Mango Cashew Sunshine Bites


Hello friends,
While I am away on holiday over the next few weeks, I will continue to post recipes just not full articles. Enjoy!

I made it. My bean dip and everything else has officially passed through security on all three legs of my journey to Kauai. I am writing this 30,000 feet above the blue ocean, about two hours (out of the thirty eight!) from our final destination. I have never been so excited to get off a plane in. my. life.

As promised, here is the recipe for Mango Cashew Sunshine Bites that I made for my trip. When we left Denmark there was an impending snowstorm with no signs of spring whatsoever. My body was beginning to crave new flavours and my excitement for the tropics took hold. I wanted to pack in as many fresh and exotic tastes as I could, and these little beauties are the result. I absolutely love the tang of lime and mango combined with the warm, mellow vanilla vibes and crunchy coconut. The cashews lend a creaminess and the salt acts as the perfect balancer. I also added turmeric to the treats for a nutritional boost, but this is totally optional. Keep in mind that turmeric has a very mild flavour so you will not taste it at all. Plus, it really makes the golden colour pop!


Although these are raw and more of a warm-weather treat, they are still a great snack to have around all year. And because they use almost completely dried foods, you don’t need to wait for summer to make them.

The only tip I will offer for this recipe is choosing the right kind of dried mango. Most dried mango has been sweetened to high heaven and preserved with sulfites of some kind. Look for organic mango if possible, but always read the label – even organic dried mango can contain organic sugar.


I hope you all enjoy these as much as I have and that you don’t wait for a long trip to try them out!

Love and sunshine,
Sarah B.

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Hello friends!

I am excited to announce the next My New Roots class in Amsterdam. See the flyer for reservations and information. Hope you can join us!





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  17. Laura

    Nooooo I cannot believe I missed your cooking class in my hometown 🙁 I just discovered your blog AND LOVE IT so in the meantime I will drool over your a-ma-zing recipes. Aaaand hope and wait that maybe one you will return..

    Lots of love!!

  18. Michelle

    Just made these with macadamia nuts and they are delish! Perfect for the 30 degree tropical weather we’re having here in Holland at the moment. The mango and macadamia’s remind me of my home in Australia. Thanks!

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  26. Jess Bateman

    And thanks SB for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and knowledge! I can’t wait to cook the wonderful holiday recipes!!!

  27. Jess Bateman

    I just made these and they’re delish! Next time, I will use fresh mango and add hemp seeds.

  28. Em

    Wow….made these tonight for dessert for the family – we ate them all and fought over the last one! So delish, thank you SO much for your wisdom, talent, and sharing Sarah!!!!
    (Im going to freeze these things on a stick – its going to be the next “cake pop”.)

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  32. hanna

    Sarah, aren’t you inspired by the book “Honestly Healthy” by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson? so many similar recipes!

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  34. Mette

    WOW – they look amazing!!!!
    I have some brilliant semidried mango AND some very nice quality dried mango, I will try to use for this recipe.
    Thanks a lot for the inspiration!
    If they turn out succesfull, I will blog about it 🙂
    Have a great day!
    All the best, Mette

  35. Emily L

    I love these little sunshine bites! I made them last week with mango and loved them so much I decided to make another batch for lunch bags this week. My coop was out of unsweetened dried mango so I got wild and tried jackfruit instead. Definitely needs to soak a bit longer, but I like the alternative outcome. I’d try apricots or figs as others suggested in future as well, but mango is really great with the vanilla and lime. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Emma Caller

    Hi! Loved making these little balls this afternoon! There were no dried mango available so I used figs instead. The tang of the lime gave a great balance from the sweetness of the fruit. Thanks so much!

    Emma the Naturopath xx
    Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

  37. mekiaussie234

    I was surprised to learn the same about your blog— I loved it.I am a big fan of your blog.i am so excited by read of your blog’s content.really great post.Thanks for sharing.
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  38. Jeff

    These look great! We’ve been doing something similar with dried dates, almond butter and coconut butter. You can mix in other seeds and nuts along with coconut flakes, and even a little cocoa powder or some nibs. Yum!

  39. sara forte

    we will be in amsterdam while you are there for your class!! Oh I would just love it if we could meet up for a hug and to say hi in person! We’ll be there the 20-24th. Please let me know if you’ll have a free minute, it’d be so nice to see you!

  40. Julia

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I made them yesterday and they turned out amazing! I ate them while sitting in the sun with a good friend so we enjoyed sunshine from inside an outside 🙂

  41. Nellie

    I made these this evening and they were a huge hit! I skipped the vanilla and lime as we didn’t have any around the house, but they still turned out great! I’ll be making these again soon.

  42. fujiyo

    Hi, I knew your blog recently and am grateful for so many wonderful info/idea etc. I just have one question. When you say 1 cup, does it mean about 250ml such as in American measurement? I am from Japan and have a different measurement scales, so… Thanks very much in advance!!

  43. Jessica

    My 6 year old helped me make these yesterday and they are delicious we did not have a lime so we used a meyer lemon instead. This morning he made sure I put some in his lunch box. I want to try to make these with dried pineapple next.

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  45. dennis

    Thanks Sarah,

    These look so easy and oh so sweet. I haven’t tried them yet, but with all of the positive comments from people that have, I will be enjoying these this weekend.

  46. Lili

    Just made these. Used roasted salted cashews (as all I had) and they are yummy, did even add honey as mangos sweet.

  47. Martina

    I had to try these as soon as I saw them. Since I was so anxious I did not read the recipe properly so my mango was soaked for 2 hours! Anyway it still worked and now I am stuffing my face with these little balls of pleasure. They are extremely delicious and also my junk food addicted colleagues are loving them! enjoy your holidays!

  48. Kaitlyn

    I have to second the advice to go to Banana Joe’s for the banana-pineapple frosty made with the Champion Juicer. JUST GO…NOW! Can’t go a 38 hour plane ride and leave Kauai without a stop there…it was the best thing I consumed during our whole week there! I’m still thinking about it a year later…

  49. Jessie

    These are delicious – I added more lime than the recipe called for. I didnt listen to the advice of adding honey after tasting it, and next time I won’t add any – these are super sweet without it!

  50. Ketmala Phoumalavong

    They look beautiful and yummy, I cannot wait to make them sooner than later! You are amazing Sarah, writing and sharing with us while traveling to Kauai. Enjoy your trip. I only have warm fuzzy memories of my time spent in the sunny island.

  51. Shirley Lum

    Can fresh mangoes be used? Just bought a box of fresh mangoes…
    By the way, while you’re in Kauai – try their honey and look out for fabulous vanilla beans! If you have a chance to island hop – try Molokaii as there’s organic honey to try and bring back home! Bon appetit!

  52. Annalisa

    I made these yesterday and they are amazing! It snowed here so it really felt like a tropical vacation in my mouth. 🙂 I forgot to put the lime, so I will make sure to add that to my next batch. I got married in Kauai last year so it holds a special place in my heart! It is such a stunning place, my favorite beach was Tunnels Beach. And Common Ground (the restaurant) has wonderful fresh food! Enjoy!

  53. Allison Beth

    These look amazing for our Easter table.
    I have a problem….my little guy is allergic to all nuts EXCEPT almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts.
    We always have the raw, sprouted versions available as Whole Foods is my second home.
    Could you recommend what nut I could use in its place?
    I would hate to make an expensive mistake….as well as for the raw brownies.
    Thank you so much….Allison

  54. Laura

    How about fresh mango? They are in season right now. Do you think it would work or have too much moisture? I might try it…

  55. Malgorzata

    They are delicious 🙂 I’ve changed coconut for almond meal (I am not a big fan of coconut flavour) and lime zest for lemon zest (no lime at home), no sweetener added (they taste perfect). Thank you for the receipe!

  56. Sarah

    I can’t wait to try these! My husband and I love to travel, and lately we have been getting into the habit of making our own food for the airport and plane too. I loved your article on healthy traveling (more please!), and I can’t wait to add these to the mix. They look amazing. Also…it’s time you make a cookbook. I’m ready to buy one 🙂

  57. Marlise

    Thanks for the recipe and the travelling tips! We´re planing our Hawaii vacation for December 🙂 Still far away but I am so looking forward to it! Enjoy your stay!!

  58. Sasha

    Enjoy paradise! I cannot wait to read about the culinary inspirations that you encounter in Kauai.

    These treats are just the right amount of tropical that my body is craving. As much as I love winter vegetables, this prolonged period of grey days in Europe has me craving sunshine and all things bright and colourful. Looking forward to making these!

  59. Vi

    Delicious bites of sunlight 🙂 Wonderful idea, and thank you for the reminder about sulfites and added sugar – I always pay attention but sometimes I might be less careful when I see the word “organic”. I will make them way before my next travel!
    Enjoy Kauai 🙂

  60. Mary Beth

    Kauai is beautiful! I highly recommend Banana Joe’s (fruit shack) frosty! It’s frozen apple bananas and pineapple put through a Champion Juicer… Such a tasty healthy treat!!!

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