Enoki, Broccoli & Kimchi, Two Ways

enoki3What a success! Fabulous Fermentation Week was a total blast and gave me so much insight and inspiration. I couldn’t believe the number of bloggers who participated, and I even met a few new foodie friends a long the way. A big thanks to everyone that got involved, and to all of you that embraced the bacteria! It’s pretty neat stuff, I gotta say.

In case you’re still hungering for more, I thought I would share a couple simple kimchi recipes that I have been enjoying this past week. For the original kimchi post, I made about four liters of the stuff, assuming it was enough to last me the year. Um, no. I have about a quarter of the jar left. With at least one serious mow-down daily, and after doling it out to many kimchi-loving friends, this jar will undoubtedly be empty by the time February rolls around! Good thing it is so darn easy to make.


So, I have recently made an exciting discovery: the enoki mushroom. Why haven’t I tried enokis before? Not sure, really. I can’t recall seeing them at the market ever, or if I have, I’m usually reaching past any fungus that isn’t familiar, and choosing portobellos or shiitakes. But these little guys are amazing. Raw or cooked they have a very delicate flavour and incredibly creamy texture. In fact, when heated ever so slightly enokis take on an almost noodle-like texture, due to their long stems that wilt into ribbons. Happily, kimchi and enoki mushrooms seem to be buddies, so I’ve been eating them all curled up together in one totally spicy, crunchy, tangy tangle of yum.

Enoki mushrooms have many health benefits. Because they are low in calories and fat, they may be the ideal food to help one lose weight and maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Enokis provide the body with a good dose of fiber, B-vitamins, iron, potassium and phosphorus. The also contain several types of amino acids, one of which, valine, has been shown to inhibit the growth of certain cancers. Like many other mushroom varieties, enokis have been shown to significantly enhance the immune system and fight viruses. Eaten on a regular basis they may help to prevent and / or heal gastroenteric ulcers and liver disease.

There are two types of enoki mushrooms; the wild variety that are brown, and the white ones, which are cultivated. It is probably easier to find the latter, especially this time of year. When purchasing enokis, make sure to inspect them for slimy spots, discolouration, and mold. Keep enoki mushrooms loosely wrapped in a paper bag in the fridge and use within two or three days.


I hope that Fabulous Fermentation Week got you all revved up for all things fermented too. I am totally excited to try out all the recipes that were submitted and I hope you do too!









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  9. Joyti

    I’ve never had enoki’s before either – I love chanterelles and maitakes usually…
    The enoki-broccoli-kimchi combinations sound wonderful though. Yum…

  10. allie

    I love your posts. Unfortunately, your newest posts (the last three or four apparently) did not update in my Feedly app. Do you have your site blogged to Feedly by change? I hope not, because this is how I read the few blogs I follow now. I hate sitting at a computer or getting sucked too deeply into the “virtual realm”, so reading posts and bookmarking recipes from my phone while I wait for the bus, etc. is a decent compromise. Hope to see your posts in my feed again. LOVE fermented food.

  11. Claire

    Sarah! The new layout is awesome but the recipe index is a mess! Any chance it’s being revamped soon? The photo recipe index is all the rage these days, but if that is too time consuming perhaps it might be worthwhile to look into arranging the index using more simple categories, with no repetition within, and/or by revamping your tags so they are more consistent and everything is centralized? I often come to you for inspiration but it takes me soooo long to get to the good stuff – I have to sort through similarly-named tags, slightly unsynched/out of date categories, and a reeeeeeally long recipe index that reads a little all over the place. Everything else is absolutely awesome and out of this world, but I thought you might appreciate a little honesty regarding the navigability of your mouth-watering recipes. Thanks!

  12. Sara

    Sarah, You may get asked this all the time, but what does a “typical” food-day (ie. a whole day of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)or food week look for you? Can you share this with us in an upcoming post maybe?

  13. kale

    enoki are such gorgeous mushrooms! when i lived in montreal there was a place downtown that sold them regularly and they were inexpensive! they dress up all kinds of dishes. it’s like putting on fancy pants for dinner. 🙂

  14. Julie @ Bound

    Sarah! Wow! I’m overwhelmed by how beautiful your site is, and how helpful it’s going to be. So many food blogs are non-starters for those of us who are paleo, but two seconds of looking around tells me I’m going to love it here so much. Thank you!

  15. ola

    Thanks again Sarah for the Fabulous Fermentation Week, I’m very happy I joined in and have learnt so much! and just recently I saw enoki in the shop so maybe next time I’ll reach for them as well!

  16. Jo Balfe

    I’m so making all of these tonight! My kimchi is just ready.. smelling crazy good! Off to market to find mushrooms : ) Thanks for this amazing week of fermented goodness! x x

  17. Ayumi

    I had never heard of the fabulous fermentation week but it sounds amazing!! there is a lot of yummy fermented food that is really healthy and it-s good that people take that into account. I-m also really glad you tried enoki! such a good mushy i loooooove it!!! sadly you can’t find it in Peru. Thanks for the recipes and btw, love your pics!

  18. Nancy

    Such yummy and inventive ways to use kimchi! Great idea to use enokis – they are so beautiful and tasty, too. And I love the elegance of the black sesame seeds peeking through the rice paper on the spring rolls.

  19. Sasha

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever even seen enoki mushrooms before, but now I’ll certainly be on the lookout for them.

    I actually put my kimchi to work tonight and made a classic kimchi fried rice with red rice from Kerala, kale and toasted nori. Already I’m convinced that I should always have some kimchi in the fridge.

  20. Jess

    I have never heard of enoki mushrooms…but this looks so fresh and light. I look forward to trying this recipe, because I have literally know idea what flavors to expect!

  21. Claire

    I live two doors down from an Asian grocery store and picked up a can of enoki mushrooms on a whim several weeks back. I’ve been a bit hesitant to put them to use (because canned goods are never quite as tasty as their fresh counterparts), but this looks like a great way to incorporate them into a dish that I can already tell I’ll love. Thanks for the inspiration!

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