you take your little one on a walk in the forest everyday.

  50. Nina

    Can you really get fresh peas in Denmark in April?! How do they do it? Here in the UK we’ll be waiting until July I think… Even the asparagus is coming in from Spain at the moment. (We do have delicious spring greens, though, and lovely crisp pointed cabbages.)

  51. roisin

    You have given me inspiration for my lunch today, thanks. I have just come back from a yoga holiday in Morocco and I can see the value in keeping it all simple.

  52. Katie @ Whole Nourishment

    This looks like a seriously good Spring abundance bowl. I love pickled radishes, and make them often at home, but with lime for more of a Mexican spin. So I’m looking forward to trying your recipe and making this bowl.

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  54. Chris

    This looks delicious! I am sure fresh peas offer the most nutrients, but I wonder if frozen peas are a comparable 2nd choice, nutrient-wise?

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