Valentine Rawlos


For a girl who is decidedly not into Valentine’s Day, I bet you’re already confused. Well, me too. Let’s blame my overflowing sentimentality these days – I’ve realized motherhood can do a real number on your sappy side – but one of the few times I’ve been out of the house alone in the last few months I found a heart-shaped chocolate mold at the dollar store and didn’t even think twice about it. Nope.

I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Rolos. No wait, rawlos. A major childhood throwback made over into the healthiest chocolates I could possibly invent. I had done the nut buttercup thing, but hadn’t tackled caramel before, so this seemed as good a time as any. Coincidentally, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Not that I care.

If you haven’t ventured into raw chocolate making before, you are going to want to marry me (I’m taken). It’s so easy and so versatile, plus actually healthy. Healing fats, nutritious sweeteners and antioxidant-rich cacao are all that these little chocolate-caramel bombs are made of. No schwaggy unpronounceables. No weird waxes or emulsifiers or artificial flavours and colours. If you really care about your valentine, this year make them something that will love them as much as you do!


Like I said, I was aiming for a Rolo thing and I am very happy with the results. The chocolate of course, is out of this world. Dark and rich and so intense. The caramel inside was the question mark, but it turned out perfectly: creamy and sweet and just runny enough. I added some salt to the caramel to make these a little more to my taste, but you can leave it out if you like. I almost feel embarrassed calling this a recipe because it really is that simple, but you’re into that eh?

If you can’t get your hands on cacao butter, just use coconut oil in its place. They won’t have the exact same melt-in-your-mouth quality, but it will certainly work in a pinch. And please make sure that your coconut oil is flavour-neutral (i.e. that is does not taste like coconut), otherwise you’re going to end up with some very tropical-tasting candies, my friend.



Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not this year,  I hope you give yourself the chance to make these treats for yourself or someone you love.

Chocolatey hugs,
Sarah B


  1. Laura

    Should the coconut oil be flavor neutral for the recipe as is or only if it is used to replace the cocoa butter as well? I haven’t noticed flavor neutral coconut oil at my local co-op; is there a specific brand you like that can be ordered off the Internet? Thanks Sarah!


    • Sarah Britton

      Hi Laura,
      I always use flavour-neutral coconut oil in any application, as I don’t want everything I cook tasting like coconut! The best thing to do is ask an employee at your local health food store about which products do not have a taste.

  2. Lizzy

    Wow. What great timing, I just finished a mug of your super haute chocolate and I was thinking about what other raw cacao treats I could make. This will be happening as soon as I can find some moulds.

  3. Julia

    Hi Sarah,
    I have been playing around with your chocolate recipe for a few weeks- THANK YOU! I have made nut and jam butter cups, bars and truffles! I’m thinking about how I can make the chocolate so that it can travel. I need to bring to friends and co-workers. Any ideas on how to alter it while still maintaining its amazing texture?

    Many thanks for this and all your other recipes and posts!

    • Sarah Britton

      Hi Julia,

      You’ll find that with any raw chocolate, it’s going to be rather unstable in warm temperatures. I think the best thing to do is keep it in a cooler, maybe even with an ice pack for travelling, then stick it in the fridge or freezer when you arrive at your destination.

  4. LisaAnnn

    Wow, you’ve stolen my hear with this recipe, Sarah. For the cacao butter portion of the recipe is it alright to use cacao butter that is sold for skin care? As long as it’s JUST cacao butter?

  5. Traci

    I was wondering how you got them into those perfect heart shapes until I saw the mold pan on the bottom! I’m thinking I need one of those for truffles! And these look amazing.

  6. Zoe

    Hi! I was wondering what brand of cacao butter you use? I have found it hard to find pure cacao butter. It always seems to have added ingredients, like the Artisana brand. Thanks!

  7. Ketmala Phoumalavong

    I am drooling here Sarah!!! We must be in the same “chocolaty wavelength” because I just made a batch of “Raw Rocher” for my girlfriend b-day dinner party last night and raw truffles for us tonight. Now I’ll have to try making a batch of your heart shape Rawlos, which look pretty dainty and delish! Love your pics as always.

  8. Chelsea TheNakedFig

    This looks amazing! I too have never been a valentines girl, but it is a good excuse to make desserts. And there is something to be said about everyone sharing the collective intention of love for a day. Can’t wait to try this out! ❤️

  9. Cathrine

    Neeeeed to make! And to be honest, I’m a little intruiged by using flavoured coconut oil – raw coconut chocolates doesn’t sound bad to me :P

  10. Jen

    Genius recipe. My mom will be so delighted when I present her with these on Valentine’s Day. I totally understand how motherhood pulls at the heartstrings. I cried watching a mom tell the story of supporting her three daughters at the Winter Olympics (fellow Canadians of course) last night. Before baby (BB) it took a lot for me to cry.

  11. Anne-Marie

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the recipe, I have just made them, they are in the freezer now!

    The only problem I had was the chocolate seemed too thick, I added a bit more of the oil, butter & maple syrup but it was till too thick, it has worked I think but looked a lot thicker than yours. If I make them again should I try it using a bit less cacao powder?


    • Sarah Britton

      Hi Anne-Marie,
      You can really make the raw chocolate to your taste. Make sure the runny-ness is there but that it also tastes good! Then you should be fine. Play around with the amounts until you have what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

  12. Juliette

    Wonderful! I am not into Valentine’s day either. In fact, my boyfriend and I have spent maybe 2 out of the six years we have been together doing something together on Valentine’s day. But these chocolates must be amazing, I don’t have cacao butter at home, the rest is already ready to be used for this recipe.

  13. Chiara

    Sarah, you beauty. Thank you so much for these. I’m going to brave the Canadian snow today and get me a mould so that I can get started right away.

    In the meantime, I was wondering if you could help a lady out. The winters here are so long that I’m running out of cozy warm beverages to keep things interesting. Any chance I could talk you into concocting a healthy version of hot coconut (bubble) tea for us? I enjoy it from time to time but can’t turn my brain off when it comes to dealing with the sugar and ‘synthethic’ powdery contents. But, oh, wouldn’t it be so yummy and comforting and warming to have the Sarah B. spin on it? Pretty please? :)

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  15. eliza Twist

    Thanks! This is even healthier than my current favorite homemade candy which is just melted dark chocolate over sprouted almonds and raisins, and a dramatic improvement over my candy bar indulgences. I love how the raisins are essentially like caramel. I’ll have to give your’s a try soon to feel even better about my daily dose of chocolate.

  16. Thalia

    These look so great! Can’t wait to make these.
    Could I make them without the coconut oil and replace it with cocoa butter? And why is it important to not store these more than an hour at room temperature?
    Thank you :) <3

  17. Garage Gyms

    These look absolutely amazing. It would be so unlike me to make desserts for Valentines which is why I’m going to do this. I think this is perfect and will go over very well. Sweet!

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  19. Lindsay

    My grandmother used to keep Rolos in a tiny cabinet in her breakfront. Every visit, my sisters and I would sneak over to the cabinet and grab a few Rolos and run away as if the grown-ups didn’t see us. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Aline

    Such shiny chocolates! What about the temperature? I never feel comfortable with chocolate because of the curve temperature!
    Thanks for the recipe!! Take care!

  21. Eve

    Thank you so much Sarah! I am a recovering sugar addict going on my second month completely free of refined sugars. I am LOVING the way I feel and would never turn back to the mood swings and energy slumps that accompanied the buckets of sugar I was consuming, but with all the valentine’s chocolates floating around it’s hard not to crave a little something sweet. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to make your own candy. I’m definitely going to try these!

  22. jody starfish

    maple syrup and dates for the caramel…umm..ehem..err…i have a crush on you. this is the first time i have seen your blog and i am very twitterpated over this recipe. my friend shell and i are having a hot date this week to make these. game on!

  23. cqrolyn

    I’m just stoked to make my own chocolate! Can I use cocoa butter and cocoa powder if I’m not concerned with it being raw?

  24. Leah

    hi sarah, i shifted my perspective on valentine’s day some years back. now my family honors this day of LOVE (in the broadest sense of the word) by meditating on peace and wisdom, doing something special anonymously for someone in need a la Amélie and making a sweet chocolate treat. these hearts will be PERFECT! thank you so much for this beautiful and healthful inspiration.

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  26. Shannon K

    Oh my! I made these soon after I read this post…you’re absolutely right, they are so EASY to make and magically delicious. My boyfriend says they taste like a professional made them, not sure what that means but I’ll take it as a compliment! Thanks for the great recipe.

  27. Christi

    I went to 2 grocery stores and my co-op today – have all the ingredient except no one carries cacao butter. Substitution suggestion? Thanks!

  28. Hanna

    Hi Sarah,

    We must have been on the same frequency, because I made these just this morning for my husband for Valentine’s Day! And after I finished, I read your post. So funny! I used regular dark chocolate and added some almond bitter to the date caramel. Very hard not to eat the caramel before the chocolate were filled… Yummy!

    Thanks again for your great recipes,


  29. erin

    I took these to a valentine’s candy swap and they were the surprise hit! Everyone loved the smooth texture and delicious flavor and surprised to hear they are healthy!

  30. Kate

    I’m not going to lie; these were so good that my husband and I have eaten almost all of them. I had meant to share them with my girlfriends coming over tomorrow….might have to bust out more in the morning. I think do yourself a favour and make LOTS!

  31. Flip

    They look absolutely delicious but would love to know which coconut oil you would suggest? The one I have is very coconutty and I want to find a flavour neutral brand. Thanks so much for the great, inspirational recipes.

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  38. Lillian

    I am so excited about these. I just made them and they are sitting in my freezer waiting to set. I cannot wait to be able to eat them. Thank you for continuing to share delicious wholesome food that lets me feel good about eating it and have fun while making it. You keep inspiring me to keep trying new things in the kitchen. Thank you so much for all that you do! Much love on this mushy valentines day!

  39. Libby

    Thank you Sarah for this recipe.
    In the past week I have made FOUR batches of these beautiful soft centered chocolates. My friends think I’m amazing!

  40. Carina

    They are incredible beautiful! This will be the next recipe I’ll try! I did put them already on my to do list. You are amazing Sarah xx

  41. Louella

    So simple, so damn delicious and addictive! I just made these for a belated valentines day dessert with the girls! I made one batch using your recipe and one without fructose by using rice malt syrup instead of honey or maple & dates for a friend who is has candida. Perfect for sugar free friends! I also used Tinderbox Cacao Maca Chai powder to give it a real vibrant flavour. It worked out better than expected! Thanks Sarah you legend x

  42. Carrie

    I made these and they are so amazing! Everyone that tasted them could taste the love:) I just made a second batch and put cashew butter filling in a few, almond butter in a few, and strawberry jam in a few….excited to see how those turn out. Every recipe I have tried of your’s is absolutely delish, thank you for the inspiration. ~Aloha from Maui

  43. Jennene

    Hi Sarah,

    I have just made these and got them out of the freezer, I have already had four, they were so yummy! I had to quickly put them in the fridge so that there were some left for my family to try :-) . They were quick and easy to make, I made them with maple syrup instead of honey and had left over chocolate, which I used to make chocolate macadamia nuts.


  44. beth

    i, too, was determined to make use of raw chocolate this feb. 14, and was surprised at its intensity. i made a smoothie for 3 and am now looking for other ideas, thanks for sharing.

  45. JP

    I made these for my husband – they are divine!
    The chocolate was so flavoursome; I am going to make them sans caramel next time for a chocolate fix.
    thanks for the recipe

  46. Jules

    These were just scrummy! Made them for all the family and we all loved them. So easy to make. I doubled the recipe to make loads for the freezer! My husband is now constantly rummaging around in the freezer for his “Rawlo” fix! Thank you again for another fabulous recipe Sarah xx

  47. Jane

    When you say flavor neutral coconut oil are you referring to refined rather than unrefined? Would you say one is more ideal nutritionally? I’ve been cooking and baking with coconut oil more recently and therefore trying to inform myself of it as well. Thanks! These are too cute. I really look forward to trying them.

  48. Karina

    Sarah, these were totally delicious. The chocolate alone is an awesome medium for nuts, crystallised ginger etc.
    Just wondering from a nutritional point of view, your thoughts on reducing the quantity of coconut oil and increasing the cocoa butter? I found the chocolate melted very easily at room temperature and thought changing the ratio could help.
    I use a delicious coconut-flavoured oil so am always happy to use it in baking…or just a glob on a spoon works for me too :)
    Thanks again for being so inspirational x

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  50. malik

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  54. Anna

    This are so definitely on my “to-make”-list now. I am doing the 2013 Whole Living detox diet and I’m hoping to turn around my diet for good (including making things that I can indulge in that are healthier than what you can get in a Norwegian super market.)

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