The Raw Brownie

Um, so, I am about to change your life. Ready?
The Raw Brownie.

I guess I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I am now working as a chef in the premier raw food restaurant in Copenhagen. Yes, I still have my other restaurant job and I still love “cooking”, but it was time to immerse myself in something new to learn more and deepen my understanding of how food can come together. Boy, am I getting an education! Having absolutely no training in raw-food preparation, the learning curve is somewhat steep. Trying to bring out the flavours in food without using heat can be a serious challenge, but the ride is fun, I must admit.

It seems the one area I am not confused about or having any difficulty with is the dessert menu. Nope, I am pretty clear and confident when it comes to raw sweets. It could be because they seem to whip up so quickly and easily with remarkably few ingredients, that they taste beyond incredible, but the kicker is that they are healthy. I get such a kick seeing the look of total ecstasy and complete shock cross someone’s face right after they’ve taken their first bite of a raw cheesecake. Ha! Fooled you again! It’s also fun to make raw desserts for people because I feel that they are a very good way to introduce more raw foods into the diet – they truly open up one’s mind to new possibilities. Convincing in their lusciousness and ability to boost one’s energy (instead of sitting like a brick in the stomach), I like to call them “the gateway food” of the raw world!

The Raw Brownie is no exception. In fact, we have a staple version on our café menu because customers come back time after time to gobble them up. And then sometimes they skip dinner.

You will be totally surprised at how incredibly rich and satisfying these are, with a complex flavour that remarkably, comes from only five ingredients. That being said, those five ingredients should be of the best quality you can find, as the true taste of each of them shines through in a big way.

Medjool Dates – I should certainly mention that we are total date snobs over at our restaurant, using only the best ones we can find – Medjool dates. A cornerstone ingredient in many raw desserts are dates, often of the Medjool persuasion, because they are incredibly sweet, tender, exceptionally large, and versatile. Medjool dates can replace sugar or honey, they taste like caramel, and unlike agave nectar, which is also popular in raw desserts, these have a deeper, more complex flavour. I find adding agave to anything just makes it taste sweet and kind of flat, whereas Medjools are rich and layered.

From a health standpoint, Medjool dates (and dates in general) are a good source of fiber and contain high levels of potassium, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Yes, they do contain a significant amount of fruit sugar, but this makes them an excellent alternative for those wanting to cut back on simple-sugar desserts and confections.

To select the best Medjool dates, look for ones that are organically grown and not treated with sulfur, which some companies add to preserve their colour (you can read more about that here). Medjools tend to have wrinkly skin, but should still be quite dense and soft to the touch. Medjools will sometimes form a white powder film in the skin–the natural sugars coming to the surface, which does not affect the flavor. I find Medjools so rich and satisfying, just half of one (no joke) will surely satisfy my sweet tooth. I often carry a couple in my purse just in case – they will go into combat with low blood sugar any day!

Cacao – I have already tooted this horn extensively (here), but to sum up raw cacao is one of the best sources of magnesium found in nature, in addition to containing high amounts calcium, zinc, iron, copper, sulfur, and potassium. Cacao contains many chemicals that enhance physical and mental well-being, including alkaloids, proteins, magnesium, beta-carotene, leucine, linoleic acid, lipase, lysine, and some neurotransmitters such as dopamine and anandamide. Holy cow – superfood!

Walnuts – Walnuts are my friend because I think they are the most delicious, vegetarian way of getting Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Why are they essential? Because your body can’t make them, they must come from the food we eat. I’d also like to think they’re essential because Omega-3s reduce cholesterol, lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, boost the immune system, control viral infections, improve brain function, and relieve symptoms of inflammatory condition such as arthritis. No biggie.

Almonds – High in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, almonds also are a very good source of healthy, monounsaturated fats and vitamin E. Almonds also containt two important trace minerals, manganese and copper – essential cofactors of a key oxidative enzyme called superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase disarms free radicals! Nice one!

Yes, I could go on and on about the amazing health benefits of The Raw Brownie (can you believe you just saw the words health and brownie in the same sentence? You’re welcome.), but what really gets me is the outstanding flavour and consistency. They are light and cakey when you first bite into them, and then somehow melt and get all gooey, like a good brownie should! I have tried several raw brownies in my day, and I often find them too dense and heavy. These on the other hand are actually incredibly cakey thanks to the walnuts. In this recipe walnuts sort of act as the flour, and the secret is to grind them up until they are light and fluffy. So amazing! Then you throw in the heavenly cacao powder and caramel-ly dates to create this rich, dark, chocolate bomb that knocks your socks off!
All this adds up to one important question: why would I ever eat a baked brownie again? I mean, what’s the point?
Why would you?

Because there are so few ingredients in this recipe, I would highly, highly recommend purchasing top-quality and organic if possible. The flavour of each element plays a strong role in the final outcome, so they all need to be the best you can find. If you are worried about cost, cut the recipe in half – these bad boys will still turn out amazing.

The Raw Brownie
2 cups whole walnuts
2 ½ cups Medjool dates, pitted
1 cup raw cacao
1 cup raw unsalted almonds, roughly chopped
¼ tsp. sea salt

1. Place walnuts in food processor and blend on high until the nuts are finely ground.
2. Add the cacao and salt. Pulse to combine.
3. Add the dates one at a time through the feed tube of the food processor while it is running. What you should end up with is a mix that appears rather like cake crumbs, but that when pressed, will easily stick together (if the mixture does not hold together well, add more dates).
4. In a large bowl (or the pan you plan on putting the brownies in), combine the walnut-cacao mix with the chopped almonds. Press into a lined cake pan or mold. Place in freezer or fridge until ready to serve (it is also easier to cut these when they are very cold). Store in an airtight container.

So that’s it. I just changed your life. Go and make The Raw Brownie and maybe get back to me to let me know how it turned out…but just so we got things straight, do not send me any marriage proposals, I am already taken.
Flowers will do just fine, thank you.

Guest Photographer: Erik Sellgren

Copyright 2012 My New Roots at


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  3. Tara

    This recipe is one of my favs though I hesitate to make it as the Vitamix doesn’t like blending dates?

    Any suggestions to make it easier? I have tried soaking them etc and nothing has helped… My Vitamix has now shut down as it overheated.

    Looking forward to your comments!


    • Sabina

      Hi Tara! I’ve just tried making it with the Vitamin too: what I do is preparing the dry ingredients first, then putting those in a separate bowl. Then I blend the dates with a little (very little) water, so it becomes more of a date paste. Then I put the paste in the bowl and mix it with a spoon. Works really well! I hope it works well for you too.

    • Rebecca

      Use a food processor with an “S” shaped blade, like a Ninja. My Vitamix also overheated with a date recipe, then I read a recipe for date nut energy balls that specified S blade. Works like a charm!

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  13. Veronika

    These made me happy -so simple, yet so delicious. Thanks! (love your book, btw. – that’s how I found your inspiring blog 🙂 )

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  15. Ellie

    These didn’t stick together for me – I used date paste rather than whole medjools, could be it! However, they make a great chocolate soil for on top of porridge. Happy Easter!

  16. Julia

    Hey, maybe someone has already asked this, but can you use a Vitamix to make these? I saw that a regular blender wouldn’t work but I’m wondering if a Vitamix would be okay… let me know, thanks!

  17. Rowan K

    OMG! These are the bomb ! Only thing I’m sad about is that it took me almost 5 years to discover this recipe…sure will be making them again and again.

  18. Hannah

    I have one word for these brownies: phenomenal. Brownies have always been my favorite treat, so when I saw this recipe I had to make it right away. They’ve been sitting in my fridge for a couple days and I haven’t touched them (silly me…); I just had my first square and I am confident in saying I’ll never bake another brownie again. Your recipes are always such an inspiration and I’ve never been left astray. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the deliciousness! Happy Holidays!

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    • Rocco DellaNeve

      Hi, I’m wondering if anyone knows how long these last. My gf and I took a trip to Nashville for 5 days and they were left out the whole time. It was quite a big batch and I’d hate to throw them away. THey’re so good.

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    • Ferment4Life

      There is no sugar in this recipe. The dates are what hold it together. Without the dates it would be a crumbly consistancy and not hold together AT ALL.
      I’ve been making these for a few years and it’s one of my go to treat recipes. Everyone loves them!
      I add some unsweetened shredded coconut and cacao nibs, and I use slivered almonds instead of whole, chopped. I also roll them into 25gr (almost 1oz) balls. I find they crumble when they’re sliced into squares.

      • Nell

        Greetings Ediblearm!

        Thank you for all the tips!
        I too am trying to go sugar / sweetener free.
        I bet if you reduced the amount of dates they would still work if!
        you added some chia gel (mix chia and water let sit 15 min.)
        Chia gel works great! in baked goods in place of eggs! truly springy light texture from the chia gel.
        Good Luck!

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  24. Kathryn

    Life changing! These are amazing. I am now a date addict. I have started using them in so many of my desserts! Thank you so much for posting this recipe.

  25. Anne

    I’m not someone who comments stuff on the internet, but this is just amazing. I made the brownies today and even though I combined the incredients myself, I can hardy believe that these chewy chocolaty brownies come from something as healthy as walnuts and dates. I’m very happy that I have found your blog, giving me so many healthy options that still fulfill my cravings. I will get your book next.Thank you, Sarah!

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  27. Corrin

    I LOVE you Sarah. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with all of us. I made a video of me making your brownie recipe on YouTube. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    You can see it if you google ‘Fresh P Raw Brownie’. Thank you again for being wonderful.

    Corrin Phillips

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  33. Saskia

    Just made my first batch and based on how delicious the crumbs were I am excited!

    These would taste amazing with whipped coconut milk or a drizzle of raw caramel – true decadence.

  34. NOURA

    Hey! Tried those- amazing 🙂

    I was just wondering- do you know long they last- in the fridge, outside the fridge, and frozen?

    Curious to know simply because once they were made – they didn’t last and immediately disappeared! Shared them with family and we all madly fell in love!

    Thanks ::)

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  37. Kelly

    i want to make these right now!!! I bought all of the stuff but couldn’t cacoa powder so j got a baking bar how can I use this???

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      • Ayesha

        don’t use a blender. I tried that and nearly broke mine. the date mixture is too sticky. use a food processor (I then read the comments and Sarah had pointed out that you can’t use a blender! it’s why the internet is so great, you get all this extra commentary on recipes!)

  39. Paula

    Thanks for the recipe Sarah, I made these today – although I added some cranberries coated in dark chocolate as well as I had a packed knocking around. They are absolutely delicious !!

  40. Michelle M.

    I’ve made this recipe multiple times by now and while they taste delicious, the texture doesn’t quite register “brownie.” So instead, I make chocolate truffles (omit almonds) by shaping the mixture into little balls and then rolling them in cocao powder – so delicious, they melt in your mouth! Thank you, Sarah! I’m looking forward to receiving your cooking book in just a few months. Yay!

  41. Leigh Krauss

    I love these brownies! Sometimes I spice them up a bit with the addition of ginger or cinnamon or cloves. I start with half a teaspoon of the ground spice and add to taste.

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  49. Marta

    Question – I assume you mean the fresh, soft medjool dates? I have a bag of the harder ones (still medjool, still organic) – should I soak them in warm water to soften them before using in this recipe? Thanks!

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  51. sherry w.

    Wow, so many people have tried these since i first came across your recipe. These “brownies” are fabulous and my children love them. For a little something extra my husband spread homemade peanut butter over the top of the brownies before refrigeration. They are so delicious either way but love trying you recipe with some new twists. Thanks for this reliable recipe. Turns out great every time !

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  56. Malini

    Hi, I’m new to being a vegan and haven’t acquired the taste for dark chocolate at all :(. I love and miss milk chocolate. Can I make these brownies so they taste more like milk chocolate and not like dark chocolate? Thanks! Can’t wait to try this recipe 🙂

  57. jessa

    I’m new to your blog, but ever since I found it I’ve been looking at recipes non-stop! This was the first recipe I made and I was not disappointed! It wasn’t what I was expecting but was sill delicious!

  58. Kate

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!! These have completely taken the place of real brownies in my diet, and I absolutely love them! I could eat a whole batch in one sitting…I am serious! Everyone needs to make them!

  59. Angel

    Just made these and they taste so great 😀 but how many brownies does the recipe make? i wasn’t sure how many pieces to cut the batter into. thanks!

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  61. niccy

    Are the almonds left with their skin on or do you soak them first and remove the skins? I would love to try this recipe out! Always looking for perfection 😉

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  72. road running

    Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had
    written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any helpful hints for beginner blog writers?
    I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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  77. Clare Robinson

    Have just made this, may have over-mixed or put too many dates in as it is quite moist rather than bread crumby. This could be due to the fact I am unused to following recipes given in cups (I do have measuring cups, but find it a bit haphazard). Or I may have over mixed the mixture. Suggestions for me about accuracy would be helpful. Thanks Clare

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  82. @sophiryan

    What a fantastic recipe! I made these last night for my sister, whom is a brownie connoisseur from way back. She said that if she were to get this brownie at a restaurant she wouldn’t be disappointed, and thats something coming from the least health conscious person on this earth. So darn tasty! Thank you Sarah. @sophiryan

  83. Becky

    This recipe is simply AMAZING!!! I work for a chiropractor and have decided to share the recipe and your website with all of our patients. 🙂

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  85. Tracy

    While reading The Optimist I saw a link to your site… I was intrigued by your recipe and had to try it. I’m more of a conventional cook, but a vegetarian, so I thought why not.
    I used almond meal instead of grinding walnuts, and chopped walnuts instead of almonds, as they are more traditional in my recipes. I guess I didn’t have enough dates, because the mix was way too crumbly, so I added 1/4 cup melted coconut oil. It did the job of holding everything together splendidly. Oh I almost forgot, I also added espresso powder and cinnamon. Delish! Thank You for leading the way to healthy brownies. I look forward to sampling more of your inspired recipes.

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  87. Geneve

    Um…wow. These are amazing. I was skeptical, but honestly, these almost taste better than a regular brownie made with sugar, butter etc. I think I’ll cut them into 1″ bites for a special treat. Wow, wow, wow!! Thanks so much for this recipe.

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  92. Sarah

    Sarah – when making these brownies over the holidays I used Himilayan salt crystals instead of a finer salt…so amazing! Every now and then I would get a lovely, crunchy, salty surprise which complimented the sweet cacao flavour!

  93. Tara

    I’m not a big commenter, but I must tell you that I’m about to make my 2nd batch. Though many times I eat entirely too much at one sitting, I don’t feel that terrible sugar crash that I get after I overindulge on highly processed grain baked goods. I am hooked, smitten, and although you’ve changed my life 😉 will not propose to you. Thank you!

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  95. Sarah

    dear sarah!
    to be honest i NEVER ever commented on any food blog yet, but you’ve really deserved it! Your recipes and your lifestyle are sooooo unbelievably amazing and so inspiring, i would say you’ve changed my life!
    i could go on and on and on, but i think you get what i mean 😉
    xx your sarah

  96. Roisin

    Even though this recipe is unbelievably simple I somehow managed to mess it up (probably because I was overexcited about the whole thing), and they were so crumbly even when refridgerated. So, I took them out, added a tablespoon of coconut oil and some water and made them into energy balls. Oh my GOD they are fantastic.

    Only problem is, I can’t eat them in the evening or I am kept awake. I suspect it’s the cacao because I find it gives me a massive energy and mood boost whenever I eat it.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe Sarah!

  97. Carol

    Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade…but as a mom with a child who has one of those pesky nut allergies, ground nuts scare me. Please, please let it be known that there are nuts in the brownies. It’s easy to see them when added whole but impossible when ground. For my child, that means a trip to the hospital.

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  100. Will

    OMG! I made a similar version without almonds yesterday. So amazing and raw too! My chocolate fix is solved! I’m not eating oil, dairy, etc.

  101. Melissa

    Hi Sarah, I love this recipe – but have had a problem the second time I made it in that it didn’t want to stick together even after a day in the fridge (and freezer) – it looks like it has, but when I cut it it crumbles. I even added another cup of dates and it is still the same. Do you think this could be due to the type of dates? Grateful for any tips, as I looove the recipe.

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  103. Joanna

    Wow wow wow wow wow! You have changed my life! I am a massive chocoholic and this isn’t even a healthy alternative – it’s better!! Thank you! Xxx

  104. Bubbe

    Made these a second time, this batch with a food processor which made a big difference. These were more brownie-like so I’m chalking the “fudge” consistency up to having to blend it all in batches in my mini-chopper/processor appliance. So yummy!! Thanks again!

  105. Di Luxton

    These are a great snack for those looking for a sugar free snack. I use pecans and brazil nuts instead of walnuts. I also roll these into bite size balls and roll in coconut. Mixture is usually too dry so I add water to make it sticky.

  106. Bubbe

    Love the brownies Sarah! My family though insists they’re more like fudge than brownies. That didn’t stop them from eating them! Hubby was annoucing their healthfulness to anyone who would listen. I WILL be getting a food processor – I made my first batch without and all I can say is they were so worth it! Thank you! Now I’m off to check out some of your other recipes. 🙂

  107. sylvia

    There are so many comments on this great recipe, so maybe I missed this, but would you mind posting it with weight measurements? The number of dates you use would also be helpful.


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  110. Hannah

    I have tried a few different raw food recipes and this is the best so far! I added a layer “chocolate” out of coconut oil, agave and cocoa powder on top of the brownies, plus sprinkled coconut flakes on them. Yummy! They are in the freezer now, ready to be taken into work tomorrow.

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  112. Anthea

    FINALLY…. a simple recipe that is fool proof to mess up, quick to make & absolutely delicious!!!
    Thank you for sharing – this one will be made on demand!!!!!!

  113. Nanna

    Alle skal lave den her – den smager SÅ lækkert! Jeg blandede et æble i for konsistens sammen med dadlerne, og brugte 50/50 af mandler og hasselnødder som “crunch”. Toppede også med kokosmel og rå lakridspulver fra urtekram (KAN ANBEFALES! Virkelig mums!).

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  116. Erica

    Just made these for the 5th (or more) time. They are just so dang good and truly satisfy my chocolate cravings! Thanks for the fabulous recipes and beautiful photos!

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  119. Graeme R

    I tried the raw brownie recipe, and now family and friends demand regular batches.
    For my second batch, I poured the walnut/cocoa mix out of the food processor into a bowl, and then ran the dates through the food processor until they formed a doughy ball. I broke up the the date dough and hand-rubbed it into the walnut/cocoa mix (much the same as rubbing butter into flour for pastry). A little labour-intensive, but a nicer texture resulted.
    To “Kai” (May 31, 2013), I am naughty enough to throw alcohol into anything if I can (I follow that alcohol is aqua vitae), so the first batch had two tablespoons of rum martinique added at the end. For the second batch, I reduced the date volume down to 2 cups, and added two tablespoons of Kahlua and one tablespoon of rum martinique at the end (this gives me control over the consistency of the mix — I can add more dates if necessary). The idea of a coffee-based liqueur is from Pomiane, who recommended adding coffee to his chocolate mousse mix.
    So if you’re willing to include a dash of alcohol, both variations work well (although the rum has a stronger aroma and taste), and if not, perhaps rum essence or espresso coffee will work.
    Kai, I will try whiskey next time: I just need to decide if I’ll go with Islay for a tangy taste of dates on the beach, or with a highland malt for a winter tummy warmer.
    Thank you to Sarah for introducing the raw brownie to so many happy eaters!

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  122. vicki

    Making my third batch already, for a labor day picnic with lots of vegan or gluten free folks, so happy to be able to share this healthy crowd pleaser!

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  125. Suzanne

    okay, Maybe they ARE a Daily Food Supplement! These Raw Brownies taste so good, they obviously contain “Joy Vitamins” (a.k.a. anandamides) Pure G*EN*I*U*S!

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  127. Suzanne

    GREAT RECIPE! AMAZING! I had one and could easily have had another, and another and then started “slicing slivers” the way I used to do w/ Sara Lee frozen brownies, standing and eating at the open freezer door, “sugar fiend” child that I was.
    So to help me show some restraint, I looked up the calories. This way I KNOW these are TREATS, and not an every meal “health supplement.”
    So hope this contributes to everyone’s enjoyment of these, rather than causing you to wince.or avoid them all together. Everything in moderation, middle path, as my dear friend, Siddhartha Gautama.likes to say…
    I made a 1/4 batch and the calories for that are 880. So this full recipe makes 3,520 calories. Cut into 8 portions:440 per piece Cut into 16 pretty small portions 220 per piece. To give some perspective, an apple is 116 calories. But when you eat an apple, you generally don’t want to eat another one and another one, and another one!
    So, you don’t exactly want to eat the whole recipe out of the bowl, AND, they ARE an amazing, tasty, creatively invented, relatively healthy treat, that I am grateful to have and share. Hope that’s helpful… Thanks again Sarah, Your recipes rock!

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  129. Joan

    I have a friend who cannot eat walnuts. Can you tell me what I might substitute. She loves chocolate and I would love to be able to make them for her birthday.

  130. Jessica

    OMG!!! Thank you!!! These are the best brownies I have ever tasted…never making the regular brownies ever again..

  131. Alison

    I had been patiently waiting to make these for months, and finally got an excuse to last weekend. Fabulous!! I can’t send you flowers, but if you’re ever in Oz and need a place to stay my spare room is yours!! x

  132. Pingback: The Raw Brownie | Feeding Joshua
  133. Sherry W.

    Made these earlier this week and they didn’t last long. Husband and kids thought they were better than the regular brownies I make so thank you for helping us head towards a cleaner way of eating. My husband made them his with a layer of peanut butter smeared on top before refridgerating and turned out pretty amazing too.

  134. Kim

    Yum! I almost ate the entire batch myself, and only felt a smidgen bad for it! Love using dates for sweetener and all the good nuts make everything delicious and have goodies too! thank you, I use your recipes often and am inspired by you!

  135. Pallavi

    I tried these yesterday and they turned out delicious!! I am eager to try more recipes – they are so inspiring. Thanks

  136. Jorie

    Holy Moly! Life Changing…absolutely! Just tasting the crumb batter was enough to make me want to sing from the mountain tops with praise on how much they tasted like real brownie batter. I will never make the sugar, butter, flour brownies again!

  137. Victoria

    PS – yes agree with David. I’m not a fan of walnuts either but somehow the flavour merges and is in fact responsible, I think, for the very authentically ‘brownie’ taste of this brownie.

  138. Victoria

    Seriously, SERIOUSLY good. Why would anyone ever bother to make a cooked brownie again – and all the stuff that goes in them…. You are a genius Sarah!

  139. David

    I love these!
    Next time after soaking the almonds for a few hours (which I did this time), I’ll chop them even less… I love the crunch of the almonds.
    I also like to sprinkle chopped almonds on the top.
    For those who don’t like walnuts (I’m not the biggest fan), you can hardly even taste them, so do use them, they’re good for you! Also refrigerate the brownies before eating them, I know it’s tempting, but they’re much better when they’ve been in the fridge for a couple of hours.
    Thanks again for all the work you put into this blog and the great recipes!

  140. Pingback: Hallelujah-It’s-A-Healthy Tartine
  141. Nikole

    I love Dates, but I cannot eat them. I have a Fructose Malabsorption issue. Do you have any suggestion on what to replace Dates with that isn’t Dried Fruit? :/

  142. Melanie

    How can I print this recipe, I can’t see the print recipe icon and if I try printing I use half a forest, its so unfair I really want to make this yummy brownie

  143. Holly

    Hi Sarah,
    I am an avid follower of your blog, from the other side of the world (NZ) and have tried numerous recipes of yours, all of which have changed my life just a little each time.
    Just a question about the walnuts and almonds: do you soak them first? If so, would they then need to be dehydrated in order for the brownie to be the right consistency?
    Many thanks,

  144. Pingback: Raw Brownies | Bris Vegas Vego
  145. Maria

    OMG!!! I have never EVER tasted anything this good. I will never want a baked brownie again! And it so speaks to my memories of when I was a little girl licking the cake dough – and now no salmonella worries. Perfect!

  146. Joy

    YUM! So excited to try this. I have a bottle of carob here – any chance I can substitute the cacao with the carob? Will there be a significant change in taste/result?

  147. Door

    I made these for 8 girlfriends – at first they were hesitating when I told it was only dates, walnuts and cacao, but the batch was finished in 15 minutes. Yum!!

  148. Tamara

    I just made these yesterday. … they are DELICIOUS!!! Made them with sunflower seeds since my partner is severely allergic to nuts ( … and I’ve added coconut ‘cus I just love coconut)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  151. Margot

    I just made these. They truly are fantastic and yes will help me change my life! I mixed some of the dough with coconut made wee balls and rolled them in coconut. With the rest I mixed with almonds and rolled into chocolate balls. I used regular cocoa and it worked out just fine. Thanks for a terrific blog

  152. Rosanna

    I found your site a couple of weeks ago and check in every day.. Love your style, ideas, recipes and wish you lived in the US so that I could attend one of your cooking classes!
    Made this recipe last night and WOW! I topped it with almond butter just before serving and it was just divine!.. Thanks so much for your brilliant ideas!

  153. Pingback: Sweet Treats: The Raw Brownie ¶ Suppers From Scratch
  154. Viv

    Hi! This looks like a great recipe! But when you say raw cacao, are you referring to the real cacao block or will cacao powder do? :O much help, thanks!

  155. Tricia

    So delicious – Like a lot of others I too am cutting out sugar from my diet. I stumbled across your site and now it’s a favourite. How easy can these be – no cooking? Just loving it. I added grated orange rind – it pairs well with the sweetness of the dates, next I want to add orange blossom water. For Meghan D – raw cocao – is a powder – like cocoa but organic – that’s what it is here in Australia. keep up the great recipes.

  156. Meghan D

    Hi, I want to try making these. I went to my local whole foods and all they sell is raw cacao butter, it looks like a brick. Is this the right thing? It’s by navitas naturals.

  157. Kai

    OH MAN! So, I confess that I’ve not generally been one to go for the raw/vegan thang. It’s not that I’m anti-health or ignorant of the beauties of unprocessed food – I’m vegetarian, I almost never eat sugar (cane, fruit, honey, or otherwise), I don’t eat refined grains, I go for local when it’s possible, etc. etc. etc. – but still, the raw thing has never been *my* thing. But this post – these brownies! I HAD TO MAKE THEM. (Please see my above remark about not eating sugar in any form – and furthermore, I don’t even like chocolate. Let this be a testament to the power of your writing.)

    Anyway, mere days after I read the recipe, they’re currently in the freezer, awaiting cutting. Initial nibbles of the dough suggests that these are gonna be a HIT.

    Some cook’s notes:
    * I used twice the quantity of cacao powder. My partner is a deeeeeeeeep lover of chocolate, and when I tried the recipe as written, I knew what he’d say. So I doubled it…and I can assert that it was the right thing to do. 🙂 The quantity of dates was still adequate – I didn’t seem to need to add any more moisture to keep all the goodness together.
    * I also doubled the quantity of salt. I felt like it accented the sweetness/bitterness really well – as written, the flavors weren’t clear enough for my liking. That said, I do like a good balance of salt-sweet, so taste as you go.
    * I halved the recipe, and it filled an 8×8 pan perfectly (just in case anyone is wondering about standard quantities).
    * I didn’t try this on this go-round, but I suspect a splash of whiskey would be reeeeally good in here, if you weren’t averse to alcohol/not-entirely-raw. I’ve found that whiskey-chocolate is a good pairing, and my brain says that the sweetness and caramel-y-ness of the whiskey and dates would play well off each other, as would the deeper, woodier notes of the whiskey and walnuts.

    THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE! You did, in fact, change my life. 🙂

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  159. Jacqueline

    Made this deliciousness for our long Memorial Day weekend, and they were a hit!!! Thanks for the recipe! All your recipes I have made have been delicious!

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  163. Kandi

    I made these Brownies and they are wonderful! I only have a regular blinder and had trouble with the blinder adding the dates. So I cut the dates in small pieces and added them a little at a time, what a mess. But, I wanted these Brownies! After I was done I pressed them in a glass pan and in the freezer. I than cut them up in squares and put them in freezer bags and back in the freezer. They are there when ever I need a treat. Yes, I will make them again, mess and all. Thanks!

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  167. Jess Bateman

    Going to make these soon. Wondering if they nuts should be soaked? Anyone tried it with soaking or w/o?

  168. Eline

    LOVED IT!! I was truely amazed how the consistency resembles the ‘real ones’. And I think I love these even more…

  169. Zoe

    Yum! These are amazing! I used half dried figs, half fresh dates and just a touch less cacao. Will definitely be making these on a regular basis! Yum! Love this website, it’s amazing 🙂

  170. Alex

    Made these last night with my roomie. We were calling them Frownies or Fake Brownies.
    After they were made and chilled we nibbled tentatively…at first we agreed they were nutty and not fooling anyone, but with every bite we were exclaiming and saying how much we loved them!
    So good! Very pleasant surprise! Everyday in our place is now a frownie day!

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  174. jenny

    I made mine last night… still in the fridge – I’m trying to wait until after breakfast for the tast test…. I’ve managed so far!
    I mixed half the batch with cranberries and macadamia – i have high hopes

    Thanks for the inspiring recipes looking forward to trying them all

  175. Linda

    Made the brownie this evening, I had to stop myself from eat it half of it straight from the bowl of the food processor… Only, I spread the mixture too thin in my (too large) cake tin. So I thought I will slice up some fresh strawberries which I will lay on top of the brownie tomorrow morning..hope it works:-p
    Thanks for all the inspiration..

  176. Allison

    I am doing a raw cleanse and was craving something sweet and delicious. I made these with my sister, who has Celiac’s and eats gluten-free, and we are SO SO excited for them to harden up in the fridge so we can eat them after dinner!!! We used raw cacao nibs that we pulsed in our food processor due to a lack of raw cacao powder at the shop, so I’ll let you know how it tastes texture-wise. The bits I licked off my fingers were pretty damn good though!!

    Thanks for the recipe, and this blog in general.. I made raw almond milk yesterday and then nut pulp hummus afterward. This blog is helping me SO MUCH on my raw cleanse!! Keep on being awesome xoxo

  177. Pingback: Our Second Potluck: Fasting, Food & Sticking It To The Man | Home Stew
  178. Cath S

    Amazingly Sarah! My 8 and 6 year old also loved them (thank good ness for healthy chocolate snacks). Better still when the smaller one dropped the box in her excitement to show daddy, I could press them all back together again and pop back in the fridge.

  179. Jerrell Levis

    Thanks for another informative website. Where else may just I get that type of information written in such an ideal method? I have a venture that I’m simply now running on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

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  181. Fiona

    Dear Sarah,

    These look delicious and I can’t wait to try them. I have noticed that others have asked my question before me, but I didn’t see an answer so am hoping you can help. I would like to make the brownies without the walnuts as my boyfriend hates them, and I was wondering what nut would be the best for substituting. I was thinking maybe cashews or macadamias since they are both fairly fatty. Would those work? Someone mentioned hazelnuts, but I don’t think he’s fond of those either… Thanks so much! Fiona

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  183. Jenn

    I made these yesterday and they turned out perfect. They are all cut up into tiny squares, stored in the fridge. They’ll be perfect with a green tea.

  184. Katarzyna

    Any idea how to make it work for nuts allergy thinging people 🙁 Idea is lovely, wish I could try it…

  185. Tom

    Great site, about to start a blog with my dad who has a good chef friend called paul Cunningham who used to own a resaurant called ‘Paul’ in Copenhagen. Iam only 15 and have decided to start training as a chef any advice on food blogging.

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  189. Winsome Journal

    Tried these brownies last night but for some reason they crumbled up when I tried to cut them… Guessing I spread them a lil’ too thin in the pan. Otherwise, the crumbs are delicious! Will definitely try this one again. Don’t tell anyone but I had some for breakfast 😉 xx

  190. Kristina

    I wish there was a rule that you can´t comment on a recipe unless you have tried it 🙁 I hate how people comment something like: this looks amazing, making me think it´s a great recipe and I end up throwing away a bach of something. (Im absolutely not saying anything bad about the recipe because I haven´t tried it yet, but Im planning to)

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  194. Debra

    You have convinced me of the healthy raw diet…BUT…I am a diabetic and my husband is also a diabetic insulin dependent. The use of the dates I am afraid would send our blood sugar soaring. Have you had any experience with diabetics with this sort of diet. I know heat kills a lot of the good nutrients. I do want to get us both on a whole food diet. I do purchase organic whenever I can.

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  196. Kirsty

    I made these yesterday and they are amazing! Super yummy and so easy! Thank you for this fantastic recipe 🙂

  197. Polly

    Oh my, I really wasn’t expecting these to taste just like a yummy naughty real brownie, but they do! Sensational.

    I substituted brazil nuts for the almonds (because of the selenium, and I thought their texture would work really well), added half a teaspoon of ground vanilla beans, and added some goji berries (I thought their salty sweetness would go well with the chocolate). Really, really good!

  198. Korena

    Sarah I am so glad to have found your blog. These are amazing!!!! And they took all of 5 minutes to make – even easier than regular brownies. My boyfriend and I are trying to cut down on our refined sugar intake but I’ve really been missing sweets, and these are just perfect. I handed one to my boyfriend and after tasting it he said, “This is really good. Is it bad for you?!” All I could do was shake my head incredulously! I’ve got your Life Changing Bread sitting on the counter right now too – I can’t wait to taste it 🙂

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  201. Nan Gower

    Have recently been given your details by a natural health practitioner who is also a friend, she loves your recipes. Think I will be becoming a fan too, am enjoying trying your recipes!

  202. Nell

    Hey Sarah, first thank you so much for charing your awesome recipes! Everybody loved your Raw cashew cake, soo incredible good! Now I tried out the raw brownie but my family and I had the feeling that the brownie gets more and more in the, did I make something wrong? Maybe you have a good tip? Would be so so great! Use less cacao powder or add banana for more softness? Thank you so much and I wish you a happy easter and sunny week 🙂

  203. Sophie C

    An other of your splendidly simple recipes, that changed my life! I was crazy for all chocolate snacks and all nasty things…but now if I feel on the edge of breakdown, or need for cocoa (strangely both happen at the same time…mmmmm…), I quickly get out 3 ingredients and get started: I find here in France some sort of loaf of dates’ paste (it’s a bit dry, but I just add some hot water to loosen it a bit), I grind (in an old coffee grinder) either almonds or walnuts (depends of what I have and feel like at that moment), and then I add cocoa powder. All organic and heavenly! I usually try to store it in very small portions in the freezer, that’s to say if I can prevent myself from eating all of it! “Merci” from France 😉

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  206. Diane

    I made these and they were superb! But somehow my food processor was not powerful enough to process the dates to the end and it started to overheat! If you have a chance I would love to know your experience with food processors and which ones you have enjoyed using. Thank you for all your wonderful advice and recipes it has been a joy to read your blog. Have a wonderful day!

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  208. Anne H

    Word to the wise for those looking for nut substitutions: soy beans/soy nuts DO NOT WORK. Tasted awful and smelled worse. I guess this recipe will just have to wait for me, because I currently live in a strictly nut-free house due to my mother in law’s severe allergies.

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  211. ernie

    How many of these can I eat without getting fat?/ could I have one like everyday? Like as a snack or is it more of a ‘treat’?

  212. Amanda

    Hi Sarah, could you please advise if your almonds still have their skin on? Not sure if this what you mean by ‘raw’ or if you just mean unroasted? Here in Australia it just means unroasted. Thanks! Can’t wait to make these.

  213. Dana

    They are amazing! I wasn’t sure I was going to like it since I don’t like dates, but it feels like chocolate and not dates. In addition they’ll be perfect for our holiday next week in which we don’t use flour (I’m Jewish). Thank you so much.

  214. Annie

    I looked at the ingredients list and wondered – but I gave them a go and what a marvellous surprise! Taking a plate to work today to spread the word. Thanks!

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  217. Kat

    I admit, I was sceptical…even after all these amaze reviews I just wasn’t convinced. But all these people couldn’t be wrong, right? And they weren’t. Just banged it all together and….it didn’t even make it to the fridge.

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  220. Pam

    My son-in-law put me onto your site. I am really looking forward to trying these new ideas. It all looks like it tastes too good to be healthy – awesome 🙂

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  223. Robin

    How much easier can it get? I used the last of the walnuts and the rest pecans since that’s what I had. My husband, the original meat man, has turned vegan on me. Love it. And he’ll love these.

  224. Belinda

    Hi there,
    Love your recipes… my toddlers pre-school they have a NO NUT policy, what would you substitute in your raw brownie?? plus do you have a nut free amazing slice or cookie that you would recomend to suit little people 🙂 many thanks x

  225. Nadja

    I love this recipe. First I was not so sure, because I find dates a bit too sweet. But I am always up trying something new. And these brownies are so delicious. I am surely making these again.

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  227. kyrie

    Uh. Wow. I think I just found my dream cooking blog… Not only are you covering several of my current favourite recipes, but you go in depth explaining the health benefits. Thank you, thank you!

  228. Katarina

    I have, in the short time since i discovered your page, tried/been inspired by several of your recipes, THANK YOU! And especially for these brownies – so, sooooo gooood!

  229. Hannah

    Ooh la la! Such a wonderfully simple recipe. Since I had some dried apricots that had to be used, I tried the substitution for dates. Not quite the same sweetness and warmth that dates provide, but still delish!

  230. Monique

    so here I am fighting off a sweet craving and I decide its the perfect time to make these. OH MY!!! I’m certainly in love! I added a little vanilla essence to mine.

  231. Corina

    These raw borwnies were very much appreciated and eaten in total delight by my family! Extremely deliciooous and oh.. so tasty! Thank you! Thank you!

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  235. Emily

    I am not much of a raw food fan, but these brownies were absolutely delicious. They taste exactly like chocolatey, fudgy brownies should taste. Awesome job! Can’t wait to try some other recipes 🙂

  236. Stacy

    OMG these are so good I ate more than One They are a little bit of work like getting the dates pitted but SOOO worth it. I would say they meet every brownie lovers needs without the sugar an crap. I even had my husband eating them an He is addicted to brownies so much so he declared Feburary no sugar month he ate one an loved it. Thnak you for finally fullfilling the chocolate desire for real!!!! Can’t wai to spread the good news to friends.

  237. Mike Weihrauch

    I just discovered your site and can’t wait to make one of your recipes. The first step is choosing which one to make first!

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  239. Kim B.

    Oh My Goodness! I made these tonight for an early Valentine’s Day Dessert. I used a heart-shape cookie cutter and had heart-shaped brownies. They were ridiculously delicious! My boyfriend loves me more than he did before these, I’m sure. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sarah!

  240. Ursula Lake

    Can you please give recipes out with gram weight as well as cups. Cups are so variable and really not helpful if you live in the UK! Thanks

  241. Sarah Hardaker

    Love these, discovered your blog in the christmas break whilst perusing pinterest! I just made another batch of these and this time added a handful of sundries prunes to the mix and sprinkled in a handful of dried sour cherries with the almonds, totally yummy and just a little slice satisfies any chocolatey craving I get in a day! Thanks so much and I am really enjoying your blog xx

  242. Ally

    Raw chocolate makes me weak in the knees. Add dates, maple syrup, or raw honey? I’m a goner. The bees’ knees these brownies are. I’ve been handing them out at work, spreading the love to random people that come through. xo

  243. aviva

    Oh my soul. You really did change my life! hehe. I have recently gone on a no processed sugar and vege diet. and these brownies are my new stairway to heaven!! so thank you!! 🙂

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  245. Adelya

    Dear Sarah,
    I just put my brownies to cool down to the fridge and ate all the rests from blender bowl with a spoon 😀

  246. Lavan

    Thank you so much for this recipe – We loved it! We made a few changes like adding mashed banana and desiccated coconut in between the layers and it was amazing! Can’t wait to try more variations!

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  248. sandy

    These are the most delicious things! I’m hoping to use it to curb my sweet addiction. I’m 90+ % vegan/raw – these might up that %!

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  254. Ruthey

    I’ve been trying very hard for 2 weeks to eat better and aim for a vegan diet…. I loved reading this recipe… but I think I am just such a beginner. My husband has our food processor in a cooking trailer ( he caters) and I tried to do this recipe with a blender with such trials. Then with all my wisdom I thought… hmm maybe it would work better with hand blender… not!. big “POP”.. I blew the motor… eek!.. Now as I sit here thinking what did I do wrong and started researching… I have a question: “If I use dry dates do I need to soak them first? or will it make this tooo skicky?” … I am waiting for the dear hubby to come home with the food processor to save the day, but… maybe I also have to add some h20 .. any thoughts?

  255. Pingback: Then comes the breakthrough | Yogi's Arc
  256. Anonymous

    Wow, you were right! This is an absolutely fantastic brownie. I am in this very moment letting my 2-year old taste the “batter”, she loves it, and I love the fact that she is getting a lot of nutrients through the nuts and dates. Sarah, a question: is this somehow inspired by Middle Eastern dessert recipes? My husbands says it reminds him of sweets he used to eat in Jewish homes in Argentina as a kid (without the chocolate,that is). AND he says it reminds him of a chocolate fondant… Anyway, thanks!

  257. Giovanna

    Dear Sarah, you did change my life with this recipe. I’m going to change other people’s life, because I’m about to send this recipe to all my friends! Thanks so much!

  258. Lana

    ok – so you’ve changed my life 😉 I just hosted a vegan Thanksgiving for my family and these definitely beat out the traditional pumpkin pie. I made the brownies 2 days in advance and the flavor was UNBELIEVABLE. These brownies are DANGEROUSLY GOOD!! Everyone loved them. oh, ps. I added a dash of vanilla.
    Thank you so much for the recipes you post – a true inspiration.

  259. Bakedbysophie

    I am fairly new to the raw world and have never been particularly crazy about baked brownies but I just finished making my first batch of these and sampled one. You have changed my treat time around … Unbelievably rich, dark and fudgy… and so easy! Thank you!

  260. danielle

    Love this recipe and your blog! With this recipe however, mine turned out extremely greasy/oily from blending the nuts. Is there a good way to avoid this? I don’t mind, they still taste great, but I don’t want to serve them to others like this.

    Thanks again!

  261. Suzie Sue

    Do you know if you’d get the same effect if you use prunes instead of dates? Sadly I can’t buy dates in S.Korea. OR could you suggest another dried fruit that would work just as well. Thanks 🙂

  262. Anonymous

    Yummmm! I am a chocolate fanatic who often goes unsatisfied because I’m hyper-sensitive to sugar. This is so satisfying. Yesss!

  263. Anonymous

    I made these today to try and easily get myself into a raw food diet mindset and they are amazing! My dad is able to eat them without ruining his diet and my sweet-tooth little brother and boyfriend love them.
    Since I’m not a huge fan of nuts, I replaced the almonds with coconut and the walnuts with hazelnuts and am just as pleased with the results 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  264. Jasmine

    I have never made something raw before, and as I love baking, I was slightly undecided about a ‘raw’ brownie! But I am so thrilled with the results, and I definitely prefer this to the sugary kind. Tonight’s project will be the Raw Cashew Dreamcake. Thank you so much for the inspiration! With love from Australia 🙂

  265. Anonymous

    Made these today, however I over processed a bit and added a few too many dates. This mistake ended up producing a fudge type bar, which was fabulous! I will try again and stop adding dates as soon as I see the crumb texture (I went beyond that point today). I also subbed pecans for the almonds. Still wonderful and so sweet. What a great intro into raw! Thanks!

  266. Gluten Free Foods

    Experimenting with different stir-in ideas is a good way to create variety once a staple brownie recipe has been discovered. Remember that if food allergies, such as nuts, soy, or milk are an issue, special attention should be paid to the ingredients of both homemade recipes and box mixes.

  267. Miriam Pilgrim

    This is the second raw brownie recipe I attempted–this is the last. It is amazing. I did decide to add some raw cacao nibs, but it wasn’t necessarily needed, just something I wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  268. Anonymous

    I am concerned about the high sugar content in dates and agave nectar in the raw recipes. Is there no concern about the spike in blood sugar that these recipes cause? I know they taste delicious, but how can they really be healthful when they raise blood sugar and cause an insulin reaction? I’d value an honest evaluation of this.

    Thank you!

  269. Sofia

    I just made these and WOW, Amazing! I wanted to cut down on the sweetness (even though its the natural kind) and processed the walnuts until they just start releasing their oils and clumping together (first step to walnut butter). This allowed me to use half the amount of dates in the recipe and still have the brownies stick together. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I’ll definitely be making them again.

  270. Anonymous

    I want to make these for a party after work – will they melt if they’re out of the fridge for a few hours?

  271. Unknown

    You weren’t kidding….these actually just changed my life! I can’t believe that these are raw, so healthy, and incredibly decadent.

    Thank you for this recipe; it is so easy to make and will likely become a staple in my freezer (and stomach).

  272. Sarah B

    Hi Joanne,

    It’s just a typo, which I have now fixed. OR 🙂
    I like to keep them in the freezer because they are very firm and easy to cut, but the fridge works too!

    Good luck, happy munching,
    Sarah B

  273. Joanne

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m a little confused about these directions: Place in freezer of fridge-does that mean place them in the fridge or freezer? And for how long before eating? I just made a half batch and have them in the fridge and want to know when I can eat them & if they should be frozen first. Thank you 🙂

  274. Sonja @ A Couple Cooks

    I’ve been meaning to comment and testify that these indeed will change your life! :)They were just as delicious as you promised! We made them for many friends and family and they were just as excited as we were. We love your blog — thanks for all the inspiration and beautiful photos 🙂

  275. Kari

    I’ve had these bookmarked forever and finally made it to the organic/health food store. But still one question! is it 1 cup of raw cacao powder or cacao nibs or the whole cacao bean??

  276. Anonymous

    I made these brownies and loved them! (didn’t use the almonds and I added a tsp of ground coffee beans).

    I am a physician and colon cancer survivor trying to cut out sugar without giving up chocolate!

    Your recipe may have helped save my life! Bless You!

  277. Sarah B

    Kate B! If you have a nut allergy simply use dates, cacao, and a little coconut oil. You can add sprouted dehydrated buckwheat for crunch and variety too – it’s what we do at the restaurant!

    All the best, Sarah B

  278. Kate B.

    I absolutely loved these, thank you & soooo easy! I’m wondering if (by any chance) you have suggestions for a nut free alternative for those that have nut allergies?

    With thanks, Kate

  279. Marion

    Excellent! Everybody loved them… I will definitely make this recipe again very soon! Thanks… and now I shall browse your blog to find other alternative recipes.
    Marion, from France

  280. Brooke [The Style Net]

    I discovered these little gems via Louise’s Table Tonic blog, and despite all of the raving reviews I was still a little skeptical. BUT they are simply the best brownies I have ever tasted. And I can eat them without the slightest hint of guilt setting in. Heaven in my mouth! Thank you so so much Sarah. Brooke x

  281. never three much!

    After having found my all time favourite soup, tacos, raw cheesecake and banana bread on your blog, I can now add these brownies to my all time favourite brownies. I died! They are so good. Also, you have me hooked on coconut ice cream. Thanks for the recipes once again 🙂

  282. Louise (Table Tonic)

    So I just made these and WHOA! They are like nothing else on earth. DELICIOUS!!!!! I chucked in a half a cup of shredded organic coconut, and rolled mine into (small golfball-sized) balls. My husband said they were so “chocolate-y, they gave him the “eyelid sweats” – a good sign!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah.

  283. Sarah B

    Hey Linda – whole, shelled walnuts. I only say “whole” because I would discourage people from buying low-quality “walnuts pieces”.

    Happy no-Baking!

    Sarah B.

  284. Laura.R

    I just tried these out.
    To be honest, I was kind of skeptical about them ACTUALLY tasting like brownies…uh-mazing! How they have that rich, cakey taste and texture…without being “cake” is a mystery to me. But I like it. I like it ALOT.
    Thanks, Sarah. Life-changing is right. With this and the recipe for the Raw Chocolate Milkshake Miracle, I can now die happy..and chocolate-bar-free. Ha.

  285. Melissa

    Hi there. I am a recent (and now a regular) viewer of your blog – it is great, thank you – this recipe is fantastic! I used to be a baker and I adore sweets and pastries and these brownies blew my mind. They are delicious!

  286. Courtney O.

    I am by now means vegan or vegetarian but we have cut way back on our sugar consumption and are making big changes to how we eat. So I started with your Raw Cashew Dream cake…. it was A. MAZ. ZING.

    With that confidence I made these brownies for an Easter celebration this weekend. I was shocked! My daughter actually asked for them as her dessert one night… no sugar, lots of healthy nuts, Yes you may!
    I will be trying lots of your recipes! Thanks!

  287. Becca

    you have me.

    this looks so killer- dates are incredible, as are walnuts; and the idea of rich and delicious but totally raw and natural is heavenly.

    bookmarked and ready to go grocery shopping.

  288. Mibbs

    Oh my. I just did these for easter treats, they tasted S O G O O D!
    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

  289. Tricky Nag

    I’m a pretty traditional cook, and when it comes to baking you must have an oven – or so I thought until this recipe. I made it on the weekend and what a hit!! I still can’t really believe how awesome this tasty dessert is, and without flour, eggs, oil and my oven,

    I look forward to trying more recipes!

    Thank you.

  290. Sarah B

    Hi Nikulya,

    Nope, I just used a food processor for this recipe. A Vita-mix wouldn’t work because the final mix is too think for it. I will always try to be clear about the equipment I use, and use the Vita-mix as little as possible because not everyone has one 🙂

    Let me know how they turn out!

    Best, Sarah B

  291. Nikulya :)

    Sarah- Can you tell me if you used Vitamix blender to make these, and if you did..did you pulse the ingredients or made it on high?
    Thanks for this..Cannot wait to try it!!

  292. Monique@MakeMeDrool

    This looks so delicious. I’ve never made a raw dessert before, but I am completely inspired by your images and the ingredients. The use of dates is a brilliant idea. I hope we get to see that raw cheesecake recipe one day soon! Thanks for sharing!

  293. Sarah B

    Hey Lori – my pan was 7″, but it actually doesn’t matter that much, as you can mold your mix into any / size you like. Use you have on hand. Even muffin tins would work great!

    Happy brownies,
    Sarah B

  294. Adrienne

    I’ve been dabbling in the raw dessert realm lately too. This recipe is definitely on the list to try. Nothing better than raw as the weather is getting warmer here. Yum!

  295. Anonymous

    I made these on Saturday and they were amazing! Such a nice, indulgent dessert without feeling weighed over by all the sugar and chocolate. Very refreshing too when served cold. Thank you for the recipe!

  296. ArtDesigNature

    Hi Sarah,
    I just made these “brownies” and they are sooo YUMMY! Plus, dead easy to prepare. (must admit I was quite skeptical… but now that I’ve tasted them, not sure if I’ll ever bother making “traditional” brownies again) So thanks very much.
    I am new to your blog and will continue to follow.
    Montreal, Canada

  297. Sarah B

    Hi Anonymous – Good question! You can absolutely used soaked almonds in this recipe, but if you want to have the brownies around for a while (not likely, eh?) you should use non-germinated nuts. They will spoil quite quickly this way.
    Of course you can sprout them, dehydrate them and then put them in the brownies, but you may not want to go through the involved process 🙂

    Healthful Hankerings: Unfortunately, I don’t know the difference between raw cacao and raw cocoa. The information I’ve found is all completely contradictory, I know what you mean!
    I will keep my ears to the ground for you 😉

    Best to everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!

    In light, Sarah B

  298. Sophie

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful (and it seems really tasteful) idea!
    Since I’ve got all my stuff in boxes (moving soon!), I won’t be able to try it right now, but sure I will
    Thanks! 😉

  299. La Belle au Blé Dormant

    We tested your raw brownie today and really enjoyed it! So enjoyed that I’d like to eat an other piece as I write this comment 😉 Thanks for the recipe!
    I discovered your blog not for a long time and find it… delicious!

  300. Hayley

    I just made a half batch for dessert and…. you were right, Miss Sarah!! although, buying you flowers just doesn’t seem like enough 😉 thanks for another great recipe.

  301. healthful hankerings

    Sarah, can you tell me what is the nutritional difference between raw cacao powder and raw cocoa powder? is selling an organic raw cocoa powder and I’m not sure how much better that is than purchasing an organic raw cacao powder. I’ve tried looking this information up but I’m getting all sorts of different answers.

    The brownies look absolutely divine btw and I cannot wait to make them! 🙂 Thank you always for your beautiful pictures and great information!

  302. offmotorway

    I have raw cacao just waiting for a recipe, so thank you, these sound amazing. I loved Copenhagan and hearing about your raw food restaurant just made me want to visit again – do give more details…!

  303. Anonymous

    Ohhhh, looks so yummy!
    I’m so in love with your blog and with your style, you’re sooo funny!!
    I was just wondering if you also soak the almonds for this recipe…

  304. Golubka

    What Lisa said! I know exactly what you mean, the first time I made raw brownies, I could not believe they tasted so rich and satisfying without any butter, eggs, or white sugar! Beautiful photos and great info, thanks!

  305. VeganLisa

    If you’re ever looking to hire a certified raw vegan sous chef please call me! I’ll happily leave Toronto and my regular job to whip up raw brownies in Copenhagen.

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