Meatless Mondays with Martha Stewart – Rawvocado Cilantro Soup with Coconut Water

Hey friends!

Looking for the perfect appetizer for Raw Tacos? It’s a match made in heaven with this delightful Raw Avocado (“Rawvocado”!) and Cilantro Soup made with Coconut Water – so hot right now! I have been wanting to incorporate this majorly-of-the-moment ingredient in one of my summer recipes, and it turns out that avocado and coconut are best buddies. We win!
Whip this up, chill it in the fridge, and beat the heat with cool, green goodness. Your blistering-hot bod won’t know what hit it!

Check out the full recipe over at Whole Living

Peace and love,
Sarah B

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  1. Alexender pop

    coconut water is beneficial for us. People take it by different ways. I take much amount of coconut water directly especially while working out. It provides me lots of body strength But I did never took soup with coconut water. As you have told about this drink it is seeming more lucrative. I will definitely try to make and drink this.


    I would definitely going to give these a shot. Truly, the wonders of coconut water never stop to amaze. They can add flavor, variety, and healthy nutrients to our diet. It is indeed a magic mixture for everything!

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  4. Laura

    Oh wow, as a certified cilantro-addict I’ll certainly be making this one soon. Looking yummy! Love the whole site by the way, very inspirational and it triggers my appetite every single visit 🙂


  5. Louise (Table Tonic)

    Hi Sarah,
    You should know that I am officially dividing my life into two parts: BMNR and AMNR. Amazing, amazing, amazing blog. Just the right amount of “healthy”, no “jumps” (ugh), and gorgeous images. Oh, and all that incredible info. Keep it coming. You are a goddess!
    THANK YOU from the bottom of my (Australian) heart!

  6. homemade grits

    i dreamed about eating this last night. i can’t wait to make it. i’ve been living off of raw taco leftovers. they were INSANE. that salsa is so divine! my husband even ate them and liked them. you’re my hero.

  7. Allie

    I just made this for me and my friends for dinner! It was so amazingly tasty and easy. I’m so proud of myself for using such natural and healthy ingredients. The coconut water was the most surprising part. It worked so well. Thanks for posting this!

  8. Ann-Louise

    I’ve never tried avocado soup before but this looks so creamy, smooth and comforting on a hot and lazy summer day. Perfect to munch away on while I’m reading “In Defense of Food”… By the way, thanks for the book tip!

  9. Elenore (E)

    So green, so great!! I get coconut-water cravings from time to time but can´t seem to find it here in Spain..

    I´ll be moving to Cph asap after this year in the heat and I promise, I can be your personal taster any time:)

    Ah, and check out Earthsprout cuz the saffron risotto will be poppin up today<3

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