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Cinnamon Bun in the Oven!

No, I am not trying to pull a fast one on you. There is a bun in the oven. Like, the real kind! I have been so, so excited to share the news with all of you that the love of my life and I […]

A Better Butter Tart

What does it mean to be truly Canadian? Buying milk in plastic bags? Designing your Halloween costume to fit over your snowsuit? Celebrating Thanksgiving in October? Well, what about butter tarts? You know up until last week I actually thought that the rest of the […]

Spiced & Salted Pumpkin Pie Minis

I’ve been staring at the blinking cursor for a couple days now. Why is this? Well, I think life lately has been rather overwhelming, even if it is in the best way possible. I am traveling more than I am home, speaking more often than […]

Chocolate Banana Birthday Cake with Maple Glazed Walnuts

Today is my birthday. I am 30 years old. Looking back on my teens and twenties, I remember how absolutely freaked out I used to be about getting older. Every birthday that ticked by seemed like a cruel joke to a carefree young lady with […]

Orange Blossom Sesame Cake

Isn’t it incredible how a smell can transport you back to a place and time far easier than a photograph can? How the whiff of someone’s perfume, or browning garlic, or freshly cut grass causes often causes a flood of memories and emotions? I know […]