Sweet Potato Vichyssoise at Design Love Fest

I love Vichyssoise (that is the very fancy name for the rather humble potato-leek soup), but I wanted to make a really healthy version, without potatoes and all the dairy.

When Bri over at Design Love Fest asked me to create a comforting autumn dish that included potatoes, I jumped at the chance, but kind of cheated a little bit. Did you know that sweet potatoes are actually not in the potato family, and have a completely different, and far more powerful nutritional profile? When a food is that bright organe, it must be good for you! And oh, how it is.

I think you’re going to love, love, love this Sweet Potato Vichyssoise with Ginger-Kissed Pumpkin Seed. It’s the new fall classic that will never go out of style.

Head on over to Design Love Fest to check out the recipe!

Sweet potato hugs,
Sarah B

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  4. Tania

    Sarah, I’ve been having so much fun cooking your simple — and oh so pretty and delicious — recipes. This soup is really amazing! I’ve never enjoyed cooking so much until now…. so THANK YOU for sharing your love of beautiful, healthy, and delicious food! Such good medicine! 🙂

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  18. Adelya

    Dear Sarah,
    amazing soup!!! I didnt have any garlic at home so i used some smoked paprika powder and it worked great! I also had some cooked butter beans over and i followed your recipe to make butter (added some muchrooms) and its fabulous!!!
    Thank you so much for inspiration!!!

  19. bethany

    Made this last night and, oh my, what a fantastic soup. So filling and nourishing. It was even better the second day! I followed your recipe, except that I started the soup with a mirepoix (shallots, carrots, celery) because I couldn’t find any decent leeks at the market. I also doubled the garlic and added a handful of fresh sage. Otherwise followed your recipe, using the turmeric (yes please, anti-inflammatories). Thank you Sarah. It’s so delicious. My boyfriend and I were arguing about who gets to eat the last bowl for lunch tomorrow, which led to a game of rock-paper-scissors, and guess what? Yep… 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    Sarah… I love you and your lovely blog.
    And I hate to say this… but I made this soup and I really did not care for it at all. Everything else I’ve made from your recipes have been fab… but I didn’t care for this one.
    Love and light…

  21. Katie

    Sarah – This was a gorgeous soup to make and to eat. I love the unique flavor profile that comes from the leek, sweet potato, and turmeric combo. Your recipes are incredibly enlightening and inspiring. That’s what food should be all about. If more people realized this and more importantly, embraced this, we wouldn’t be facing the health issues we are today.

  22. ingrid

    This soup rocked! So warm, filling, the seeds were the perfect topping. Its the first recipe i made since i found your blog, so i will be back! thanks so much

  23. Gina

    Made it today! Totally in love with the ginger kissed pumpkin seeds. I was used to take sunflower seeds on top of my soups but this is a nice change. Thank you!

  24. Nicola

    This looks delicious! Love the idea of ginger kissed pumpkin seeds!

    Wonder what we’ll be eating tonight at De culinaire werkplaats.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

    (English Breakfast Radio, Amsterdam)

  25. hannah

    I just made a similar version of sweet potato-leek soup earlier this week and thought, “this is SO GOOD, it must have been tried before!” And here it is! We must be on the same wavelength. I used Japanese sweet potatoes, which made the soup look more like traditional Vichyssoise, but this looks equally amazing. And you’re right–you don’t miss the cream or regular potatoes one bit. Thanks for always sharing beautiful, healthy, and insanely delicious recipes!

  26. Sarah B

    So glad you’re all enjoying the soup! Me toooooooo!

    Penny – you can find shelled pumpkin seeds at any health food store. Sometimes they are called “pepitas”. They should be rather small and green.

    Sarah B

  27. bee bon

    I have just got to share your blog with my good friend Suzie Anderson of ‘french & Country’ she is going to adore your recipes and blog! I do and I’m not a vegetarian I just love good food!

  28. pamela131

    I made this last night! amazing!! Also, I am obsessed with the ginger-kissed pumpkin seeds! i made a second batch because I ate most of them before the soup was done! they will be a great snack for my nieces (and me!) this holiday season!..thanks!!

  29. Vivi

    Sarah, I made this soup for dinner tonight and it was simply delicious! I made enough so I can have it again tomorrow yay! Thank you for this one more amazing recipe

  30. Valeria

    I had no idea sweet potatoes and potatoes were so different! Thanks for that, as I love sweet potatoes and now I feel less guilty about eating them! 🙂 Love your twist to a French classic, definitely a must-try for the cold season.

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