Peachy Keen Creamsicles


Do any of you have the experience of reverting back to your childhood self when you go back home? Well, I do. Something about being around my parents in my old house brings out the most juvenile side of me, and I find myself called to run through the sprinkler, catch fireflies, and eat things like creamsicles. Yea, the kid in me won’t ever grow tired of those.

This summer has been spent mostly at my family’s cottage where I participated in all of the aforementioned activities, as well as the making of some seriously amazing, and kid-friendly desserts. Perhaps it’s this little babe in my belly that has inspired me to create healthy versions of my old favorites, or just a raging sweet tooth, but either way, the adults in my life have been very happy about it. My latest and greatest makeover has been creamsicles, where I have put a healthy and sophisticated twist on the classic.

Instead of the traditional orange flavour, I decided to use fresh peaches since they are probably my favorite fruit of all time and in their absolute glory at the moment. And instead of dairy, I whipped up a quick cashew-vanilla cream to swirl into the lush, sweet fruityness – a gorgeous combination! This is an incredibly fast and simple dessert that even brought out the little girl’s spirit in my 91-year-old grandmother.


Late Beta-Carotene Bloomers
Perhaps it’s just the delicious anticipation, but having to wait all year for that extraordinary, bright first bite of a ripe peach is like an epiphany. It is on those occasions when I feel pretty stoked that peaches are actually healthy, because I eat them like, well, they are going out of season. The orange colour of peaches is thanks to beta-carotene, the same phytonutrient responsible for giving carrots their pigment, as well as sweet potatoes, and winter squash. Beta-carotene protects your cells from free radical damage, which causes cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and other diseases related to aging. It is also responsible for good eyesight and formation of the mucous membrane of the urinary, digestive and respiratory tracts.

Beta-carotene is fat-soluble, meaning that it requires the presence of dietary fat in order for your body to absorb it. Bonus! The cashews in this tasty treat deliver the healthy-fats your body needs take in all that beautiful beta carotene and your cells can bathe in orange, healing goodness – at least that is what I picture going on.

If peaches aren’t your thing, any fruit here would do – raspberries, blackberries, plums, bananas, mango etc. You could even make a combination of fruits for a beautiful rainbow effect. Ask your kids (or your inner child) which fruits they would like best and customize to suit your tastes. And if you want to go sweeter, add a tablespoon of sweetener to the fruit puree. I found that the peaches were perfect just on their own, but I like to taste the fruit itself. If you are using tart berries, like blackberries, you’ll likely want to balance with a little honey or maple syrup. You may also want to strain the puree to remove seeds for a smoother texture.



Just a reminder that the My New Roots Potluck Picnic in the Park is tomorrow evening and you’re all invited! I am so excited to meet you and taste your beautiful creations (no pressure). Please note that if it is pouring rain at 6pm, I’ll have to cancel the event and postpone it until next year, so all you Torontonians send your positive good-weather vibes please!
See you there…



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  7. Besma

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve only just seen this post but wow – I’m going to have to try these on a warmer day. My mouth is watering at the photography alone!

    Besma (

  8. Geraldine

    magnificent post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this.
    You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  9. Danielle

    Hi there, I was wondering where you ordered the molds to make these popsicles? having hard time finding them. I love love your site, your amazing at what you do, very inspiring.

    Thanks so much

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  12. Ali

    I tried making these the other day – but first I needed to track down popsicle molds. Trickier than I originally thought! I was told at more than a few stores that summer was over and things like that weren’t going to be stocked anymore. Oh well, I made a batch and froze it in an old yogurt container and at it with a spoon – it was delicious! Thanks for sharing your nutritious recipes!

  13. Brittany

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you SO much for this awesome recipe. My girls are going to have so much fun making/devouring these!

  14. Dina

    I am allergic to cashews (and pistachios) but not other nuts. Can the cream be made with almonds or other nuts? I often see cashew cream in raw and vegan recipes and wonder which other nuts would work well.

  15. Sharon

    I made these with organic peaches from my tree, they were delicious! I didn’t have cashews so I used coconut milk & shredded coconut for the cream part, can’t wait to try them with cashews.

  16. Caitlyn Patch

    Hey Sarah I love that you use cashews. I always go for coconut but I am definitely going to try the cashew out next time. Last time I made ice cream with cherry tomatoes (and coconut) and loved the savory/sweet combo. Yup, I agree, inner child=Popsicle/Ice Cream. Also did you ever flavor snow with maple syrup? That was also a favorite childhood tread of mine! ; ) Thanks for the post. Ps. love your photos!

  17. Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany

    I cannot even begin to express how cool it is that the creaminess in this recipe comes from cashews! I would have never, ever expected that. The cream and orange colors swirl together so beautiful in your pictures, too! Good timing for this post. We are having a heat wave in Minnesota!

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  19. Sasha

    I’m sad that I missed this year’s My New Roots Potluck Picnic, but I’m looking forward to hearing what delicious treats were there this year!

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  22. Sally

    This is so relative to where I am right now….. the beautiful and surprising island of Sicily. Peaches from the markets here are so unbelievably delicious… (as are the array of different tomatoes).. I mean like ‘dropped dead and gone to heaven’ delicious… they truly encompass the taste of a Sicilian summer. I’m making these for sure, as I have done with a lot of your recipes. Thank you Sara for constantly inspiring me… I’m feeling more and more comfortable in the kitchen every day thanks to you…im even starting to dance a little while I cook 🙂

  23. Lina

    My three year old saw the picture and got exited right away! Thank you for the recipe, last weekend we did the raw cashew dream cake after searching all over town for raw cashews, and we loved it! Mai I ask you about your Popsicle molds, where to get them? Ours seem gigantic! Thank you again!

  24. char eats greens

    These sound fantastic. I’m picking up some more peaches on Saturday at the Farmers’ Market and then putting this recipe of the list of things to do with the peaches (next to upside down peach pancakes ;))

  25. Jen

    These look wonderful! I have some nectarines ripening up and now I know one of the things I will make with them. 🙂 Thanks!
    By the way, what kind of popsicle molds do you use?

  26. Arlette

    Yummy! What is your view, Sarah, on Manuka honey. Would love to hear your thoughts on different strengths and worthiness – is it really worth the hefty price tag from a health perspective. I love the taste but not the global footprint or cost…

  27. Bethany ~ twoOregonians

    Oh, these come at just the right moment! I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my little girl (nicknamed “the Peach” since day one), and nothing could be better than the juicy flavors of ripe peaches that herald the almost-here-ness of my new little sweetheart…

    Lovely, as always. Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us!

  28. Leah

    So beautiful Sarah. I have a ripe mango and some blueberries going to try this with 3 colors for my daughter today! Perfect summer treat.

  29. Blaine @ Feel-Good Food

    So gorgeous! Speaking of home, the peaches remind me of Texas, where farm stands line the roads and peaches tumble over the sides of their huge crates. How can you not stop and buy peaches from friendly farmers who tell you 1000 ways to eat their incredible peaches?

    – And WHY do I not have popsicle molds in my life? This suddenly seems like a must.

  30. Gemma @ Inkling Women

    I’m salivating whilst looking at these … and it’s cold, grey and wintry outside in Australia! Cannot wait for peach season! They look beautiful, Sarah. (And I spent my whole first pregnancy sucking on frosty fruit iceblocks, so I’m with you on the cravings).

  31. Nina

    Those look delicious! I bet the cashew/vanilla cream would be amazing just poured onto chopped fresh fruit, too. I recently read your piece about soaking nuts, and I’ve been trying it out. I certainly like the taste/texture of soaked hazelnuts, cashews, etc., but I couldn’t see any references in the article – could you maybe give us some links to the studies/evidence about the benefits, and also about specific soaking times for different nuts/seeds? And I’ve been wondering if I should soak my quinoa, rice, etc before cooking it… Thanks!

  32. Renee @ Nourish The Roots

    Oh my heavens, what a brilliant idea, Sarah! I wish I had some Popsicle molds so I could make them right now. Seattle farmers markets are just bursting with stone fruit and berries…I can see them going into popsicles like these perfectly! Much love to you. ~Renee

  33. Juliette Laura

    OH goodness, I just discovered your blog (through Matt & Nirimmi) and I am in LOVE! I made the raw cashew dreamcake today and it was so amazing. I am so excited to make these popsicles! I would do peach and raspberry. You are seriously such an inspiration!

  34. Amy

    These look so good..
    I love all of your innovative recipe ideas—I’ve been making tons of frozen banana popsicles, but cashew cream sounds interesting.

  35. Harriet

    Hooray! These have got me smiling like a goof at my computer screen. They look SO good. I can’t wait for stone fruit to come into season (a few more months here in Australia), and when they do there will be endless fruit desserts. And I’m definitely going to have to get a popsicle mould – they’re just too adorable.

  36. Corey

    This looks delicious! We just made peach jam from all the peaches we bought this year.
    I really wish I could go to the potluck but I’m headed off on a canoe trip near Parry Sound tomorrow morning. I hope the weather cooperates for your picnic tomorrow!

  37. Ketmala Phoumalavong

    Oh my they look delish!!! I made a similar recipe with blueberries with my kids not too long ago and they enjoyed it a lot. We sure have to try your Peachy Keen Creamsicles (great name) as soon as we get our hands on ripe peaches right from the trees. Have fun at your picnic tomorrow, so wish I was there too!

  38. Honey

    using the cashews for creaminess is just a great idea! I’ve made healthy popsicles a millions times and I think cashew cream is the bomb; combining them is such a simple stroke of genius.

  39. LJ

    You have inspired me to go and buy some iceblock moulds in preparation for summer… which is sadly 3 months away. Thanks for bringing a summery moment to me, here in cold Melbourne, Australia xo

  40. priti

    Hello, thank you so much for the recipe. can we make this with other fruits like blueberries/blackberries instead.

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